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Tlud biochar stove for sale at Biochar Industries

Tlud biochar stove for sale…. What is it I hear you say. Well T l u d is an acronym for Top Lit Up Draught meaning you lite it at the top and the air is sucked up through the fire. Fantastic device that is light and will work with all woods great survival tool […]

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Happy 1st Birthday Biocharproject.org D.o.B 12th April 2010

What a fabulous year it has been here at biocharproject.org can you believe it 356 days of eating, sleeping, working, thinking, dreaming, doing, promoting, selling, educating, creating, learning Biochar. PHEWWW usually birthdays are for celebrating and do tell me what parent would forget their one year olds birthday ? /raises hand (Sheepishly) Yep I admitĀ  […]

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New moon effects on Biochar Industries look like this… :)

Here is one for the closet psychoanalyst in you. We down here in the forest are starting to become one with nature. Example we like to plant our seeds for our veggies and fruit gardens by the moon calendar. We also like to think we are more than just this meat suit we wear each […]

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