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biocharPhot 1 of a new eco house that terreden has constructed showing earth baging base

Biochar project Australia selected as host for Terraedan.

Biochar project Australia. We are a well known environmental training ground. We strive for enhancing our planet whilst making our footprint smaller. We are based out in a huge forest at Kunghur. About 15klm to Uki and 30 klms from Nimbin. We have been selected to host this years TerraEdan Biotecture’s eco home making training sessions.


biochar project australia hosts

Biochar project Australia.

Supports any activity that will make our time on earth better for ourselves and future generations. So if your excited in learning how to help make a better planet you should come and join us. There are special rates if you can only make one day or a few. Please check out the addresses on the above picture for more info.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke. Has developed a full immersion biochar industries course. This program runs for 1 whole day. Designed to help you super conduct the information presented about biochar. You will not find this quality of instruction with the latest up-to-date facts and theories anywhere on earth.

Take a look at the progress from the first 2 week course .

Biochar project australia

What you are seeing is a continuous poly woven bag. The bag gets filled with a special mixture of Earth, Biochar, Sand, Gravel and cement. The finished product after all the compacting is a hard load bearing foundation. The foundations is also durable and low cost. The technique in which they lay it makes it as impenetrable as a bunker.

biocharPhot 1 of a new eco house that terreden has constructed showing earth baging base

  Our environment is usually a high rain fall forest. This type of environment has no problem breaking down traditional building materials. So the team at Terraeden biotecture has formulated a new design. A prototype if you wish. A low cost, low resource living space that will surround the occupant in negative ions. Negative ions are a very beneficial energy to have around humans and animals.

biochar project australia made house


Here is a traditionally designed pole home that is as well suited to this environment. It features the use of Tallowood poles connecting straight into mother earth.  This  prototype building is situated above the new eco home. The shower at the left of the structure will drain off as grey water down the slope. The water will be used to water the roof of the Terraeden concept home. A full green roof will be perfectly solar situated to cool the home. This garden on the roof will bring more negative ions and produce food for the occupants. Stay tuned for more happenings.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke
Founder of Biochar Project Australia


Stainless Steel TLUD Lunchbox-Retort Project

Stainless Steel TLUD Lunchbox-Retort Project

In order to avoid the problems with burners and retorts rusting away quickly I want to build (or buy) a stainless steel biochar maker.

Here is a description of my first attempt at it: The Lunchbox-retort.

Stainless steel lunchboxes can be bought at camping stores for around AU$35.- and will allow immediate biochar making if added into an existing fireplace. The three compartments allow much experimenting.

Stainless Steel TLUD Lunchbox-Retort Project

Stainless Steel TLUD Lunchbox-Retort Project

Stainless Steel TLUD Lunchbox-Retort Project


Here is a video of SS Lunchbox retort in firplace

In order to use the SS-lunchbox without having to fire the fireplace, I built an insulated TLUD , to fit around the Lunchbox-Retort. It also fits to the tripod of the Champion TLUD. The bottom and top plates can be rotated to adjust primary and secondary air volumes.

Here is a video of the first burn in full swing



All the parts before firing:

The insulation is “Superwool 607”:


Before insertion of the “Superwool”: The SS tubes are flues from a BBQ and Fireplace shop  (5” for the flue, 9” for the inner wall and 11” for the outer wall). These come in 900mm length and that is enough to make three Lunchbox-TLUD’s.


Superwool installed:


The SS-Lunchbox-Retort fits upside-down into the TLUD:

Here the results of the first burn:

The whole burner and the retort got so hot that all tar deposits (from previous burns at lower temperature in the fireplace) were charred and flaking off the retort walls.


The “fuel” burned to a fine white ash:


The char in the retort that was at the top has some blue char in it – I wonder what that means. I guess it’s what happens at high temperature, but please let me know if you can explain this:


The retorts in the middle and on the bottom have only black char in them:

Thanks for looking!

