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Teaching biochar to the next generation

teaching biochar to the next generation

Teaching biochar to the next generation of planet custodians is exactly what Craig Bourne is doing at Singleton High School NSW Australia. A Biochar Project was started 3 weeks ago and is showing results already. I just received an email from Craig yesterday with some pretty good photos of the project so far. I will […]

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Biology of Biochar – hands on workshop at biochar industries Kunghur

Biology of Biochar 4.5.13 (15)-800

Biology of Biochar is a workshop with a difference hosted by Charmaster Dolph Cooke at Biochar Industries Kunghur on May the 4th 2013. Latest flyer can be found here UPDATE: Graeme Sait will present his new TeD Talk Humus saves the world. We now have 52 Rsvped. So don’t you miss out!!!  hurry and RSVP.  […]

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Charcoal making with the Adam retort Biochar Kiln

Picture of charcoal

Charcoal and biochar are interchangeable words down here at biochar project Kunghur NSW Australia. Yeah we know the difference but do we care ? Biochar is charcoal made specifically to put in the soil. Charcoal could be used for many things some one once said to me it was use for over 8000 things. I […]

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Biochar or not to Biochar that is the Question


Biochar me for the missleading headline I am a bit rusty. I have been very busy indeed. Also I have a new camera : ) Here is the Gos. December through to Feburauy the 8th I have been engaged in bringing the project “Biochar Industries” to fruition and setting up the projects for this year […]

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biochar highlights 2011 the year at Biochar Project

Biochar master Dolph Cooke

Biochar highlights 2011. The year at Biochar Project. Some might call him a maverick, others a genius, but Northern Rivers identity Dolph Cooke is passionate about sustainable living and biochar—and in the last 12 months has shown that he is a man of action. Some (but by no means all) of his achievements in the […]

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Bush mechanic. Seeing the new in the Old.

Bush mechanics Wombat the carbon Dog

Bush mechanic project number 1 completed. Here is a run down on how it all panned out. I was approached by Dr Paul Wildman on behalf of the Nunda Lions club to use my bush mechanics skills to help the Men of Labrador’s MENSHED build a better stove for their aid project. So Wombat, Gillian […]

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Biochar project wins caring for our country grant 2011

Biochar project Team Abundance

Biochar Project the home of everything biochar, has officially received word that they have been awarded a grant for the project called. Community Sustainable Weeds out Carbon in Project. This grant is from the Australian Government and it is part of their Caring for our country program. I would like to take this opportunity to […]

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biochar action learning circle – Update from Charmaster

all the folks at biochar action learning circle

biochar action learning circle – Update. Well the 1st biochar action learning circle is now complete and I find myself reflecting on what has transpired during these six sessions over the last three month’s. My initial thoughts and feelings are. What a great Idea mixing technological innovation with social innovation. I am aware that social […]

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Stainless Steel TLUD Lunchbox-Retort Project


Stainless Steel TLUD Lunchbox-Retort Project In order to avoid the problems with burners and retorts rusting away quickly I want to build (or buy) a stainless steel biochar maker. Here is a description of my first attempt at it: The Lunchbox-retort. Stainless steel lunchboxes can be bought at camping stores for around AU$35.- and will […]

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hill of abundance update Biochar industries project

hill of abundance bush doctor at biochar industries

Hill of abundance update. Its only been a day but I am so excited with how our biochar industries project is coming along. Today a few different people dropped by and we had a crack at finishing the first of our garden huts. Here are last weeks progress photos on the garden huts. Charmaster Dolph […]

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