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wadzies explosion

biochar permaculture Nimbin

biochar permaculture Nimbin.

Yesterday I attended the open day for  Djanbung Gardens Permaculture .
It was a fantastic day filled with fun, knowledge and excellent people.
The rain stayed mostly away and the food was plentyful.

biochar with permaculture Charmaster Dolph and the Champion Tlud at Djanbung Gardens Nimbin

Charmaster Dolph and the Champion Tlud at Djanbung Gardens Nimbin

Conan gave a workshop on how a.

biochar gasifier.

works. Then he demonstrated all the aspects of it so everyone could be informed. Many people attended and lots of questions were asked.

Dolph and Conan at Djanbung Gardens Nimbin

Dolph and Conan Djanbung Gardens Nimbin

Other notable Industry people present were.
Charmaster Dolph Cooke.
Barry Bachelor from Black earth products.
Wayne Wadsworth from waste to wealth .

Dolph and Barry Blackearth

Dolph Cooke and Barry Blackearth

Products for sale were the Champion gasifier stove. The book and of course Black Earth products.

biochar with permaculture Tlud stove set up for sale

biochar with permaculture Tlud stove set up for sale

The big highlight for Fire fans of biochar with permaculture was when Wayne Wadsworth demonstrated what NOT to do with a big 44 gallon drum gasifier. I wish we had caught it on camera a huge explosion that shot all the lit bamboo leaves up into the air then they slowly descended on fire like fireworks on cracker night.

biochar with permaculture wadzies explosion


So much good wholesome fun was had and much more then just Bio char was on offer.

The tour around the Gardens, A talk from Nicola Peel of eyesofgaia.com,  a talk on basket making and dyes, Excellent live music, Good Food, permaculture displays and sustainability themes. biochar with permaculture.

bamboo workshop

bamboo workshop at Djanbung Gardens

Djanbung Gardens is a permaculture school in Nimbin and it has a unique live in accommodation for students based around 3 old railway carriages. They have a pair of big pigs many chickens and lots of different foods growing. I walked around the gardens and saw compost toilets, Waste water treatment, pathways to other gardens and of course the big kitchen. I met some really nice people and had a great day.

Oh almost forgot Barry Bachelor offered one of his old prototypes for our education centre. That there was another big highlight.

Thank you Djanbung Gardens (Platypus Gardens).

Charmaster Dolph Cooke.

This image is a Tlud Biochar Cooking Stove with Biochar Industries forest in the back ground

Tlud biochar stove for sale at Biochar Industries

Tlud biochar stove for sale…. What is it I hear you say.

T l u d

is an acronym for Top Lit Up Draught meaning you lite it at the top and the air is sucked up through the fire. Fantastic device that is light and will work with all woods great survival tool . The best feature of this Tlud is when the flames go out you then have biochar. All you have to do is drop the embers on the ground and spray some water on them so they don’t continue to burn.

This particular model was imported from India and has a very nice finish and somehow I ended up with some to sell so I wanted to let my readers know first before I start selling them at stores and markets.

I have made video instructions and uploaded it to youtube so you can see how easy it is.

This image is a Tlud Biochar Cooking Stove with Biochar Industries forest in the back ground

Here she is a good looking unit biochar stove on tripod

I will point out the various pieces to it  so you can have a better idea of this stove.

If you would like to own one of these great stoves please click here

You can come and see this stove in action at :

my workshop in Byangum

World Environment day 2011 Murwillumbah

Woodford Folk Festival


Charmaster Dolph Cooke



biochar industries picture of our washroom the problem is we have no hot water and its almost winter

Experiments are exciting when ? Biochar Industries

Experiments are exciting when ?

To answer the question of the headline.

A. When they are fun filled, create a solution to a problem and yield BIOCHAR :)

Check this out here is my latest experiment in picture format.
(A picture is worth a thousand words)

Charmaster Dolph Cooke


Bamboo biochar from Mullum

Real Biochar Scientific Data Biochar Industries region Mullumbimby

As part of the Mullumbimby Biochar pod I received the Real Biochar Scientific Data from

Industry & Investment NSW
Diagnostic and Analytical Services
Environmental Laboratory

The kiln used was the project 540 Rising Phoenix
The char stock used was Camphor Laurel and Bamboo
The Charmaster was Rameshwar.

