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dolph cooke of biochar industries adding biochar to concrete to test

Building with biochar another biochar project test trial

Easter Monday / Anzac day special,

Up early today to pay my respects when a funny thing happened. Energy I mean MENERGY more energy than a man has room for.

dolph cooke of biochar industries adding biochar to concrete to test

Dolph Cooke of Biochar Industries adding biochar to concrete to test

So I set about doing a Biochar trial this one came to me last night while I was watching the garbage warrior a man who makes earth-ships he builds with anything.  I needed to design a new clothes line here at the biochar industries HQ where it rains a lot.

close up reveals one part biochar 5 parts concrete as test

Close up reveals one part biochar 5 parts concrete as test

I was wondering how biochar can help with building materials in this climate. The penny dropped biochar is great for absorbing water and its structure is such that termites can’t eat it so since I was going to concrete two wooden poles into the ground here was a double whammy test.

Stay tuned for the test results.
Coincidentaly it was fine all morning until I finished the trial and now it is raining heavily I think the universe is trying to let me know I am on to something.


Charmaster Dolph Cooke

The johnny rogers biochar gasifier alight at biochar industries

Biochar gasifier project results from first firing.

Here is the latest info on the Biochar gasifier I found on YouTube the one that John Rogers created. Read previous post on this subject here.

Firstly it cost $6.00 to build and approximately 2 hours.

a biochar gasifier made from old 44 drums with charmaster Dolph and wombat from Biochar Industries

Hey she aint pretty but she is REUSED. Wombat says Hi.

Next I loaded her up with wood chips which were 4 different kinds of hardwood gumtrees. Then I waited until we all finished Easter dinner before lighting her up in the dark. I can still smell the biochar cooking.

The johnny rogers biochar gasifier alight at biochar industries

Roaring now Biochar incoming, Check out the even burn line.

She got off to a great start but then the chips were too wet and she slowed down somewhat. I was expecting a 1hour 30 min  burn time but it took all night to smoulder away.

The payload of biochar from this project.

The pay load somewhat more than the beginner char mk1

Sweet Easter Dreams my Char Babies

Charmaster Dolph Cooke

Biochar Industries Easter Gift to the world char

Biochar Easter Happiness from Charmaster Dolph Cooke

Dear Charians,

I have been racking my brain on just how I could make THE AUSTRALIAN EASTER HOLIDAY into fun the whole family can enjoy without Charring anything. Well Finally I have found the answer just for you so you can see I do really think outside the box.

It all started with a idea that popped into my head as I was driving from the Biochar Industries HQ in Kunghur to Tweed Heads.

Along the road at about Bray park is a giant white egg that some outside the box thinker has created to keep water healthy. See the photo.

water egg storage tank nothing to do with Biochar except the outside of the box thinking

water egg storage tank nothing to do with Biochar except the outside of the box thinking

So I had this thought how good would it be to make this into an Easter egg.
Everyone knows the symbolic link between Easter and the Egg right ? No Ok I will teach you.

Easter is a special time when the Easter Bunny travels the land and hands out all the eggs he has laid to people for them to enjoy this freakish event.

But wait a minute I hear you say Bunnies don’t lay eggs. Ahh but at this special time they do and they are not chicken eggs they are bunny eggs because they are made out of chocolate. (Very Special time indeed).

I think this all came about when Man started to manipulate nature with a science called GM or genetically Modifying and the period of this discovery is called the KA CHING period of the Capitalism ages.

OOPPS back to the idea so Easter was almost upon us and I still did not have a gift for all the Biochar enthusiasts out there. That was until I remembered my Idea just as we were passing the giant egg.

BOOM this is what happened NEXT….

Biochar Industries Easter Gift to the world char

Biochar Industries Easter Gift to the world char


Charmaster Dolph and the entire Biochar Industries team.

