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United Nations Millenium Awarded to biochar project

United Nations Millenium Award 2011/2012 goes to Biochar Project

United Nations Millenium Award

Hey have you heard the news? It is not very often the newspapers and television studios beat my blog in bring you our latest achievements but this time they did.

I have been so busy with everything biochar that this is the first chance I have had to write about our excellent achievement.

So you know biochar project is about biochar and you know biochar Industries is about setting up sustainable biochar industries but did you know when we say we are going to do the job we do it right?

United Nations Millenium Award Website

United Nations Millenium Awarded to biochar project

United Nations Millenium Awarded to biochar project

So right in fact that we have taken out the United Nations Millenium Award 2011 / 2012 Australian node. This award is for our work in creating a new (P)edagogy (or underlying structure for learning) for the sustainable biochar industries we are busy setting up.

I believe if you make learning fun and passionate you will get fabulous people and they will get enjoyment from work and become more creative. Its true I can prove it. So without further ado

Here is the text from the Awards Letter I received on behalf of the biochar project / Castle on the hill / Science art research centre and Gaea Films.


Charmaster Dolph Cooke

Version Control V4:PW 31-08-2011

Millennium Project ~
Global Futures Studies & Research

Australian Node
Node Awards Committee
PO 73 Northgate Brisbane 4013


Award Letter

Dear Mr Cooke,

This letter is to indicate that your* Biochar Project with its components (Biochar Development group, Biochar Action Learning Circles and Biochar Adult and Community Learning engagement inc. Community Learning Centre – Castle on the Hill and Gaia Films with source Biochar text author Paul Taylor as resource) has been awarded the Millennium Project Australasian Node Award 2011-2012.


The aim of the award is to recognise genuinely future oriented organisations that embrace the Millennium Project’s (MP) Global Challenges (GC) and engage in innovative projects to address multiple key GC’s while facilitating the work of the Australian node. Key criteria for selection for the award are whole of organisation commitment to the principal intergenerational and inclusive focus of the MP as well as addressing largely or in part the relevant 15 GC’s (see list and explanation below).  Recipients can be individuals, organisations or groups.  Please see below for details of the Millennium Project and its aims and a detailed list of the 15 Global Challenges.  In your submission, as the chair of this initiative, you have detailed the links between the Biochar Action Learning Circles and the MP’s 15 Global Challenges (see below), in particular Global Challenges re. sustainability (GC1), clean water (GC2), and in part sustainable energy (GC13) and ethical markets (GC7) are included and addressed in your project (these links are detailed below).  Each year between 1-3 awards are granted Australia wide.


The Biochar Action Learning Circles Project includes, the Biochar Project as auspice Dolph Cooke and Gillian Tubbs, Biochar Action Learning Circles – Action Learning Circle Manual ~ Kids and Adults Learning – Paul and Annette Wildman, the Biochar Revolution – Learning Circle resource book ~ Paul and Renate Taylor, Gaia Films – documentary on the launch of the Learning Circles ~ Paul Tait and Jenny Kendell Gaia Films, Learning Centre of the Science Art Research Centre – site for the filming of the documentary and promotion of the Learning Circles ~ Irene Brown and Robert Pope.


On behalf of the Node Chair Anita Kelleher and the node awards committee I congratulate you on your group’s achieving the 20011-12 Millennium Project Australasian Node award of recognition.


Dr. Paul Wildman paul@kalgrove.com
Chair Millennium Project Node Awards Committee http://www.millennium-project.org/

* Contact: spokesperson  and chair Mr Dolph Cooke  http://biocharproject.org/education-2/biochar-action-learning-circle/ ;  http://biocharproject.org/ ; http://biocharproject.org/community/community-learning-centre/  ; http://biocharproject.org/community/biochar-learning-circles/ ; http://biocharproject.org/experiments/  ; http://biochar-books.com/The_Biochar_Revolution  dolph@biocharproject.org  ; see also: http://www.kal.net.au/portal/ (Kids and Adults Learning) & http://www.kalgrove.com/adultlearning/ ;  http://www.science-art.com.au/ & http://www.science-art.com.au/events.html ; gaiafilm@linearg.com


Backgrounding The Millennium Project: www.stateofthefuture.org   The MP was founded in 1996 after a three-year feasibility study.  Originally it was sponsored by the United Nations University, Smithsonian Institution, Futures Group International, & the American Council for the UNU. It is now an independent non-profit global participatory futures research think tank of futurists, scholars, business planners, & policy makers who work for international organizations, governments, corporations, NGOs, & universities. The Millennium Project manages a coherent & cumulative process that collects & assesses judgments from over 2,500 people since the beginning of the project selected by its 33 Nodes around the world. The work is distilled in its annual ‘State of the Future’, ‘Futures Research Methodology’ series, & special studies.

