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Nature our saviour

Biochar Action Learning Circle Another world first.

World First Biochar action learning circle happened in Blue Knob Hall just outside of Nimbin, NSW Australia on Saturday 23rd of July 2011. This successful event marks a mile stone  in the development of biochar industries and learning.

Blue Knob Hall Biochar Action Learning Circle world first.

Blue Knob Hall Biochar Action Learning Circle world first.

The Blue Knob Hall is no stranger to hosting special events and leading the community in sustainable practices. They have a farmers market every saturday with a special community knowledge talk to empower folks.  If you look closely in the above photo you will see sustainable concepts in practice. Solar Panels, Compost toilets, Multi purpose building etc. Its no surprise as  Nimbin the closest town has been on the cutting edge of sustainabillity since the word was invented in 1972. 😛

Dr Paul Wildman Explains Biochar Learning Circle

Dr Paul Wildman Explains Biochar Learning Circle

Dr Paul Wildman PhD, The main developer of

Biochar Action Learning Circle

has been working with the circles concept for well over 15 years.He is involved in a circle that is still running for over 10 years this year.

Circle learning has been happening for as long as mankind has been around, from ancient tribes right up to today’s highly educated scholars. In Australia however this intrinsically important concept has been erased from our society by the one size fits all Edumickation system.

explaining biochar action learning circle

explaining biochar action learning circle

According to a recent study, statistics show, that joining a meaningful group that meets just once a month produces the same happiness gain as doubling your income.

(New York Times David Brookes March 29 2010)
Source == Pgs8, 32, 168  from Friedman, H. and L. Martin (2011). The Longevity Project: Surprising Discoveries for Health and Long Life from the Landmark Eight-Decade Study. London – printed in the US, Hudson Street Press.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke of Biochar Industries said ” by unleashing peoples potential for learning and making learning curves a thing of the past, people from all walks of life can now enjoy rapid knowledge expansion coupled with the joy of brotherhood”.

Charmaster Dolph pointed out that like everything to be sustainable Biochar has to be done right starting local i.e. low temp charcoal + from dead or purpose grown trees, off- cuts by council in clearing for roads and power-lines, domestic tree trimming and so forth.  Not munching or wood-chipping up old growth forests etc. Plus Biochar can come from all sources even people, cane toads etc.

Biochar also releases gasses that can drive a vehicle and heat that can be used to heat another retort so its efficiency multiplies – Amazon Indians millennia ago developed the multiple retort idea (they would build it on a hill with the gasses moving upwards.  Tim Flannery considers Biochar to be almost a ‘magic pudding’.   Further Biochar has enormous benefits in the agricultural industry and lasts for centuries if not more – this is hugely more efficient than use of the current crop of agro-petro-fertilizers.

So Biochar has multiple uses (from carbon sequestration, to heat source, to fuel source, to fertilizer and so forth)  that indigenous peoples have recognised for millennia inc. the Australian Aboriginal and as such we have much to learn from following their sustainability practices.

1st Biochar action learning circle

1st Biochar action learning circle

To try and explain how Biochar Action Learning Circles work would be an enormous task something a kin to trying to explain how a human mind works.
however I can tell you how it does not work and perhaps from this glimpse you could start to comprehend why it is so easy and so successful.

Biochar Action Learning Circles Do not.
Lecture /  Preach / Force / Reward / Punish / Fear / Compete / Expect / Require / Stress / Mark / Compare / Assess / Control.

It took me a long time to try and figure out just how it works and I was really not getting anywhere until I decided to not try and analyse it and just Do it.

Then the magic happened. Its all about Process rather than content. Lets say Process makes up 90% and Content makes up 10% Biochar Action Learning circles makes use of all the wonderful computing power that the homoSapien Mind has on offer then times that by up to 10.

Nature our saviour

To get more of an idea on Biochar Action Learning Circles and how you can use the Action learning circles in your chosen field of experience go to BLAC hosted on Biocharproject.org or ring the creator Dr Paul Wildman on 0412027818 or Skype phwildman.

The most impressive thing I have ever seen was at the end of the Circle when the group was asked who would like to continue to keep the group going all seven hands went straight up. That’s a 100% result folks.

