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Biochar Holland or bust with Thaila

biochar Holland or bust. Spreading the word biochar

Biochar Holland or bust. This is the second time now that Biochar Industries and Biochar Project has had International visitors from Holland. Since they are very skilled at agriculture. I feel great pride that they would come half way around the world to see what Charmaster Dolph is up to.

Our latest visitors were from the south of Holland in a part that almost touches three borders of other countries within 5 minutes drive. They had come to Australia seeking to learn more about permaculture. They contacted me and asked if they could learn about Biochar. Naturally I said yes.

So they came and stayed with me for a twelve day intensive into Biochar, Permaculture and forestry.

I took them through many long days of hard work. I taught them the entire routine that I use personally to create barefoot biochar. I also broke it up with more long days of lemon myrtle distillation. I am a firm believer that if you do it you will learn much more than if you watch it or hear it.

Here are some photos we took whilst our guests from Holland created biochar.

Biochar Holland.

Biochar Holland or bust with Thaila

Thaila our biochar trainee wearing the traditional cloth of the Charmaster. BLACK

Thaila working hard in the Biochar area

A short Video of the Biochar Industries area showing both Frank and Thaila performing a Moxham Burn in the rain.
Biochar Holland lets go.


Charmaster Dolph Cooke also has a hidden link to Holland via Australia. Can you guess what it is ?

Holland !!!! Here we come Biochar Industries Yaaaahhhh

Late last year we were also visited by some High ranking Dutch officials. We had The Australian Dutch Consulate general and the Dutch Minister for Trade. Apparently the Trade minister was in Australia looking at Agricultural innovations. He asked to have his slate cleared so he could travel to Kunghur and visit Biochar industries.

Later after talking with them both. I found out that 5 or the many operations he had visited on his mission were talking highly of our Barefoot biochar and how it has improved their business. He just had to come and see for himself. Biochar Holland or Bust.

Holland officials looking at Biochar

I gave them both a great tour and a fascinating insight into biochar Industries. I also gave them both a 2 litre bag of Barefoot Biochar. Found on our website. Biochar for sale. As they had restrictions on the load they could carry back on the plane. Yes folks after all these years I am still spreading the word about Biochar.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke.

Biology of Biochar 4.5.13 (15)-800

Biology of Biochar – hands on workshop at biochar industries Kunghur

Biology of Biochar

is a workshop with a difference hosted by Charmaster Dolph Cooke at Biochar Industries Kunghur on May the 4th 2013. Latest flyer can be found here

Graeme Sait will present his new TeD Talk Humus saves the world.

We now have 52 Rsvped. So don’t you miss out!!!  hurry and RSVP. 


Do you know what Biochar is ?

Do you know how to make it ?

If not Join us on Saturday the 4th of May 2013 for “The Biology of Biochar”

A free and highly entertaining day of Practical and technical learning for the whole family.

Biocharproject.org will be hosting a day of discovery at the Biochar Industries site in Kunghur.

You will learn about how Biochar can reduce the cost of running your farm.

You will discover the secret of Terra Pretta and learn something most scientist don’t even understand.

Get your hands dirty and understand why Biochar is the “peoples tool”  as we create biochar live on the day. See how its many different talents can be used by anyone.

See just how important biochar can be for you.

Also we have industry experts teaching you about Biological Farming techniques the next big thing in Agriculture.

Find out what the Tweed Shire Council is doing to help farmers create food security in our region.

Morning Tea and Lunch will be catered for and everyone who gets hands on with making biochar gets to take home a Free 10kg Bag of fine grade Biochar. So don’t just think about it become part of the solution.

Bring work clothes , Gloves, Notepad and pen, Write down all your questions and ask Charmaster Dolph Cooke on the day to explain to you in plain English what you really want to know.

9.30am till 2.30pm or later Interstate guests are welcome to come up anytime prior and camp on the hill of abundance.