The Project was initiated by the Smithsonian Institution, The Futures Group International, and the United Nations University (UNU). It was created through a three-year feasibility study funded by the U.S. EPA, UNDP, and UNESCO, in which participated over 200 futurists and scholars from about 50 countries. Phase 1 of the feasibility study began in 1992 with funding from U.S. EPA to identify and link futurists and scholars around the world to create the initial design of the Project and conduct a first test on population and environmental issues. In 1993/94 during Phase II, a series of reports were created on futures research methodology and long-range issues important to Africa, funded by UNDP. Phase III, conducted in 1994/95 under the auspices of the UNU/WIDER and funded by UNESCO concluded with the final feasibility study report. Today, the Project accomplishes its mandate by connecting individuals and institutions around the world to collaborate on research to address important global challenges (also please see the list below).  Since 1996, about 2,500 futurists, scholars, decision makers, and business planners from over 50 countries contributed with their views to the Millennium Project research.

The project is not a one-time study of the future, but provides an on-going capacity as a geographically and institutionally dispersed think tank.  It was selected among the 100 Best Practices by UN Habitat, among best 7 foresight organizations by US Office of Energy, eleven of the thirteen annual State of the Future reports were selected by Future Survey as among the year’s best books on the future, and the international journal Technological Forecasting & Social Change dedicates several entire issues to the annual State of the Future Report.

The challenges are aimed at Governmental and organisational decision makers so relevant actions are also included.  They have been identified by some 2000 futurists worldwide using a Delphi technique and indicate a non prioritised list of critical some 15 Global Challenges that need to be addressed by 2045. See http://www.millennium-project.org/millennium/challeng.html and www.stateofthefuture.org
GC 1: How can sustainable development be achieved for all?
GC 2: How can everyone have sufficient fresh water without conflict?
GC 3: How can global population and resources be brought into balance?
GC 4: How can genuine democracy emerge from authoritarian regimes?
GC 5: How can policy making be made more sensitive to global long-term perspectives?
GC 6: How can the global convergence of information and communications technologies work for everyone?
GC 7: How can ethical market economies be encouraged to help reduce the gap between rich and poor?
GC 8: How can the threat of new and re-emerging diseases and immune micro-organisms be reduced?
GC 9: How can the capacity to decide be improved as the nature of work and institutions change
GC 10: How can shared values and new security strategies reduce ethnic conflicts, terrorism, and the use of weapons of mass destruction
GC 11: How can the changing status of women help improve the human condition?
GC 12: How can trans-national organised crime networks be stopped from becoming more powerful and sophisticated global enterprises?
GC 13: How can energy demands be met safely and efficiently?
GC 14: How can scientific and technological breakthroughs be accelerated to improve the human condition?
GC 15: How can ethical considerations become more routinely incorporated into global decisions?

From your submission I note the alignment of the Biochar Project Community Learning and outreach project and the Millennium Projects Global Challenges: In particular the project seeks to engage Global Challenges Nos1 (GC1) – Sustainable Development inc. carbon sequestration, and to a lesser extent in seeking to establish right livelihood small businesses around Biochar as part of the economic base of the Northern Rivers Region NSW it also engages GC7 (Ethical Market Economies).  Further the Biochar project also is experimenting with Biochar as a water filter for helping to provide clean water, GC2 (Sufficient Clean Water) the Biochar can then be 100% recycled as fertilizer for one’s garden – it’s even like having a coral reef in one’s garden – as the Biochar harbours positive microbes etc.  which surrounding bugs etc. feed on much like a coral reef, & if undertaken properly Biochar can even help provide some energy GC13 (Sustainable Energy).

The Biochar Project: www.biocharproject.org  is a living evolving resource with the sole purpose of enlightening people to the exciting future of Biochar & its beneficial environmental potential. It is one family’s journey to discover themselves & the beautiful land they were born in with the sole intention of sharing this wonderful discovery that is Biological charcoal.

