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hill of abundance bush doctor at biochar industries

hill of abundance update Biochar industries project

Hill of abundance update.

Its only been a day but I am so excited with how our biochar industries project is coming along. Today a few different people dropped by and we had a crack at finishing the first of our garden huts.

Here are last weeks progress photos on the garden huts.

charmaster Dolph making concrete for the footings of the garden huts

Making concrete for the garden hut footings

Charmaster Dolph Cooke learning many new skills as part of his Bush Mechanics training. Doing is the new skill and I am really enjoying doing.

 hut footings1

Charmaster Dolph Bush Doctor peter and James doing the footings

We mesured out the footings then dug them out with a manual post hole digger.
Then added the steel saddles and lined them up just right before pooring in the concrete.

footings done

footings done

Permaculture is one of the technologies we are using at Biochar Industries

poles going up

poles going up

Well all that was Last week on the hill of abundance. Now keep scrolling for todays progress.

The Hill of Abundance

hill of abundance hut 1 start

hill of abundance hut 1 start

The bush doctor dropped down early today and he had brought a friend with him. Bulli is his name and this guy has just cycled halfway across china to come to the hill of abundance. He is our furthest guest so far originally he is from Holland.

hill of abundance floors in

hill of abundance floors in


hill of abundance tractor ride with circus clown charmaster Dolph

tractor ride with circus clown charmaster Dolph

Here I am going for a tractor ride luckily we are 5 kilometers deep in the forest no pesky O H and S whistleblowers to be found anywhere. Seriously kids don’t try this at home.

hill of abundance roof struts on biochar Industries

 roof struts on biochar Industries

Above shows the roof poles in place. Not a particularily hard feat but very good looking. With all our non skills the roof was slanting in justr the right direction for us to collect water at the back away from the sunlight.

hill of abundance bush doctor at biochar industries

 bush doctor at biochar industries

So far this project has cost a little over $100.00. At Biochar Industries our new paradigm thinking is setting some pretty exciting benchmarks.

The Bush Doctor and the Charmaster and all the bush mechanics say R.

Reuse / Repair / Refashion / Retrieve / Reinvent / Replenish / Recapture before Recycle. Sustainable means geting the same or more energy out of a system.

See you next Update

Charmaster Dolph Cooke
Biochar Industries
Biochar Project


Charmaster Dolph with free microscope

Biochar plus permaculture removing the fear.

Biochar plus permaculture removing the fear of lack or install abundance.
Yes folks another esoteric post from the charmaster with the most.

Biochar plus permaculture

Biochar Plus Permaculture

Watch this short clip of Permaculture’s Geoff Lawnton talking about Fear and abundance. I also watched this just the other night.

Last night I asked the universe for a market tent so that I can embark on a show and tell trip around my local area. This morning I got a message saying I have one you can have for $50.00 but you have to come and get it.

market tent for biochar

market tent for biochar

Great I thought. Off I went to Jiggi to pick it up and when I got there the lady said I would like you to have it for free. WOW. I said Yes, we had a chat and I found out they liked biochar plus permaculture.

Fear and Abundance

So since we was only a few kilometers out of Lismore we decided to spend our new found savings with a day of retail therapy. I also got a really neat biochar crusher from Aldi stainless steel for $20.00 more on that later.

On the way home we stopped in to pixies house to pick up a sound card for a friends computer. I got the sound card for free and they liked my post about biochar under the microscope so much they loaned me a microscope that connects to a computer so I can have some scientific fun.

Charmaster Dolph with free microscope

Charmaster Dolph with free microscope

Fear and abundance. Biochar plus permaculture.

But wait there is more when pixies husband came home we found out he is an expert in the fields of compressed gas / welding / printing and getting the best deals of the internet so pretty soon all our needs were met.

I got a magnificent deal on a new chainsaw and a lot of answers to my computer problems. In the very near future I can feel we will be working on a way to get woodgas for fuel. So off we went home in the rain.

Next big surprise is peter was waiting at home for us and he had brought down the great big john deere tractor to build swails for us. Well the kettle went on and we had a big chat telling him of all the free and great stuff we got.

Have a look at this photo biochar industries have been given a great big boost in our biochar plus permaculture division. Peter could not let us finish a great day of abundance without giving the Pièce de résistance. A plant nursery setup – Oh yeah and a great free dinner

Thanks everyone thanks Universe and See you all bright and early tomorrow with a new post

Charmaster Dolph