Biology of Biochar program

Title: biology of biochar
Starts 9.30 finished 2.30

Biochar Industries Kyogle Road Kunghur
Follow Big Yellow signs from opposite the Mebbin Springs Estate.

9.30 Meet and Greet sign in etc

9.45 Introduction and Housekeeping

9.50 Biochar Basics a informal structured talk by!
Charmaster Dolph Cooke

10.20 Q & A

10.30 Practical demonstration of the TLUD Biochar unit and the Moxham farm scale unit designed by Dolph Cooke for third world, campers, gardeners and Farmers.

10.45 Walk to the top of the Hill of abundance for Morning Tea.

11.15 Walk down through the Community Sustainable weeds out carbon in project.

11.30 A talk by Hugh Lovel from Quantum Agriculture entitled “We are all carbon based life forms”

12.30 Biochar Industries processing area A demo of what we do to get your Biochar Ready.

12.45 pm Lunch

1.30 pm A talk By Shabari Bird entitled “Ferment your weeds for fertiliser, herbicides and pesticides”.

2.30 on wards Questions from the Presenters and folks can go home.

Please RSVP for this Free Event so we can have sufficient wholesome food for everyone.


Email dolph@biocharproject.org with the subject RSVP Biology of Biochar.


Biology of biochar with charmaster Dolph Cooke and the moxham

How to find Biochar Industries.

Click here : )

Graeme Sait will present his new TeD Talk Humus saves the world.



Biochar Practical day

Biochar practical day now a reality at Biochar Industries Kunghur

Biochar Practical days at Biochar Industries  Kunghur.

By now you must of heard about the magic of Biochar. The Black carbon wonder that is turning waste resources into agricultural nirvana. The man made key to correcting the current global warming issue. Plus many more awesome feats.

Biochar Practical day

Biochar practical days will introduce you to the technologies that are single handedly removing pollution from third world countries.

Well enough of the paper work are you ready to backup your learning with practical applications ?

Introducing Biochar Projects community biochar practical days. The day is Wednesday and it will be every week until the end of March that is when I will review it.

Thanks to Biochar Industries, they have devoted 1 day a week to allow guests to get hands on with all the activities they do in a normal day. Biochar practical is the way to really understand whats going on with carbon.

Lets look at what Biochar practical concepts you will be learning ?

Correct chainsaw handling.
Log processing equipment.
Truck and crane operation.
Biochar unit supervision.
Bobcat operation.
Tractor operation.
Manual labor tasks.
Weighing and using big scales.
Filling bulki bags with Biochar.
Setting up scientific trials.
Applying Biochar to real agricultural plots.
Conditioning Biochar.
Unloading and quenching Biochar from the Moxham unit.
Impromptu in depth discussions on all sorts of topics.

Biochar Practical day.

All the while you get to interact with people of various disciplines and different levels of understanding on the subject of biochar. This alone will drive your knowledge and wisdom to new heights.

But wait there is more the bush mechanics learning circles will be interactively used in a fun way to allow you to gain credits in becoming a Char-master. Yes you heard it right we are offering a char-masters apprenticeship to anyone who makes the grade.

Also these biochar practical days act as credits for those farmers wanting to use the community kilns on their own land. Once we deem your competent we can allow you to take home one of our many Moxham.

To register your interest email dolph@biocharproject.org

There is camping available for out of town guests. Everyone should bring their own food refreshments work and safety wear . The community kitchen has sinks and a gas stove (No electricity).

No limits on how long you camp and if you like you can wwoof look for us on helpx.

Come casually or come every week. Spread the word Biochar.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke
Bush Mechanic


The split wood pile before

Farm scale biochar. Taking on farm biochar making to a new level.

Farm scale biochar ? How about low tech farm scale biochar ? Better still low cost low tech easy to use farm scale biochar ?

The Moxham farm scale biochar maker

Well folks you read it here first. Biochar Industries charmaster Dolph Cooke has created yet another low cost low tech farm scaled setup and here is a pictorial to ease you into your own biochar adventure.