Their passion for this ancient technology will see them gain many new friends who all have the common good of the planet as a special bond with each other as we teach learn and do many new things.

This journey is about living and as a reader of the website you will learn so many things about Biochar, man, nature. You will feel excited and will want to be part of the action. I implore you to look us up now and become part of our journey, send us your questions and answers and help us help the world with Biochar.

Biochar Action Learning Circles: And in undertaking Learning Circles [see Wildman (2011)], and public Not For Profit public addresses [see Wildman (2011), Taylor, Wildman and Cooke (2011) and Taylor (2010)], the Biochar Project helps embed these responses to the Global Problematique through Biochar in a small local democratic system that aims to improve the human condition through applied scientific and technological breakthroughs (GC14, GC4 Improving the Human Condition, The Emergence of Democracy).

Taylor, P., Ed. (2010). The Biochar Revolution: Transforming Agriculture and Environment. Victoria – Australia: Global Publishing Group. 364pgs.

Taylor, P., Wildman, P. and D. Cooke. (2011). Biochar Seminar: Workshop and Lectures.  Paul Taylor: Describes and demonstrates fully the process of creating quality Biochar and its agriculture and planetary benefits.  Paul Wildman follows and contextualised Dr. Taylors first address viz. PW’s address ‘Designing a resilient Community Economy Incorporating Biochar’. Dolph Cooke speaks on Australian Biochar Industries within Paul W’s address.  Uki, Castle on the Hill Learning Centre – Science Art Research Centre. 3hrs- DVD – presentation 03-04-2011. Gaia Films.

Wildman, P. (2011). BioChar Action Learning Circles: toward a future Nature can live with. Action Learning Circles based on Paul Taylor’s The BioChar Revolution book (2010). P. Wildman. Brisbane: The Kalgrove Institute, with Topic Guides – 40pgs.

The Biochar Revolution: http://biochar-books.com/The_Biochar_Revolution  Black is the new Green…… Resource Text.

The Learning Centre – Science Art Research Centre: http://www.science-art.com.au/ and http://www.science-art.com.au/events.html

Gaia Films was set up in 1985 by two experienced film makers Jeni Kendell and Paul Tait with the resolution to only produce product that would further the overall benefit of the Planet and its people.

To this end GF has produced many films that have presented the worldwide plight of rainforest and indigenous peoples and also ethnographic film of our own unique community of Nimbin. In the last 25 years Gaia Films has won many international and Australian documentary and cinematography awards, and in particular a Human Rights Australia award for ‘Blowpipes and Bulldozers’ about the Penan people of Borneo. At present the group is producing a film that examines Australian Government policy around the Aboriginal Stolen Children which discusses the charge of genocide that some people consider this policy to have promoted.  GF also has documented many cutting edge presentations including Biochar, quantum physics, alternative medicine and agriculture.  Many of these presentations have been filmed in conjunction with the Castle on the Hill Learning Centre at Uki.

NB: the project nomination came from the Node Chair Anita Kellehur.  Dr. Wildman was not part of the Award submission group from the Biochar project.  Further Dr. Wildman notified the Awards committee of the potential conflict of interest.  Certainly there is a synergy of interest in this regard.

Charmaster Dolph with free microscope

Biochar plus permaculture removing the fear.

Biochar plus permaculture removing the fear of lack or install abundance.
Yes folks another esoteric post from the charmaster with the most.

Biochar plus permaculture

Biochar Plus Permaculture

Watch this short clip of Permaculture’s Geoff Lawnton talking about Fear and abundance. I also watched this just the other night.

Last night I asked the universe for a market tent so that I can embark on a show and tell trip around my local area. This morning I got a message saying I have one you can have for $50.00 but you have to come and get it.

market tent for biochar

market tent for biochar

Great I thought. Off I went to Jiggi to pick it up and when I got there the lady said I would like you to have it for free. WOW. I said Yes, we had a chat and I found out they liked biochar plus permaculture.

Fear and Abundance

So since we was only a few kilometers out of Lismore we decided to spend our new found savings with a day of retail therapy. I also got a really neat biochar crusher from Aldi stainless steel for $20.00 more on that later.

On the way home we stopped in to pixies house to pick up a sound card for a friends computer. I got the sound card for free and they liked my post about biochar under the microscope so much they loaned me a microscope that connects to a computer so I can have some scientific fun.