Proof to me the world is surely changing for the better.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke

I discovered another great use for charcoal last night.

Yesterday I traveled from Kunghur to Murwillumbah for a government sponsored landcare project to give composts to farmers. I was running late and did not have a chance to eat my regular good wholesome food so I stopped at the bistro and was told there was going to be free platters of food brought out soon.

So I waited and my hunger grew and I became forgetful of some very important reasons that I hardly ever eat out. One was that I am allergic to MSG (621) and it turns me into a mind numbed zombie with a headache for 2 days straight.

Yes you can see what was unfolding unfortunately I could not. After scoffing a lot of the great free food I suddenly realized my heart was pumping hard and I said to a friend I think I might of ingested MSG. In stead of being horrified her brain jumped into action and she started to think of what would help me not get turned into a zombie.

My friend had been carrying charcoal tablets as she is in the middle of getting all the heavy metal mercury fillings in her teeth out. She said try these and drink a lot of water. Having no mental capacity of my own on that spot I scoffed 5 tablets and drank a lot of water went outside and then had a beer.

To my surprise my heart slowed down and the headache started to go. Never has this ever been the case once I have eaten by mistake something with MSG in it not even a box of aspirins can cure the pain. But Charcoal did and its ironic I work in charcoal and could never see the link.

Well I am alive and typing and its the next day I had a bad sleep sweated a lot woke up a lot but no headache in fact I even enjoyed a nice surf today at DBar beach.

Thank you Charcoal you work for MSG via ingestion.

Charmaster Dolph

Rare Discovery Tm : )

Wood Pile from UKI saw mill

Uki Saw Mill a Biocharians dream come true


Today a friend and I went on a MAN tour of our local sawmill. It was such a great place. Some of the fattest logs I have ever seen where getting cut in half by the biggest saw blade I had ever seen. This place is fantastic from more than one perspective. It is an old school mill where the men didn’t even need gloves their hands were so tuff. Big Man sheds and Bigger Man toys like a monster log pickeruperer but nothing bigger or better to this Biocharian than the waste wood pile that the boys said I can take as much wood as I can carry all day everyday what a complete dream.

Check out the photos….

Fat LogsWood Pile from UKI saw millSawdust

Things I learnt today Include.

A. The formula for spreading biochar 10 tonnes to the hectare breaks down to 1 kg per meter squared.

B. If you don’t ask you don’t get

C. There is more than just me out there interested in biochar.

D. The real price of Biochar

Dolph Cooke

On Fire

A Gift from a Neighbour

What a funny day. I spent way to much time on the computer trying to interface word-press with facebook. But as I finally made it down to the front paddock before lunch  where I do all my bio-char my neighbour popped over and offered me a Gift. An old council wooden outdoor setting.

Gift from a neighbour

Thanks for the single use char stand Neighbour :P

He said can you use this ? I said yes I can. And it worked very well here are some more shots of it going up. I love burning things. On Fire Yeah she went up alright. Took about 1 hour before she dropped the barrel. Another load of Top Quality biochar right there. Now I think its time to go research the formulas on how to make a web calculator based on tonnes per hectare so folks with small plots can work out how much biochar they need to add to there plots. And I might create a widget to progressively count the kilograms of biochar I have made todate. Until we meet again Ciao Starting to flare upHot Hot Hot

Bio char Black Gold Texas Tea

Charmasters Log Stardate 2010.4

Today I learnt a new trick with my begginer char Mk1.
A formula that will guide everyone and all users need to be aware of.

The capacity of the vessel and the level of the stacking of the biostock directly dictates the size of the pit fire.

To make things plain and simple todays discovery showed me that filling a drum to capacity is not neccesarily the most efficent way of getting more biochar per run. I had chocked a drum almost to capacity with hard wood and left it ontop of possibly the biggest pit fire I have made todate. When I arrived in the morning the fire was but a few coals and when I tried to remove the drum I found it much heavier than usual. I opened it up and found it was 1/2 done. I rebuilt the pit fire and added the drum for another 8 hour burn.

So although I got around about 100% more char this time it took me 2 days to burn it right.
It took me probably 5 times as long to fill the drum as ussual as well.