Biochar Project Australia (www.biocharproject.org) and Biochar Industries (www.biocharindustries.com) are committed to making biochar a household word. We are the doer’s in this world of talker’s.

Who this document might be very helpful for -:
Anyone who uses these search terms whilst researching on the Internet.
biochar,buy biochar ,organic biochar ,organic soil ,permaculture,gardener,terra preta nova , pyrolysis ,black earth, Australian biochar,
To you doer’s we salute Char Bless you all.

Bamboo biochar from Mullum

Bamboo biochar from Mullum


Here is the Document

Industry & Investment NSW Report Number: WN10/2175/E

Diagnostic and Analytical Services

Environmental LaboratoryWOLLONGBAR  NSW  2477

Owner          I & I NSW   CPI                                                                                          Submitted:  25.11.10

WOLLONGBAR                                                                            Received: 25.11.10

Submitter      J RUST


Samples received: 2 x char

The samples have been assigned the following laboratory numbers.  Lab No 7369 / Mullum Camphor; 7370 / Mullum Bamboo


Char Analysis Report


Analytical MethodMethod numberDate Analysed
Soil pH (CaCl2)R&H 4B215/12/10
Available orthophosphate phosphorus in soil using bicarbonate extraction, ColwellR&H 9B115/12/10
Soil ConductivityR&H 3A115/12/10
Determination of Gillman and Sumpter Exchangeable Cations by ICPR&H 15E1USEPA 601017/12/10
Total Nitrogen and Total Carbon by Dumas combustion methodIn house 6307/12/10
Acid ExtractionUSEPA 3050B14/12/10
Acid Extractable Elements and Metals by ICPUSEPA 601014/12/10
Available orthophosphate phosphorus in soil using Bray #1 extractionR&H 9E29/12/10
Mineral Nitrogen KCl ExtractionR&H 7C28/12/10
Carbonates (% CaCO3 equivalents)R&H 19A114/12/10

R&H~ Rayment and Higginson

APHA ~ American Public Health Association

USEPA ~ United States Environmental Protection Agency



Laboratory NoLimit ofreporting73697370
Sample IDUnitCamphorBamboo
pH (CaCl2)pH units0.048.68.6
Bray Phosphorusmg/kg0.0634810
Colwell Phosphorusmg/kg2411800
Total Nitrogen%
Total Carbon%0.207877
KCl extractable Ammonium-Nmg/kg0.3<0.3<0.3
KCl extractable Nitrate-Nmg/kg0.2<0.20.51
Acid Neutralising Capacity% CaCO3 equivalent0.54.64.6
ICP Elements and Metals


Laboratory NoLimit ofreporting73697370
Sample IDUnitCamphorBamboo
Exchangeable Cations
Calcium/Magnesium Ratio4.40.32
Aluminium Saturation%<0.04<0.04
Exchangeable Calcium %497.7
Exchangeable Potassium %3967
Exchangeable Magnesium %1124
Exchangeable Sodium%0.981.4

glen rangott

21 December, 2010     SGJ


  • Samples air dried at 40 °C in dehydrators according to Method 1B1 (Rayment and Higginson, 1992).
  • These results apply to the sample(s) as provided and are expressed on a dry weight basis unless otherwise stated.
  • This report should not be reproduced except in full.
  • Samples will be retained for one month from the date of the final report.  Samples will then be discarded. Clients wishing to recover their samples must contact the laboratory within this period.  The laboratory will return residual samples at client expense when requested.
  • Test results and findings may be provided to authorised staff and used for statistical, surveillance, extension, certification and regulatory purposes in accordance with Departmental policies.  The information assists disease and residue control programs and underpins market access for agricultural products.  The source of the information will remain confidential unless otherwise required by Law or regulatory policies.

Enjoy : )

Charmaster Dolph Cooke