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Do you want to be a Charmaster ?

Biochar charmaster on the saw

Charmaster, The master of Biochar and how do you become one. This post will explain what Charmaster Dolph Cooke has taken five years to develop so you may quickly skip the mistakes and learn the core needed to form the planetary help party. Charmaster is a word like no other. “Charmaster” denotes a master craftsmen. […]

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Biochar Tlud called Stumpy Australian biochar project kunghur

Charmaster Dolph Cooke Creator of the Stumpy

Biochar Tlud called Stumpy from Australia. Last week I went to the Labrador men’s shed to help work out the finishing tweaks for a project I started last year. I have decided to call her “Stumpy” the tlud. Biochar Tlud Stumpy What’s so special about Biochar Tlud stumpy you ask ? She is special on […]

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