Mr. Mik

A pic of the book biochar revolution

biochar learning circle debut. World first.

Biochar Learning Circle World’s first.

A biochar learning circle will be held on Saturday the 2nd of July 2011. We are looking for a central venue between Murwillumbah and Nimbin Northern NSW.

Stay tuned for the venue.

biochar Learning Circle logo

Learning Circles logo

Biochar Learning Circles has been created by Dr Paul Wildman, PhD. Extensive practical concepts compiled by Charmaster Dolph Cooke.

With text from the Australian Biochar Book by Dr Paul Taylor, PhD.

This scientifically tested method of learning will be the fastest way for you to integrate biochar and its benefits into your body of knowledge.

Learning circles go for a period of 6 – 12 weeks  with meetings weekly or fortnightly. This depends on the participants.

This very first Biochar Learning Circle will be offered at a discounted rate. $70.00 for the Book,DVD’s, Learning circle guide booklet, the facilitator.
$10.00 each time we meet to cover hall / facilitator travel etc.

What you get.

The Biochar Learning Circles manual booklet.

A dvd of Geoff Moxham’s last public workshop.

A dvd of the latest biochar workshop at Uki.

The Biochar Revolution Book.

Access to Biochar Industries Biochar education centre Kunghur.

Biochar learning circles facilitators Paul Wildman and Dolph Cooke.

At each session you will be integrating knowledge at your own speed. You will have the chance to ask questions / give advice / share insights with other like minded people. The friendly atmosphere and the life experience of the other participants will help you quickly comprehend what biochar is all about.

From beginner to world expert there are huge learning benefits for everyone.

Biochar is being hailed the world over for its many extraordinary benefits.
Climate change, Waste management, Alternative fuels, Agricultural inputs and many other cutting edge environmental aspects.

Please email your intentions to attend to dolph@biocharproject.org subject Biochar Learning Circles 1st event.

Biochar Industries Kunghur NSW is dedicated to making education easily accessible to everyone. Through our unique sustainable and holistic approach.
Our goal is to let the truth be known on all aspects of our Industry and to use education as a tool to better our planet.


Biochar, Science, PhD and all that jazz.

Biochar Industries is making news all over the world. From a humble beginning of one man’s personal vision for the future here is an example of what one man one dream can obtain.

Biochar beginning with Geoff Moxam as Mentor (The spark of Biochar Creation)

Biochar Industries idea with 3000 acres.

Biochar production ideas with many scientists an Australian first.

Biochar education initiative with biochar learning circles.

Biochar’s link to Plutonic Fullerene Chemistry via charmaster Dolph Cooke of Biochar Industries.

Biochar PhD students requesting ideas from Biochar Industries

Wow the list is starting to look like an over achievers score pad. Seriously folks this is what one man can do when he incorporates concepts such as truth, honesty, integrity, creativity and love.

You can do it. Forget about helping yourself just help others and you will be richly rewarded in ways that are far more fulfilling than you had imagined.

Charmaster  Dolph Cooke


Biochar Learning Circles Launched by Biochar Industries

What a great day for a new paradigm shift. Today at a closed meeting of the core group of BiocharIndustries it was announced that project Biochar Learning Circles was complete and ready for active duty.

Dr Paul Wildman PhD has put in many hours of effort coupled with many years of industry experience together with Dr Paul Taylor PhD (editor of the new Biochar book called The Biochar Revolution) to create a truly new pathway to learning that Paul Wildman says  will revolutionise the way people grasp the new information coming out of the Biochar Industry.

Dolph Cooke (Founder of Biochar Industries) was quoted “This indeed resonates with the Dream’s and Goals of Biochar Industries. I am both proud and excited  to be apart of changing the way people learn. Thank You Dr Paul Wildman your incredible foresight and wisdom has produced a diamond in the crown of Biochar Industries.

Biochar Industries will announce shortly the first Biochar Learning Circle event which will be based in and around the Tweed Shire NSW Australia.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke