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big biochar bash


big biochar bash. Well folks its on again the BiG Biochar Bash. You might notice the punctuation of Big this year as our special guest is going to be Dr James Joyce PhD and his company BiG (Black is Green). We are going to do a marathon 2 day burn with up to 5 Moxham’s […]

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biology of biochar event by Venus + Feedback

Biology of Biochar with Dolph Cooke

Biology of biochar event 2013 It is not often I get to do such an easy post. This time I could be seen as being bias since I stared in the show so I decided to ask one of the audience to write me a review and sticking with integrity here it is verbatim.   […]

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Biology of Biochar – hands on workshop at biochar industries Kunghur

Biology of Biochar 4.5.13 (15)-800

Biology of Biochar is a workshop with a difference hosted by Charmaster Dolph Cooke at Biochar Industries Kunghur on May the 4th 2013. Latest flyer can be found here UPDATE: Graeme Sait will present his new TeD Talk Humus saves the world. We now have 52 Rsvped. So don’t you miss out!!!  hurry and RSVP.  […]

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Organic grower chooses Biochar for his production Greenhouses.

Organic grower chooses Biochar to run in his greenhouses

Organic grower chooses Biochar for his production Greenhouses. Organic growers everywhere are waking up to the fact that you need more than just luck in agriculture to break even these days.  One successful local organic grower, who uses high tech green houses to control just about every aspect of his produce has recently switched on […]

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Farm scale biochar. Taking on farm biochar making to a new level.

The split wood pile before

Farm scale biochar ? How about low tech farm scale biochar ? Better still low cost low tech easy to use farm scale biochar ? Well folks you read it here first. Biochar Industries charmaster Dolph Cooke has created yet another low cost low tech farm scaled setup and here is a pictorial to ease […]

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Biochar education Bush Mechanics Style. Aka Passion learning

Kids working biochar lifecycles

Biochar education is a great way to show our children that they can effect long lasting changes by doing simple tasks to help care for the environment. . Lots of children I have had the pleasure of presenting biochar to have expressed. “What can I do about preserving our earth” I hear hoplessness in thier voices. […]

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Biochar Industries Australia goes full carbon negative

Level 7 of Biochar Industries Australia earthship drying facility

Biochar industries Australia goes full carbon negative with another world first. Earthship biochar biomass drying facility being constructed within a stone’s throw from the biochar pyrolysis equipment down at biochar launchpad number one at Kunghur NSW Australia. After weeks of planning executives from Biochar Association of Australia, Biochar Project, Biochar Industries Australia, Tweed shire community […]

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Climate change. What can you do? Ask Biochar project Australia’s charmaster Dolph

Climate change action dog wombat being framed for doing action

Climate change is a concern for everyone living on Earth today. However the most common question I hear whenever I do presentations for Biochar is. “I am only one person what can I do about it?”   This question is usually a plea and it comes from many folks who simply believe that this is […]

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Charcoal making with the Adam retort Biochar Kiln

Picture of charcoal

Charcoal and biochar are interchangeable words down here at biochar project Kunghur NSW Australia. Yeah we know the difference but do we care ? Biochar is charcoal made specifically to put in the soil. Charcoal could be used for many things some one once said to me it was use for over 8000 things. I […]

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Adam retort biochar kiln community firing at biochar project

picture ontop of the fire box with the words biochar industries written in cement

Adam Retort community kiln firing 29th of Feb 2012 report. Captured partly on video and temperatures were recorded so folks can see what was going on. I will try and be as neutral as possible in my critique of the days event. : ) An Introduction to the Adam retort. The Adam retort community biochar […]

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