Loading the Moxham biochar maker

Biochar Industries was initially setup to create benchmarks of sustainability in this new and exciting industry that is emerging. However I have come to realise something that my mentor used to preach.  Biochar for everyone for free now that’s a tall order.

Showing the Menshed Men Biochar

Biochar has been referred to as a mitigating factor in climate change, It has also been hailed as a miracle soil amendment now that its becoming a household word greedy folks want to get rich off of it and this is just driving the price out of the reach for most farmers. Here is where we step in –

Telling the Menshed men Biochar secrets for farm scale biochar

Farm scale biochar low cost low tech.

I have called this simple method “The Moxham” after my late mentor Geoff Moxham who set my soul ablaze with Biochar in 2009 at the castle on the hill UKI Australia.

Half Full and blazing- the moxham by Biochar Industries

Lets look at the pictures and match a commentary to the captions. Right at the top of the page we have photo 1. Simple low tech and relatively affordable the “Moxham” a carbon steel pipe.
20mm thick a diameter of 190 centermeters and standing on its end a height of 165cm.

Price $800.00 delivered from Brisbane.

Picture 2 Many friends make light work. The men of the menshed rally around to help me fill the “Moxham” Farm scale biochar unit. Its fun as well as beneficial to those with a heavy heart.

The gap between the earth and the Moxham

Picture Number 3
Break time a technique we use to allow the fire to fully engulf the loaded wood and rise-up and burn all escaping volatiles. We also use it to eat drink and be merry.

Picture 4
Charmaster Dolph imparting trade secrets to wise old school men of the menshed.

SMoke declares the Moxham is choking so we stopped adding wood

Picture 5.
Half full and blazing with some extra long wood on top to be burnt in half and put in shows the versatility of the farm scale biochar unit.

Picture 6.
A shot of the “Moxham” meeting the earth this has to be smothered with sand during the close down stage.

Smokeless opperation of the Moxham-

Picture 7.
Show what happens when you overload the unit with wood. Smoke everyone soon notices they have over done it. Charmaster Dolph then used advanced fire techniques to quickly remove excess smoke and make the fire roar clean again within minutes.

Picture 8.
This is how we roll Smokeless High temp big flames the awesomeness of nature.

Night time bonfire pleasure with the moxham-

Picture 9.
Above the Moxham biochar farm scale unit was lit at 11am and extinguished at 11pm.
During the night it was so pleasant to be able to watch the flames and ponder our existence.

Picture 10.
This is how we know exactly how much wood to put into the “Moxham”  easy effective and low cost. Simplicity at its best.


The split wood pile before

Another awesome day in Biochar paradise.


I wish you all the best over the holiday period. Drop in I will be working my little cake off.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke


picture ontop of the fire box with the words biochar industries written in cement

Adam retort biochar kiln community firing at biochar project

Adam Retort community kiln firing 29th of Feb 2012 report.

Captured partly on video and temperatures were recorded so folks can see what was going on. I will try and be as neutral as possible in my critique of the days event. : )

An Introduction to the Adam retort.

The Adam retort community biochar kiln project idea was created from the wishes of the late Geoff Moxham (Australia’s Grand Daddy of Biochar). He once won a Grant to create such a project and you can view his grant here.

This is the second time this Adam retort biochar retort has been fired properly. See the first report here.

The Adam retort Biochar kiln is a technology better suited for the third world as it takes a lot of man hours to fill / Unload / maintain the fire / Build.

However it is a great tool to learn about retorts on.

Our goal at biochar project is to create biochar as friendly to the environment as we can get it. This includes using waste biomass instead of living trees and making sure it is atmosphere friendly in relation to emissions, and of course that we make sure the charcoal produced is destined for the earth and soils rather that as fuel.

