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Biochar production as promised 1st August 2011. Adam retort.

Biochar production started today at Kunghur

Biochar production started today on schedule (just like I told everyone). If you have not guessed as yet here is a quick rundown. 1. We are removing the dead fallen trees and the left behind stumps from the 1960’s sawmilling hey days 2. We are removing weeds and the thinnings from plantation forests. 3. We […]

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Biochar Test Plot in Mullumbimby Community Gardens

Hello Again Everyone Charmaster Dolph reporting for Duty. Today I had a chance meeting with Biochar Guru Rameshwar at the Mullumbimby Community Gardens. I was going through Mullumbimby after our native American Moccasin Building lesson when I had a thought “I should go buy veggies at the mullum community Garden for a fresh lunch” So […]

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Mullumbimby Community Garden and the biochar pod


What a beutiful day it has turned out to be as I choofed off on my honda postie bike for the 30 minute journey South to the Mullumbimby Community Garden and the biochar pod they have set up there. The first suprise I got was the little lane that precedes the entrance to the community […]

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