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Biochar the movie. An Australian educational piece.

Biochar the movie is an Australian educational piece developed for farmers and gardeners alike to introduce the many benefits of Biochar. Biochar the movie has been filming since 2011. Biochar the movie has been made possible by many helpful and loyal individuals and organisations.

It started as a quest for documentation of the work of Charmaster Dolph Cooke. The Charmaster landed a grant in 2011 from the Australian federal government. The grant was from the Caring for our Country commitment and was to address carbon in and weeds out in a sustainable way.

This page will serve as a history for the movie and also a platform from where to launch when the time comes.

Have a quick glimpse of some of the footage.


Biochar the movie is Filmed and Directed by Gaia Films

Starring Charmaster Dolph Cooke and Wombat the carbon dog.

On location at Biochar Industries Australia

Due for release in the international year of the Soil. 2015

More to come…

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