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Fun things to do whilst you wait for a biochar project.

fun at biochar project

August the 1st was D-Day for the Biochar Project / Biochar Industries commercial Adam retort first real firing. If you have been following our progress you will know all about the problems we have had to surmount and the perceived pressure it has created.  Biochar Project So what do the folks at Biochar Industries do on […]

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Biochar production as promised 1st August 2011. Adam retort.

Biochar production started today at Kunghur

Biochar production started today on schedule (just like I told everyone). If you have not guessed as yet here is a quick rundown. 1. We are removing the dead fallen trees and the left behind stumps from the 1960’s sawmilling hey days 2. We are removing weeds and the thinnings from plantation forests. 3. We […]

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New Technology have a look at this folks. Biochar Industries


Wow the rain is so good it has allowed me time to surf the Internet and find some fantastic new technology for biochar production. Have a look at this website It is Biochar.info and it features a shiny biochar kiln / biochar reactor. I do like the word REACTOR it makes me feel high tech. […]

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Biochar Industries is Go… Thanks to the Thunderbirds.

Today is the day Biochar Industries headquarters has come online. Yes the long awaited Internet where no other Internet can access has been installed and right now I am multitasking – Writing a post whilst talking to our metal engineer on Skype about plans for a new Biochar Kiln. Here is a picture of our […]

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