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biochar with permaculture in Nimbin

wadzies explosion

Yesterday I attended the open day forĀ  Djanbung Gardens Permaculture . It was a fantastic day filled with fun, knowledge and excellent people. The rain stayed mostly away and the food was plentyful. Conan gave a workshop on how a biochar gasifier works. Then he demonstrated all the aspects of it so everyone could be […]

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Tlud biochar stove for sale at Biochar Industries

Tlud biochar stove for sale…. What is it I hear you say. Well T l u d is an acronym for Top Lit Up Draught meaning you lite it at the top and the air is sucked up through the fire. Fantastic device that is light and will work with all woods great survival tool […]

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Experiments are exciting when ? Biochar Industries

Experiments are exciting when ? To answer the question of the headline. A. When they are fun filled, create a solution to a problem and yield BIOCHAR Check this out here is my latest experiment in picture format. (A picture is worth a thousand words) Charmaster Dolph Cooke  

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