Charmaster Dolph with free microscope

Charmaster Dolph with free microscope

Fear and abundance. Biochar plus permaculture.

But wait there is more when pixies husband came home we found out he is an expert in the fields of compressed gas / welding / printing and getting the best deals of the internet so pretty soon all our needs were met.

I got a magnificent deal on a new chainsaw and a lot of answers to my computer problems. In the very near future I can feel we will be working on a way to get woodgas for fuel. So off we went home in the rain.

Next big surprise is peter was waiting at home for us and he had brought down the great big john deere tractor to build swails for us. Well the kettle went on and we had a big chat telling him of all the free and great stuff we got.

Have a look at this photo biochar industries have been given a great big boost in our biochar plus permaculture division. Peter could not let us finish a great day of abundance without giving the Pièce de résistance. A plant nursery setup – Oh yeah and a great free dinner

Thanks everyone thanks Universe and See you all bright and early tomorrow with a new post

Charmaster Dolph

biochar crush charcoal grind biochar project

How to crush charcoal into biochar is the question

How to crush charcoal into biochar? This is a question I get asked a lot and today I have another peice of the puzzle for you. How to crush charcoal into biochar in commercial quantities.

biochar crush discovery look what I found

biochar crush discovery look what I found

Lets start back in the days when I first learned about biochar. I will admit that this is not the first thing that you retain after a biochar demonstration. Usually it how to light the fire or how to make a simple retort.  I am guilty of having charcoal chuncks the size of a golf ball in my first biochar test plot. I did not learn until much later that size does matter.

One expert in biochar told me that 1 cm square of charcoal has the same surface area as a football field and it would take the precious microbe all its life to travel from one side to the other.

charcoal grinding wheels this baby is heavy

charcoal grinding wheels this baby is heavy

Another expert told me that biochar should be charcoal smaller than 2 mm so the worms can swallow it. Wow what to believe? So I purchased a microscope and spent a bit of time researching for myself.

The conclusion Size does matter the smaller the better. Most of my charcoal comes out big really big so this brings us back to the question once again.

biochar crush fliped over biochar project kunghur

biochar crush fliped over biochar project kunghur

How to crush charcoal into biochar?

Well I can tell you the ways that do not work so well and then introduce you to my newest project.

Mulchers / Chippers / Lawn mowers all have problems with uniformity. Grinders / mortar and pestle / smashing devices all have problems with quantities. Without spending too much cash there must be a way to do it easily.

Anyone out there with the answer please comment and let us know. Remember it has to be as cheap as possible.

My bush mechanic training has served me well and for this project I used these concepts. Repair / Rescue / Reuse / Refashion and Rebuild.

It all happened 2 days ago as I was taking a shortcut to the local shops on my postie bike through the property. As I began to break for the big hill I saw something out the corner of my eye and thought I better have a look. My brain said do not do it the shop will be closed in 30 mins.

So I went back and had a look and discovered what I thought was the perfect charcoal crushing device. I still made it to the shops on time.

Today I spent 2 hours resuing it from the clutches of the bush and depositing it out front of the biochar Industries Head Quarters.

biochar crush charcoal grind biochar project

biochar crush charcoal grind biochar project

New Project while the mercury retrograde is on? Says my Astrologist. Of course not I say you will just have to wait 10 days before i start a new project. Have a sneak preview and try and work out what i am about to do.

Charmaster Dolph


Update: Have a look at our newer posts on grinding char here.

fun at biochar project

Fun things to do whilst you wait for a biochar project.

August the 1st was D-Day for the Biochar Project / Biochar Industries commercial Adam retort first real firing. If you have been following our progress you will know all about the problems we have had to surmount and the perceived pressure it has created.

 Biochar Project

picture of a really bent kiln lid

Trials and tribulations

So what do the folks at Biochar Industries do on the day before D-Day?


It all started with the uneventful erection of the shed.

No shed today

No shed today

We are not often beat on projects but this time our equippment and our ingenuity could not resolve the issue.

How to lift a 3 ton telegraph pole 5 meters in the air with a tractor that can reach only 4 meters. Believe me the thought of chainsawing the logs down to 4 meters crossed my mind.

So after several attempts we settled for a Tarp :)

Quittin Time !!! Lets do something fun as tomorrow is going to be WORK Work work.

fun at biochar project

fun at biochar project

Lets make a Biochar Guardian and we will call him Jack. Lets look around in true biochar project fashion and reuse whatever we can.