Dear children I just wanted to say I really did not grafiti the egg and if I am to be a role model to you I would rather you burn something than grafitti it OK : )


Biochar Industries cheif shredder operator

Getting ready for my newest project 44 gallon Tlud Biochar Makers

Late last week a colleague of mine Dr Paul Taylor PhD sent me a YouTube link to a low tech way of making more Biochar. The man in the video was called John Rogers from the Good Ole US of A. What a great Idea so I have set about giving it a shot so I can see for myself.

John Rogers Idea is to use old 44 gallon drums or in America they have 55 Gallon drums and create a simple top lit up draft gasifier to create Biochar in.

Top Lit Up Draft gasifiers or TLUD’s as they are known feature heavily in the biochar bash I am about to go to in the next shire Byron. This event is a week long camp and promises to teach secrets of Tlud’s and other biochar making technologies.

Dr Paul Taylor editor of the biochar revolution is organising to bring Dr Tlud and his mate out from the Good Ole US of A to show us a thing or two about Biochar.

Here is the link for the youtube.


And here are some shots of todays work towards this project.

Yeah stay tuned for my step by step on how to make these 44 gallon Tlud’s

Till then Char u Later

Charmaster Dolph



Biochar Fun Video from all the zany folks at Biochar Industries. Enjoy

Well here is something to make you Think / Laugh I have just compiled a Little Video (2.2megs) and uploaded it to utube.
Its about Biochar making, Biochar Industries at Kunghur Australia, Biochar Kilns, Biochar for sale, Biochar for breakfast,
Biochar as a fashion, Biochar gasification, Biochar instructions, Biochar presentations, Biochar Innoculation, Biochar conditioning.


And all the people who do it haveing crazy kinds of fun.


Charmaster Dolph Cooke

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Biochar Industries is Go… Thanks to the Thunderbirds.

Today is the day Biochar Industries headquarters has come online. Yes the long awaited Internet where no other Internet can access has been installed and right now I am multitasking – Writing a post whilst talking to our metal engineer on Skype about plans for a new Biochar Kiln.

Here is a picture of our new Internet thingy majiggi.

a picture of a Internet thingy

Our access to the world from deep within the forest. Biochar Industries Kunghur

So now I am on the subject of acquisitions I want to show you a picture of our next project. This one I call “taking shit from the government.” Now I know the heading seems a little extreme but really it is just good old fashioned Aussie humor from times before politically correctness was born.

Here is the story for those of you who do not hang on every word I write 😛 .

One of our core team members emailed me and said hey look the local government is giving away your choice of Compost , Cow poo or locally produced compost brew. In actual fact they gave away much more read more here . I went and jumped through the hoops as you do with government sponsored events and chose to receive COW POO.

So If I make it through the selection criteria I may just be “taking shit from the Government” Boom.. Boom..

The initial amount was twenty tons of cow poo but many more people wanted in so perhaps we might get lucky in either case this next photo is my “Taking shit from the government” storage area that I just completed.

a picture of Biochar Industries Poo holding yard.

If your going to be taking shit from the Government you need somewhere to store it : )

Also I must of been feeling really invigorated as the sun has been shining all day and many aspects are starting to fall into place as the dreaded mercury retrograde takes effect. So I hoped on the tractor and rounded up some dead trees and used the back plane device to level out an area for the new poo Penn.

Oh yeah talk about a very productive day and its only 3.54pm I also made a load of chips to start drying so one day I can feed them to the Bigchar prototype 1000. Poor bugger is really hungry it has been raining a lot this year and not much can be done in weather like that.

So for Char-masters Stan, James and Chris here is another load of wood chips for you to drooowl over : P

a trailer full of wood chips

old faithful carrying another load of wood chips to be dried.

And last but not least the next photo is a mini trial that Gillian dreamt up whilst the jeep was sliding around the forest on boggy clay roads.

She calls this the “How good would this be if it works trial”. Basically all the tracks to Biochar Industries are made from mother earth and being a high clay content once they get inundated they become very slippery indeed.

So we are placing a small quantity of charcoal into the mud tracks to see what kind of effect it would have on the earth.

Knowing all the traits biochar has we are optimistic that this may solve some of our road problems whilst sequestering carbon.

