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climate change scam picture from NewsWeek

Climate change scam? Who is telling the truth?

Climate change scam or truth? I am begining to suspect that the great global warming concept could be untrue in parts or perhaps the whole.

I am putting it out there for folks to respond with what they believe is True or False about every facet of global warming. I once was content to be ignorant but now I have come of age and can see something shifty going on.


climate change scam picture from NewsWeek

climate change scam picture from NewsWeek

Today I saw this you tube video of one of Australia’s leading climate change carbon modellers. Here is the info from youtube.

“Few would have the credibility of this man on this topic. Dr. Evans was the leading terrestrial carbon modeler for the Australian Greenhouse Office.”

The full text of his speech can be found here:


Here is the Tube.Dr. David Evans, Carbon Modeler, Says, \”You\’ve been had\” At Perth \”Carbon Tax\” Protest

Comment below and tell me what you think please add any references to science so I can make an informed desicion myself. Climate change scam or no scam. If it is a scam where do we go from here?

Thank you

Charmaster Dolph Cooke

On the 10th Day of the 10th Month of the 10th Year


Charmaster Dolph Cooke reporting for duty. This time with the largest quest ever attempted— To raise awareness for biochar and climate change. Where ? Mullumbimby Community Gardens. When ? Have you not been awake ? LOL

On the 10th Day of the 10th Month of the 10th Year Also know as 10-10-10.

You can help in many ways.

1. Come to the event.
2. Send the event to your network and let your friends tell their friends.
3. Support the event in anyway you can
4. Come down and display your enviromental warez
5. Come sell food, drinks or entertainment.
6. Join with me from anywhere in our world as we set an Intention to enliven the earth so she can look after us forever.

10-10-10 is world climate change action day and I am offering up a solution so we can get hands on and understand what needs to be done. Lets not leave it for our kids to work out lets show em what we’ve got.

1 ounce of action is worth 1 ton of theory.

Here is what I have said on the 350.org site.

We are going to make lots of biochar in many beginnerchar mk1 Biochar containers infact we are going to break and set a new world record for Biochar. Community gardens will benefit from all the biochar made and so will the community and planet. So come on get down and help out as we strengthen our community and teach everyone how to make biochar for themselves.

Fun for the whole family and of course Dolph Cooke’s famous Vegetarian Indian curry made from community garden produce picked on the day. Come and see how Mullumbimby is leading the seven local shires by their commitment to Community and the environment. Also we will be unveiling the new community composting toilets. Stay tuned for more events as more people offer up ideas and action to help climate change.

Join my action by signing up at any of the following links REMEMBER your action is worth a ton of theory so even just attending my event in your heart is like the tip of the iceburg POWERFUL STUFF.





Join us in spirit if your not living local.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke

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