Pumpkin wow what a nice pumpkin who wants to make a head?

From out of the shed comes “I have found a body…”

Someone else says “I have the stuffing”. Here are old boots lets get to work and create Jack o Char… The Scare Crow.

So we told jokes and made Jack because the day was to splendid to waste. Its not often we can just chill out and get creative but I really loved the whole experience.

Here’s to a full crop of vegetables this year. Oh and one really important lesson we learnt from our mate Jack was “You have to slow down and smell the roses” Live is the journey not the destination.

Some words of wisdom from Charmaster Dolph “Biochar is not Terra Pretta”.

biochar kiln adam retort holly cow pat

biochar kiln report at biochar industries. Kunghur NSW

Biochar kiln report is a continuation from this story. So if your new to this website read it first to give you some background.

Once upon a time their was a charmaster who liked to experiment with fire. He found himself settled in an idyllic situation where he could work with fire and create biochar. One day however things went pear shaped.

yesterday we ignited the Adam retort biochar kiln and took some temperature samples below is a table showing how it was going.

TimePlugChimney 2Chimney 1Lidfirebox

Well the trouble began when the First shift went for dinner. The second shift started getting false readings from the IR temp scanner and by the time the first shift came back the scanner was no longer being coherent.

Aha it was a flat battery oh well we will seal up the

Adam Retort biochar kiln

and try again tomorrow no biggie. So we set about putting out the fire and sealing the firebox then we sealed each chimney and went of to bed.

biochar kiln adam retort holly cow pat

biochar kiln adam retort look at the lid holly cow pat

The next morning I awoke in horror to the sound of “Holy Cow Pats” look at the kiln lid it is WRONG. I ran down to see what was going on and nearly fell over.

The kiln had ignited all by itself sometime during the night and the intense heat had bent the lid open so it could continue to operate as a big pit fire. Holy cow pats batman.

So the team was assembled and we went to work on battening down the hatches and trying to work out what had went wrong.

biochar kiln battening down the hatches

biochar kiln battening down the hatches

Check out these pictures of the Adams retort biochar kiln blowing its lid fellow scientists and send me your thoughts or comment on this post and together we can work out a fix.

Bending the lid

Bending the lid

I will continue this report on the adam retort biochar kiln in the next post as I like to keep them short and sweet so I don’t loose your attention.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke



Biochar production started today at Kunghur

Biochar production as promised 1st August 2011. Adam retort.

Biochar production started today at Kunghur

Biochar production started today at Kunghur

Biochar production

started today on schedule (just like I told everyone). If you have not guessed as yet here is a quick rundown.

1. We are removing the dead fallen trees and the left behind stumps from the 1960’s sawmilling hey days

2. We are removing weeds and the thinnings from plantation forests.

3. We are turning the lot into biochar through biochar production.

4. We are creating an education centre

5. We are creating a Sustainable Biochar Industry Pilot.

6. We are doing  all sorts of scientific trials and plots

7. We are creating sustainable living systems.

Here are the photos to give you a feel for what we are doing. Lots of Photos so enjoy. Biochar production now a reality in Kunghur.

Started to do some results until the batteries went flat in the IR scanner so we called it a night. Results will be added next post.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke

Nature our saviour

Biochar Action Learning Circle Another world first.

World First Biochar action learning circle happened in Blue Knob Hall just outside of Nimbin, NSW Australia on Saturday 23rd of July 2011. This successful event marks a mile stone  in the development of biochar industries and learning.

Blue Knob Hall Biochar Action Learning Circle world first.

Blue Knob Hall Biochar Action Learning Circle world first.

The Blue Knob Hall is no stranger to hosting special events and leading the community in sustainable practices. They have a farmers market every saturday with a special community knowledge talk to empower folks.  If you look closely in the above photo you will see sustainable concepts in practice. Solar Panels, Compost toilets, Multi purpose building etc. Its no surprise as  Nimbin the closest town has been on the cutting edge of sustainabillity since the word was invented in 1972. 😛

Dr Paul Wildman Explains Biochar Learning Circle

Dr Paul Wildman Explains Biochar Learning Circle

Dr Paul Wildman PhD, The main developer of

Biochar Action Learning Circle

has been working with the circles concept for well over 15 years.He is involved in a circle that is still running for over 10 years this year.