Apparently the Adam retort biochar kiln we have is not created exactly to the plans that Adam released it has been modified somewhat by Paul Taylor a man who has edited a book on biochar who lives local to us. I have never seen the plans that Paul worked off in their entirety however I was shown glimpses of it during the construction period.

The kiln works by separating the wood to be charred from the wood that is burnt as fuel. The charbox sat on top of a maze like chamber who’s job is to distribute the heat evenly.
Sort of like having a pot of water sitting on top of a fire. However once the box of char starts releasing gas you can easily direct the gas into the fire to create a perpetual fire until the gas is all removed.

This is supposed to reduce emissions and lessen the amount of wood used as fuel.

Lets see how we went.

The day started at 9 am we erected a deflection device above the chimney.

The fire was lit and the paper work was readied.

We checked the temperatures at intervals to get an idea of what is going on.

We did not weigh the amount of wood inside the box nor did we weigh the amount of wood we burnt as fuel. Much to Uncle bucks Horror :(

Here are the Times and Temps from the Community Adam retort firing.

Looking inside the Adam retort firebox

Fire Box

Time /Temp

9.42 am 488
10.00 am 648
10.20 am 597
11.00 am 704
11.20 am 714
11.40 am 717
12.00 pm 709
12.20 pm 783
12.40 pm 748
1.00 pm 644
1.20 pm 773

picture ontop of the fire box with the words biochar industries written in cement

On top of the fire box

1.40 pm 822
2.00 pm 665
2.20 pm 637
3.00 pm 708
3.50 pm 681
4.49 pm 638.5
5.40 pm 656
9.00 pm 649
10.30 pm 828
2.00 am 736


Top of Box Time/ Temp .c

The face of biochar


9.42 am 76
10.00 am 75
10.20 am 73

showing the steel lid on the adam retort

Adam retort lid

11.00 am 95
11.20 am 98
11.40 am 127
12.00 pm 155
12.20 pm 166
12.40 pm 180
1.00 pm 187
1.20 pm 188
1.40 pm 207
2.00 pm 232
2.20 pm 231
3.00 pm 225
3.50 pm 190
4.49 pm 222
5.40 pm 220
9.00 pm 212
10.30 pm 204
2.00 am 200

LID Time / Temp .c

9.42 am 72
10.00 am 58
10.20 am 52
11.00 am 47
11.20 am 51

11.40 am 57
12.00 pm 62

the inspection hole of the community adam retort

Inspection hole looks inside the retort

12.20 pm 59

a pic of a brick chimney at biocharproject in kunghur

The 1st Chimney

12.40 pm 58
1.00 pm 62
1.20 pm 62
1.40 pm 65
2.00 pm 67
2.20 pm 70
3.00 pm 74
3.50 pm 64.5
4.49 pm 81.6
5.40 pm 65
9.00 pm 63
10.30 pm 74.9
2.00 am 84.7

1st Chimney
Time / Temp.c

9.42 am 34
10.00 am 34
10.20 am 33
11.00 am 36
11.20 am 38
11.40 am 42
12.00 pm 45
12.20 pm 39
12.40 pm 40
1.00 pm 45

a flue on the adam retort vent box

second chimney

1.20 pm 45
1.40 pm 44
2.00 pm 45
2.20 pm 51
3.00 pm 50
3.50 pm 49
4.49 pm 61.3
5.40 pm 43
9.00 pm 43.9

10.30 pm 53.2

2.00 am 56.9

Inside the box

Time Temp
9.42 am 45
10.00 am 48

Inside the box afterwards

10.20 am 50
11.00 am 65
11.20 am 70
11.40 am 87
12.00 pm 78
12.20 pm 101
12.40 pm 101
1.00 pm 110
1.20 pm 110
1.40 pm 111
2.00 pm 118
2.20 pm 122
3.00 pm 151
3.50 pm 151
4.49 pm 171
5.40 pm 169
7.00 pm 165
8.00 pm 212
9.00 pm 220
10.30 pm 230
2.00 am 239
4.00 am 253

2nd Chimney Time / Temp .c

9.42 am 35
10.00 am 37
10.20 am 36
11.00 am 37

the end wall on the retort

Stone Wall

11.20 am 39
11.40 am 41
12.00 pm 55
12.20 pm 53
12.40 pm 57
1.00 pm 61
1.20 pm 56
1.40 pm 56
2.00 pm 60
2.20 pm 68
3.00 pm 66.1
3.50 pm 61
4.49 pm 3.3
5.40 pm 61
9.00 pm 63.3
10.30 pm 75.3
2.00 am 66.5


Time  / Temp .c

9.42 am 28
10.00 am 30
10.20 am 29
11.00 am 31
11.20 am 33
11.40 am 36
12.00 pm 36
12.20 pm 30
12.40 pm 36
1.00 pm 36
1.20 pm 35
1.40 pm 37
2.00 pm 40
2.20 pm 42.7
3.00 pm 42
3.50 pm 35
4.49 pm 49.8
5.40 pm 52
9.00 pm 39.2
10.30 pm 53.3
2.00 am 49.7

Sorry for the crazy formatting you get that :)


It took over 19 hours to reach the hottest temp 253c which is far to cold for good biochar and far to long to be manning a kiln for any country.

The kiln did not enter exothermic condition and consumed a lot of heating wood.
The kiln did not cool down overnight as suggested and took 4 days until we finally put it out with water.

In my honest opinion I feel that this kiln in its current state is not suited to making biochar.

On the upside it was a great learning exercise and it brings the community together for like minded fun. Feel free to ask questions.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke

P.s A few good comment recieved have shown us some problem area with our version of the kiln Mainly sealing the retort from sucking air
we will try again on Thursday (Community Kiln Day) keeping this advice in mind. Thankyou Charfolks : )


Biochar or not to Biochar that is the Question

Biochar me for the missleading headline I am a bit rusty. I have been very busy indeed. Also I have a new camera : )

Here is the Gos.

December through to Feburauy the 8th I have been engaged in bringing the project “Biochar Industries” to fruition and setting up the projects for this year 2012.

I have completed all the paper work includeing 3 new Government Grants to help put Biochar on the map in Australia.

I am now working on the grant I won last year called Community Sustainable weeds out carbon in Project. I have several farms to test and a documentory to make and the most fun part is creating a mobile community kiln.

So I recieved a great email from Flow Force Technologies who happen to build mobile retorts and I am starting to investigate thier “Series 1, Model 250MG Batch  Carboniser”

BATCH CARBONISER Series 1, Model 250MG Product Brochure _d.

Here is a link to thier blog with a nice photo.

BATCH CARBONISER Series 1, Model 250MG

I was also given a set of plans for another kind of quick char concept. I have until 2013 to make up my mind thou 😛

But you all know I can’t wait that long I want to be out at demo days doing and talking biochar so come on folks give me a hand. If you have a great biochar design and you think it would work good for a mobile community biochar unit then send me the info and lets get this going good.

Also if you have anything profound you would like to get into our Movie send me an email with the details.

Thursday sees the first community group taking advantage of the Adam retort Biochar Community kiln in Kunghur. I will be taking footage and will bring you  a great update as soon as it happen.

Thats it for the update I am sure I left heaps out but you can always email me or comment on this post.

Char – u – Later

Charmaster Dolph Cooke

Biochar master Dolph Cooke

biochar highlights 2011 the year at Biochar Project

Biochar highlights 2011. The year at Biochar Project.

Some might call him a maverick, others a genius, but Northern Rivers identity Dolph Cooke is passionate about sustainable living and biochar—and in the last 12 months has shown that he is a man of action. Some (but by no means all) of his achievements in the last 12 months include:

Biochar master Dolph Cooke

Maverick or Genius ?

Biochar Highlights from Biochar project kunghur 2011

With this groundwork in place, 2012 looks even more action-packed. If you want to get involved or know what’s going on, log in to http://biocharproject.org/news and get on to the mailing list.

