Team Nassa organic inspectors say YES

Great Folks from the Organic certifing board. Note the cookies : ) Thanks Janet

About Charmaster

Male 45, Australian crazy about biochar. I love the feeling I get when I do something I thought I could not do. Intrests are :- Biochar, Bush Mechanics, Quantum Agriculture, Gardening, Composting, Alternative health through nature, helping others, Dreaming BIG then actioning those dreams.

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One Response to “Team Nassa organic inspectors say YES”

  1. Ziesha October 10, 2012 at 5:01 am #

    Hello, I like to publish enevyore’s comments so I do not get considered somewhat of a free speech blocker. My suggestions to make your obvious gripes more credible would be to sign your gripe with your real name so people can enquire with you for why you feel this way.Also as adults we should really not personally attack people we should send them Love. (My perfect world)I am a big believer in if someone is corrupt they should be routed out and I my self have routed out people without integrity in this so called race for biochar cash. The Adam retort seems to be one of those projects that attract people with no integrity.Speaking from experience as you can see with my 18 month old broken Adam retort I can not blame the retort designer for it. The so called Dr of No integrity who physically made it did not follow the instructions.However I can fairly lay the blame on the retort designer for his lack of participation in the project and I do concur with your statement about secretive manner as he has had a video I made and placed on Utube removed for copy right infringements.I will leave this comment up as a timely reminder for people who want to work without Integrity and who want to do Biochar for dollars. WAKE UP and care for your environment.Charmaster Dolph Cooke

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