Circle learning has been happening for as long as mankind has been around, from ancient tribes right up to today’s highly educated scholars. In Australia however this intrinsically important concept has been erased from our society by the one size fits all Edumickation system.

explaining biochar action learning circle

explaining biochar action learning circle

According to a recent study, statistics show, that joining a meaningful group that meets just once a month produces the same happiness gain as doubling your income.

(New York Times David Brookes March 29 2010)
Source == Pgs8, 32, 168  from Friedman, H. and L. Martin (2011). The Longevity Project: Surprising Discoveries for Health and Long Life from the Landmark Eight-Decade Study. London – printed in the US, Hudson Street Press.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke of Biochar Industries said ” by unleashing peoples potential for learning and making learning curves a thing of the past, people from all walks of life can now enjoy rapid knowledge expansion coupled with the joy of brotherhood”.

Charmaster Dolph pointed out that like everything to be sustainable Biochar has to be done right starting local i.e. low temp charcoal + from dead or purpose grown trees, off- cuts by council in clearing for roads and power-lines, domestic tree trimming and so forth.  Not munching or wood-chipping up old growth forests etc. Plus Biochar can come from all sources even people, cane toads etc.

Biochar also releases gasses that can drive a vehicle and heat that can be used to heat another retort so its efficiency multiplies – Amazon Indians millennia ago developed the multiple retort idea (they would build it on a hill with the gasses moving upwards.  Tim Flannery considers Biochar to be almost a ‘magic pudding’.   Further Biochar has enormous benefits in the agricultural industry and lasts for centuries if not more – this is hugely more efficient than use of the current crop of agro-petro-fertilizers.

So Biochar has multiple uses (from carbon sequestration, to heat source, to fuel source, to fertilizer and so forth)  that indigenous peoples have recognised for millennia inc. the Australian Aboriginal and as such we have much to learn from following their sustainability practices.

1st Biochar action learning circle

1st Biochar action learning circle

To try and explain how Biochar Action Learning Circles work would be an enormous task something a kin to trying to explain how a human mind works.
however I can tell you how it does not work and perhaps from this glimpse you could start to comprehend why it is so easy and so successful.

Biochar Action Learning Circles Do not.
Lecture /  Preach / Force / Reward / Punish / Fear / Compete / Expect / Require / Stress / Mark / Compare / Assess / Control.

It took me a long time to try and figure out just how it works and I was really not getting anywhere until I decided to not try and analyse it and just Do it.

Then the magic happened. Its all about Process rather than content. Lets say Process makes up 90% and Content makes up 10% Biochar Action Learning circles makes use of all the wonderful computing power that the homoSapien Mind has on offer then times that by up to 10.

Nature our saviour

To get more of an idea on Biochar Action Learning Circles and how you can use the Action learning circles in your chosen field of experience go to BLAC hosted on Biocharproject.org or ring the creator Dr Paul Wildman on 0412027818 or Skype phwildman.

The most impressive thing I have ever seen was at the end of the Circle when the group was asked who would like to continue to keep the group going all seven hands went straight up. That’s a 100% result folks.

Proof to me the world is surely changing for the better.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke

A pic of the book biochar revolution

biochar learning circle debut. World first.

Biochar Learning Circle World’s first.

A biochar learning circle will be held on Saturday the 2nd of July 2011. We are looking for a central venue between Murwillumbah and Nimbin Northern NSW.

Stay tuned for the venue.

biochar Learning Circle logo

Learning Circles logo

Biochar Learning Circles has been created by Dr Paul Wildman, PhD. Extensive practical concepts compiled by Charmaster Dolph Cooke.

With text from the Australian Biochar Book by Dr Paul Taylor, PhD.

This scientifically tested method of learning will be the fastest way for you to integrate biochar and its benefits into your body of knowledge.

Learning circles go for a period of 6 – 12 weeks  with meetings weekly or fortnightly. This depends on the participants.

This very first Biochar Learning Circle will be offered at a discounted rate. $70.00 for the Book,DVD’s, Learning circle guide booklet, the facilitator.
$10.00 each time we meet to cover hall / facilitator travel etc.

What you get.

The Biochar Learning Circles manual booklet.

A dvd of Geoff Moxham’s last public workshop.

A dvd of the latest biochar workshop at Uki.

The Biochar Revolution Book.

Access to Biochar Industries Biochar education centre Kunghur.