Sustainable living and social responsibility are the hot issues for 2012, and Dolph is a hands-on trail-blazer with a knack for turning big ideas into practical reality. Watch this man!

Biochar Highlights brought to you by the letters D and B and the number 1


A photo of Geoff Moxham Biochar Guru

Biochar Industries – What is it ?

Biochar Industries is the first large scale project that biocharproject.org ever undertook and it is about time I shared with you my thoughts and dreams for this concept.

Biochar Industries History.

At the end of 2010 I was becoming more and more passionate about how biochar can fix many problems. However like my mentor Geoff Moxham RIP I was becoming overwhelmed with the magnitude of my calling in life.

A photo of Geoff Moxham Biochar Guru

My Mentor the late Geoff Moxham

One day out in the garden after reading the ringing cedars of Russia series. I caught a glimpse of how effective  just one person can be toward helping  the planet .

You see until then and as evident on my website here. I thought I had to teach mankind why biochar is so good at many things.

Lets face it one person (me) teaching many people, who teach thousands of people, who in turn  teach the whole of civilisation how to make free and good biochar. Yeah this was indeed overwhelming.

One Person Me

The Biochar Industries Glimpse.

I still can not explain what it was that I glimpsed on that faithful day however I can tell you how far this glimpse has grown into reality.

The gist of that vision was ” Your thoughts are back to front” Why try and heal mankind when there are so many? Why not focus on healing Mother Earth as she is only one ?

Mother Earth, Gaia, Planet Earth, Mother Nature, World, Planet, Home whatever you call her there is no doubting we have seriously harmed her and need to show her we are the image of god she sees us as.

Biochar in the Image of our makers

Biochar in the Image of our makers

After much searching and many conversations with venerable folks, My idea started to gain shape. I still need to ride on the shoulders of my mentor and his mentors by pushing their barrow to its ultimate destination.(Link Here to Geoff’s Grant) I also needed to make my own way through this passage to a better life. This is how the Biochar Industries started.

What is Biochar Industries?

A sustainable Industry based upon biochar and its many connections with our Earth. To justly give you an overview of Biochar Industries would be to ask you to stay focuses for far too long (Most folks can’t focus more than 10 minutes) However I will list you our Goals and mini projects under the umbrella of Biochar Industries under Biochar Project.

1. To repair Mother Earth and to shout it from the roof tops.

2.Create a sustainable industry that is a community collaborative to achieve the acceptance of biochar world wide.

3. To make this industry practical and reachable by any person on earth.

4. To elevate anyone who uses sustainable biochar with our help and support.

5. Finally to elevate the welfare of all those who embrace this one of a kind man made solution to repair our home.

Mini Projects of Biochar Industries.

1. Hill of abundance food security for 500 families.

2.Community Kiln.

community kiln

community kiln

3. Community sustainable weeds out carbon in Project.

4. Biochar the Movie

5. A sustainable community based on Artisans and Anastasia.

So I remember watching a baseball film about an old baseball farmer who built a baseball diamond on his farm. He kept saying If I build it they will come. I get the same maddening thought running through my mind every time I work , talk or think about biochar. Thank You Geoff I hear you load and clear.

So we are now at the end of 2011 and what are the results?

1. I have exclusive use of 3000 acres of trees that need sustainable nurturing and thinning.

2. I have Biochar Industries situated on a zoned heavy Industry site.

3. I have more plant than I can poke a stick at.

4. I have more opportunities than I can poke a stick at.

5. I still have my Integrity. I have learnt a lot from the old paradigm.

6. I belong to a wonderful community.

7. I now have Gravitas both Government and private.

8. I am getting the folks I really need to carry this project off.

9. I have no where near the pressure I once was under.

10. I have more knowledge than I could of dreamed of about Biochar.

Good friends and Community

My health is improving everyday.