Well I am going to hang up the Blogging pen right now and go out into the beautiful forest for some communing with nature before I load up a barrel of wood for tonight’s open fire Biochar burn that has become a focal point of Biochar Industries Kunghur educational centre. Sweet dreams Charians

a picture of mud tracks with biochar mixed in part of Biochar Industries Trials

a picture of mud tracks with biochar mixed in part of Biochar Industries Trials

Charmaster Dolph

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Science and Art at the Castle on the Hill The link to Biochar

I found out about this special talk that was being filmed at the Science Art Research Centre very late but Boy am I glad I made it.
There was a riveting report on how the fundamentals of science particularly Physics was a flawed system and then the correction was presented along with 6 other people from specialized fields explaining how it has changed their endeavours. It was a great night I even got to ask a fundamentally important question about Biochar. I walked away knowing exactly what I am doing is the best choice I have ever made. Thank You to all the very bright Scientists, Artists and Researchers it was a great night.

Dolph from Biochar Industries getting his shirt Graffitied

Dolph from Biochar Industries getting his shirt Graffitied

what was written on my tshirt was Biochar Natures Balls

My Shirt did say Nature Calls but was rewritten into Biochar Natures Balls ... I liked it : )

Charmaster Dolph

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Castle on the Hill Biochar Event.Sunday April 3 2011

Biochar; Transforming agriculture and the Environment

Workshop with:

Paul Taylor

  • The Biochar Revolution – what is Biochar, its importance to the environment, the new natural soil activator and fertiliser
  • Biochar Demonstration: Two-barrel backyard biochar maker


Paul Wildman

  • Local Economic Self Sufficiency –

 Putting Biochar in the context of a resilient community economy.


Where: Castle on the Hill, 90 Bonny Doon Road. Uki, NSW

Time: 1 pm – 5.30 pm, Sunday April 3

Cost: $35

Booking: 0266 795442 – irene@castleonhill.com

Please tell all your friends

Charmaster Dolph

A night with the Sphinx by BiocharIndustries

Check this out a Photo record of the Biochar Industries biochar education night held at the sphinx rock cafe on the 25th of February 2011. Dr Paul Taylor (Biochar Industries) and Charmaster Dolph Cooke (Biochar Industries) gave a riveting and compeling presentaion of Biochar, How to make it, How to test it, How to use it plus thouroughly reviewed Dr Paul Taylors new book The Biochar reveloution.

Enjoy : )

Now folks to see more biochar Goodness look for Biochar Industries on Facebook : )

Charmaster Dolph

I discovered another great use for charcoal last night.

Yesterday I traveled from Kunghur to Murwillumbah for a government sponsored Landcare project to give composts to farmers. I was running late and did not have a chance to eat my regular good wholesome food so I stopped at the bistro and was told there was going to be free platters of food brought out soon.

So I waited and my hunger grew and I became forgetful of some very important reasons that I hardly ever eat out. One was that I am allergic to MSG (621) and it turns me into a mind numbed zombie with a headache for 2 days straight.

Yes you can see what was unfolding unfortunately I could not. After scoffing a lot of the great free food I suddenly realised my heart was pumping hard and I said to a friend I think I might of ingested MSG. In stead of being horrified her brain jumped into action and she started to think of what would help me not get turned into a zombie.

My friend had been carrying charcoal tablets as she is in the middle of getting all the heavy metal mercury fillings in her teeth out. She said try these and drink a lot of water. Having no mental capacity of my own on that spot I scoffed 5 tablets and drank a lot of water went outside and then had a beer.

To my surprise my heart slowed down and the headache started to go. Never has this ever been the case once I have eaten by mistake something with MSG in it not even a box of asprins can cure the pain. But Charcoal did and its ironic I work in charcoal and could never see the link.

Well I am alive and typing and its the next day I had a bad sleep sweated a lot woke up a lot but no headache in fact I even enjoyed a nice surf today at DBar beach.

Thank you Charcoal you work for MSG via ingestion.

Charmaster Dolph

Rare Discovery Tm : )