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Menshed Men take up the challenge of biochar.

Explaining the stumpy-800

Menshed men are the next big thing in the front line of spreading the word about Biochar. Everyone remembers how I first got involved with the menshed right ? If not read here. Well on the 6th of April 2014 I traveled up to Nunda in Queensland to bring the men of the menshed first […]

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Official biochar project 2014

Official biochar project 2014 common unity biochar

The Official biochar project 2014 is  (Drum Roll) ………. (Wait for it)…….. Official biochar project 2014 is code named “Franchise”. I said in this biochar projects post last week that our projects are. Support Erich J Knight. Support Jimbo and his Australian Biochar company Black is Green (BiG). Create Gasification systems to run our small engines […]

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Organic grower chooses Biochar for his production Greenhouses.

Organic grower chooses Biochar to run in his greenhouses

Organic grower chooses Biochar for his production Greenhouses. Organic growers everywhere are waking up to the fact that you need more than just luck in agriculture to break even these days.  One successful local organic grower, who uses high tech green houses to control just about every aspect of his produce has recently switched on […]

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Holistic land management the Biochar Project way

holistic land management

Holistic land management is another carbon tool that I have been sharpening lately. Biochar / Soil Science / Quantum Agriculture / Organic methods / Biological farming / Biodynamic Farming / Bio Diesel production / Agroforestry / Holistic land management. My Nightcap forest utility tool belt is large. All the above, work flawlessly with Biochar to […]

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Biochar Industries Australia goes full carbon negative

Level 7 of Biochar Industries Australia earthship drying facility

Biochar industries Australia goes full carbon negative with another world first. Earthship biochar biomass drying facility being constructed within a stone’s throw from the biochar pyrolysis equipment down at biochar launchpad number one at Kunghur NSW Australia. After weeks of planning executives from Biochar Association of Australia, Biochar Project, Biochar Industries Australia, Tweed shire community […]

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Bush mechanic. Seeing the new in the Old.

Bush mechanics Wombat the carbon Dog

Bush mechanic project number 1 completed. Here is a run down on how it all panned out. I was approached by Dr Paul Wildman on behalf of the Nunda Lions club to use my bush mechanics skills to help the Men of Labrador’s MENSHED build a better stove for their aid project. So Wombat, Gillian […]

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Adam Retort Biochar Kiln Shed Just in time for summer.

Happy days are here again

Adam retort biochar kiln used to sit out in the weather and await its fate. Well it has been nine month’s since we started this project and at long last it is now complete. I think the main reason why nothing happened for a long time is the shed itself had chosen the builder it […]

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Biochar Industries Permaculture Hugelkultur Aquaponics Sustainabillity

Best cookies ever you are a champ

Biochar industries community collaboration hill of abundance project 2011. Biochar Industries Hill of Abundance update for the weekend of 15th and 16th October 2011. For those of you just joining us I will try and give you a succinct but short introduction to what we are up to down here in Biochar Industries Kunghur. A […]

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Stainless Steel TLUD Lunchbox-Retort Project


Stainless Steel TLUD Lunchbox-Retort Project In order to avoid the problems with burners and retorts rusting away quickly I want to build (or buy) a stainless steel biochar maker. Here is a description of my first attempt at it: The Lunchbox-retort. Stainless steel lunchboxes can be bought at camping stores for around AU$35.- and will […]

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How to crush charcoal into biochar is the question

biochar crush charcoal grind biochar project

How to crush charcoal into biochar? This is a question I get asked a lot and today I have another peice of the puzzle for you. How to crush charcoal into biochar in commercial quantities. Lets start back in the days when I first learned about biochar. I will admit that this is not the […]

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