Here’s to Biochar
Here’s to the champions who use it.
Here’s to mother Earth.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke
Char Story Master.


hill of abundance bush doctor at biochar industries

hill of abundance update Biochar industries project

Hill of abundance update.

Its only been a day but I am so excited with how our biochar industries project is coming along. Today a few different people dropped by and we had a crack at finishing the first of our garden huts.

Here are last weeks progress photos on the garden huts.

charmaster Dolph making concrete for the footings of the garden huts

Making concrete for the garden hut footings

Charmaster Dolph Cooke learning many new skills as part of his Bush Mechanics training. Doing is the new skill and I am really enjoying doing.

 hut footings1

Charmaster Dolph Bush Doctor peter and James doing the footings

We mesured out the footings then dug them out with a manual post hole digger.
Then added the steel saddles and lined them up just right before pooring in the concrete.

footings done

footings done

Permaculture is one of the technologies we are using at Biochar Industries

poles going up

poles going up

Well all that was Last week on the hill of abundance. Now keep scrolling for todays progress.

The Hill of Abundance

hill of abundance hut 1 start

hill of abundance hut 1 start

The bush doctor dropped down early today and he had brought a friend with him. Bulli is his name and this guy has just cycled halfway across china to come to the hill of abundance. He is our furthest guest so far originally he is from Holland.

hill of abundance floors in

hill of abundance floors in


hill of abundance tractor ride with circus clown charmaster Dolph

tractor ride with circus clown charmaster Dolph

Here I am going for a tractor ride luckily we are 5 kilometers deep in the forest no pesky O H and S whistleblowers to be found anywhere. Seriously kids don’t try this at home.

hill of abundance roof struts on biochar Industries

 roof struts on biochar Industries

Above shows the roof poles in place. Not a particularily hard feat but very good looking. With all our non skills the roof was slanting in justr the right direction for us to collect water at the back away from the sunlight.

hill of abundance bush doctor at biochar industries

 bush doctor at biochar industries

So far this project has cost a little over $100.00. At Biochar Industries our new paradigm thinking is setting some pretty exciting benchmarks.

The Bush Doctor and the Charmaster and all the bush mechanics say R.

Reuse / Repair / Refashion / Retrieve / Reinvent / Replenish / Recapture before Recycle. Sustainable means geting the same or more energy out of a system.

See you next Update

Charmaster Dolph Cooke
Biochar Industries
Biochar Project


The hill of abundance

Biochar Industries Project Hill of Abundance

Biochar Industries announced today the date for its first official project.

The Hill of Abundance. Saturday 15th of October 2011.

Biochar Industries

is a new community cooperative industry based on integrity. “We will be the first of our kind in the known world, we will achieve what others can not” says Charmaster Dolph Cooke Founder of the Idea.

There is a shift towards the new paradigm and this is my attempt to try and work wholly within it. The concept is simple we take an emerging technology and share it with the community fairly. We work hard to make ourselves the leaders of the new technology and the universe does the rest.

The technology is Biochar and it is looking like it holds the answers to a lot of our planets problems. The structure is community cooperation and this looks like it holds the answer to other problems humanity struggles with.

Together technology + structure = New paradigm success.

Our first project is designed to passionate and alert those in the community who are already working towards fixing the planet to this new idea and a place they can call home.

The hill of abundance

The hill of abundance Biochar Industries

The hill of abundance is a 2 hectare hill right next to the Biochar Industries Headquarters deep in the Mebbin plantation in Kunghur. The plantation is home to biochar industries who’s job is to clean the forest from pests and slowly help this monoculture forest to revert back to a native forest full of diversity.

The project is to make an abundant food forest to feed all of the folks who would like to give the community industry a go. It doubles to serve as a food security plan for the communities in the northern river in case of a future problem.

I am looking forward to the 15th of October 2011 when we can all converge on this wonderful reserve and co create a wondrous abundant garden together.

Please see our facebook event

Charmaster Dolph Cooke