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biochar Holland or bust. Spreading the word biochar

Biochar Holland or bust with Thaila

Biochar Holland or bust. This is the second time now that Biochar Industries and Biochar Project has had International visitors from Holland. Since they are very skilled at agriculture. I feel great pride that they would come half way around the world to see what Charmaster Dolph is up to. Our latest visitors were from […]

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Biology of Biochar – hands on workshop at biochar industries Kunghur

Biology of Biochar 4.5.13 (15)-800

Biology of Biochar is a workshop with a difference hosted by Charmaster Dolph Cooke at Biochar Industries Kunghur on May the 4th 2013. Latest flyer can be found here UPDATE: Graeme Sait will present his new TeD Talk Humus saves the world. We now have 52 Rsvped. So don’t you miss out!!!  hurry and RSVP.  […]

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Biochar practical day now a reality at Biochar Industries Kunghur

Biochar Practical day

Biochar Practical days at Biochar Industries  Kunghur. By now you must of heard about the magic of Biochar. The Black carbon wonder that is turning waste resources into agricultural nirvana. The man made key to correcting the current global warming issue. Plus many more awesome feats. Biochar practical days will introduce you to the technologies […]

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Farm scale biochar. Taking on farm biochar making to a new level.

The split wood pile before

Farm scale biochar ? How about low tech farm scale biochar ? Better still low cost low tech easy to use farm scale biochar ? Well folks you read it here first. Biochar Industries charmaster Dolph Cooke has created yet another low cost low tech farm scaled setup and here is a pictorial to ease […]

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Adam retort biochar kiln community firing at biochar project

picture ontop of the fire box with the words biochar industries written in cement

Adam Retort community kiln firing 29th of Feb 2012 report. Captured partly on video and temperatures were recorded so folks can see what was going on. I will try and be as neutral as possible in my critique of the days event. : ) An Introduction to the Adam retort. The Adam retort community biochar […]

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Biochar or not to Biochar that is the Question


Biochar me for the missleading headline I am a bit rusty. I have been very busy indeed. Also I have a new camera : ) Here is the Gos. December through to Feburauy the 8th I have been engaged in bringing the project “Biochar Industries” to fruition and setting up the projects for this year […]

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biochar highlights 2011 the year at Biochar Project

Biochar master Dolph Cooke

Biochar highlights 2011. The year at Biochar Project. Some might call him a maverick, others a genius, but Northern Rivers identity Dolph Cooke is passionate about sustainable living and biochar—and in the last 12 months has shown that he is a man of action. Some (but by no means all) of his achievements in the […]

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Biochar Industries – What is it ?

A photo of Geoff Moxham Biochar Guru

Biochar Industries is the first large scale project that biocharproject.org ever undertook and it is about time I shared with you my thoughts and dreams for this concept. Biochar Industries History. At the end of 2010 I was becoming more and more passionate about how biochar can fix many problems. However like my mentor Geoff […]

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hill of abundance update Biochar industries project

hill of abundance bush doctor at biochar industries

Hill of abundance update. Its only been a day but I am so excited with how our biochar industries project is coming along. Today a few different people dropped by and we had a crack at finishing the first of our garden huts. Here are last weeks progress photos on the garden huts. Charmaster Dolph […]

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Biochar Industries Project Hill of Abundance

The hill of abundance

Biochar Industries announced today the date for its first official project. The Hill of Abundance. Saturday 15th of October 2011. Biochar Industries is a new community cooperative industry based on integrity. “We will be the first of our kind in the known world, we will achieve what others can not” says Charmaster Dolph Cooke Founder […]

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