Biochar learning circles facilitators Paul Wildman and Dolph Cooke.

At each session you will be integrating knowledge at your own speed. You will have the chance to ask questions / give advice / share insights with other like minded people. The friendly atmosphere and the life experience of the other participants will help you quickly comprehend what biochar is all about.

From beginner to world expert there are huge learning benefits for everyone.

Biochar is being hailed the world over for its many extraordinary benefits.
Climate change, Waste management, Alternative fuels, Agricultural inputs and many other cutting edge environmental aspects.

Please email your intentions to attend to dolph@biocharproject.org subject Biochar Learning Circles 1st event.

Biochar Industries Kunghur NSW is dedicated to making education easily accessible to everyone. Through our unique sustainable and holistic approach.
Our goal is to let the truth be known on all aspects of our Industry and to use education as a tool to better our planet.


Biochar, Science, PhD and all that jazz.

Biochar Industries is making news all over the world. From a humble beginning of one man’s personal vision for the future here is an example of what one man one dream can obtain.

Biochar beginning with Geoff Moxam as Mentor (The spark of Biochar Creation)

Biochar Industries idea with 3000 acres.

Biochar production ideas with many scientists an Australian first.

Biochar education initiative with biochar learning circles.

Biochar’s link to Plutonic Fullerene Chemistry via charmaster Dolph Cooke of Biochar Industries.

Biochar PhD students requesting ideas from Biochar Industries

Wow the list is starting to look like an over achievers score pad. Seriously folks this is what one man can do when he incorporates concepts such as truth, honesty, integrity, creativity and love.

You can do it. Forget about helping yourself just help others and you will be richly rewarded in ways that are far more fulfilling than you had imagined.

Charmaster  Dolph Cooke

Koby the angel

Adam Retort Biochar update report. Kunghur

Hey Folks, Check this out : ) The biochar project Adam retort 1st Australian biochar kiln ever made has finally been completed.
Boy this lid was extremely well made and heavy.

Adam retort biochar kiln lid by Peter Neilson for biochar industries

Adam retort biochar kiln lid by Peter Neilson for biochar industries

A very big thank you to Organic Farmer Peter Neilson of Federal for creating a masterpiece to crown our project with.

Biochar adam retort builder Peter Neilson for biochar industries Kunghur

Biochar adam retort Lid builder Peter Neilson for biochar industries Kunghur

What a sensational day nature put on her best dress and gave us a beautiful winter-sun day to help us get this project finished.

koby sally peter paul and daniel at biochar industries

koby sally peter paul and daniel at biochar industries

Some really funny jokes were told today while everyone made fun of everyone else. We started at 10am and finished at 4pm with no lunch.

The lid for the adam retort biochar kiln arives via Jeep

The lid for the adam retort biochar kiln arives via Jeep

I had made an amazing connection with Koby and started a beautiful friendship in fact this was the highlight of my day.

Koby the angel

Koby the angel

So what a great day I had seeing my oldest project come to completion and sharing my veggies with someone who appreciates nature as much as I do.

peter helping out big time on the adam retort biochar project

peter helping out big time on the adam retort biochar project

Can’t wait to fire her up (I mean the Adam retort :P) but I guess that will be another post. Peter, Koby and I graffiti-ed the new cement we just made like kids in a lolly shop we couldn’t wait to sign our names.

koby sally peter paul and daniel at biochar industries

koby sally peter paul and daniel at biochar industries

Paul was teaching us all about the Adam retort and peter was really taking it all in.

paul teaching peter about adam retort biochar project

paul teaching peter about adam retort biochar project

Daniel showed me how to make concrete and cement correctly and peter had fabulous ideas that we ended up going with talk about a brainy fella.

The dogs wombat and sally were having fun playing with each other and we all worked very well together.

charmaster dolph hamming it up biochar

charmaster dolph hamming it up biochar

Koby was on assignment creating a documentary about biochar and had an idea she would video me. All was going great until I tried to recount my dream of a biochar Industry and the link I share with Geoff Moxam. I got all emotional. Every time I think about helping the earth and mankind I get so passionate I loose my composure. I am glad only Koby saw me cry I’m sure the boys would of hassled the heck out of me.

Thank You wonderful team and thank you Universe you are providing me with everything I have ever wanted in such a magical way.

Charmaster Dolph (I am so really happy)Cooke
Adam Retort Biochar Kiln Completed May 2011.