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This image is a Tlud Biochar Cooking Stove with Biochar Industries forest in the back ground

Tlud biochar stove for sale at Biochar Industries

Tlud biochar stove for sale…. What is it I hear you say.

T l u d

is an acronym for Top Lit Up Draught meaning you lite it at the top and the air is sucked up through the fire. Fantastic device that is light and will work with all woods great survival tool . The best feature of this Tlud is when the flames go out you then have biochar. All you have to do is drop the embers on the ground and spray some water on them so they don’t continue to burn.

This particular model was imported from India and has a very nice finish and somehow I ended up with some to sell so I wanted to let my readers know first before I start selling them at stores and markets.

I have made video instructions and uploaded it to youtube so you can see how easy it is.

This image is a Tlud Biochar Cooking Stove with Biochar Industries forest in the back ground

Here she is a good looking unit biochar stove on tripod

I will point out the various pieces to it  so you can have a better idea of this stove.

If you would like to own one of these great stoves please click here

You can come and see this stove in action at :

my workshop in Byangum

World Environment day 2011 Murwillumbah

Woodford Folk Festival


Charmaster Dolph Cooke




Happy 1st Birthday Biocharproject.org D.o.B 12th April 2010

What a fabulous year it has been here at biocharproject.org can you believe it 356 days of eating, sleeping, working, thinking, dreaming, doing, promoting, selling, educating, creating, learning Biochar.

PHEWWW usually birthdays are for celebrating and do tell me what parent would forget their one year olds birthday ?

/raises hand (Sheepishly) Yep I admit  forgot it Completely forgot it but thankfully the greedy money hungry oligarchy of elites did not forget and gave me a good 12 hours of downtime to make me remember next year. Oh thank you the benevolent illuminate for caring 😛

So I have to make it up to you all especially my beautiful precious (Strokes ring) and I have just the perfect thing… The other night like midnight I get a link through the email to a video on making biochar.

I downloaded it went to bed and watched it for breakfast. OMG this is what I have been looking for I am SOOOOO going to make it and video it for all to see



Charmaster Dolph

a picture of discarded wood at biochar industries kunghur education centre for biochar

New moon effects on Biochar Industries look like this… :)

Here is one for the closet psychoanalyst in you. We down here in the forest are starting to become one with nature. Example we like to plant our seeds for our veggies and fruit gardens by the moon calendar. We also like to think we are more than just this meat suit we wear each day.

We also like to make new moon intentions and watch as they become fulfilled at the next full moon. Normally quiet simple concepts however one of our team members is a full blown astrologist with a deep understanding of spiritual concepts and she was quite amazed with my last new moon intention.

I usually do a whole bunch of intentions but this last Sunday I only wrote one out.

“I intend to complete my projects this month” while she was studying her astrology guides she made the discovery that even thou I have no idea about astrology my Intention fitted perfectly with how the current new moon was supposed to be.

A mercury retrograde was happening which is not a good time for new projects and I felt it somehow and magically went with the flow.

So here is how it looks like when the new moon effects Biochar Industries.

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Biochar Industries Project – Adam Retort Biochar Kiln

Hello Biocharians or should I say fellow inhabitants of this wonderful planet ? Yes it is true Biochar Industries is now taking on more projects so bookmark this website and keep looking for updates. www.biocharproject.org or www.biocharindustries.com here is a progress report on project Adam retort.

Paul looking at foundations for the Adam retort that are half done

Paul looking at foundations for the Adam retort that are half done down at BiocharIndustries Kunghur education centre

This project started out as a Bush mechanics exemplar project from one of Biochar Industries team members but has quickly become a many hands make light work type of a project.

Foundations cemented but to our horor where not good enough

Foundations cemented but to our horor where not good enough

For more information on the fantastic learning system we have here at Biochar Industries please look at this web site http://www.kalgrove.com/adultlearning/ also if you have a project or a scientific trial you would like to get started please email me at dolph@biocharproject.org and we will see what we can do.

Enjoy the photos and the captions of Biochar Industries Project – Adam Retort Biochar Kiln.

Looking from North to south

Looking from North to south

Stay Tuned more photos to come

Charmaster Dolph

The adam retort biochar making kiln was selected for its abillity to make charcoal out of all kinds of wood sizes. Here at Biochar Industries we are going to put it through its paces and write a full report so other biocharians can learn critical information to help them select the right technology for thier needs. We are also making the charcoal available for purchase.

For more information about our Biochar for sale please send emails with subject to Biochar Industries re Biochar for sale. to me dolph@biocharproject.org

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Janet the Revitaliser Bring life back to Trees

A discussion occurred at the Biochar Industries Community information night that saw input from farmers, charmasters and scientists working towards a common goal.

The question that started this amazing event was:

“Can Biochar help with flooding and the trees that were affected by the rains ?”

Well we had many ideas, stories and suggestions, with the winner being “We really do not know if it can help.”

So Janet the champion gardener and the owner of a tree that got its roots destroyed by waterlogging and subsequently died, decided to do a trial to see if she could revive the tree.

This post is the start of this trial.
Biochar Industries supplied the Biochar
Janet supplied the labour and the tree.

Stay tuned as we await more updates from Janet and finally Bust this Myth.
Can Biochar bring back to life dead trees ? : )

Free publicity NIMBIN style…. :) Thank you.

The super switched on folks at the NIMBIN GOOD TIMES the local Paper in Nimbin. Have found out all about what we are doing in Kunghur and put us in the prime position in the environmental section.

The first I knew of it was when a friend said “Hey your Famous you made it in the Good Times” Wow I was blown away. Thank you NIMBIN.

click to enlarge

Charmaster Dolph

BIOCHAR is now Available 1kg up to 100 Tonnes Thanks to Biocharproject

What a fabulous headline and here are the pictures to proove it.

BFA = Biochar for All Yaaaawh (Thanks Matty)

I am entering phase 2 and would like everyone on the planet to use biochar once they are educated enough. Its not rocket science thats why even I can teach you about it. So now I have access to vast quantities of biochar and am willing to divide it up to suit your needs. So please tell all your friends and get them to tell all thier friends as well. My goal in this venture is to Make you happy make me happy and most importantly make mother nature happy so come on help spead the word.

Charmaster Dolph