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Tlud gassifier with awesome mods by Karl J. Frogner, PhD

biochar tlud gassifier Assembled 200 l TLUD

Tlud gassifier I love being a charmaster and I love having a website that people are happy to use. So to all you readers check this out… Introducing the UB 200 l  natural draft Tlud gassifier oven 2 July ‘11 Ulaanbaatar E, Dolph, aloha kaua- Just came upon your web page and thought you might like […]

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European legislation blocks delivery of sustainable waste-derived biochar for field trials


The current challenge The world faces a “perfect storm” of food, water and energy shortages. Food stocks are the lowest they’ve been in 50 years. John Beddington, chief scientific advisor to the UK Government, has stated that 50% more food, 50% more energy and 30% more water will be needed by 2030 to supply a […]

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Biochar coffee husks the biochar project way

charred coffee husks from the tlud

Biochar coffee husks is today’s learning curve project. I went to give a demonstration of the Tlud gassifier stoves and a bigger home made Johnny Rodger tlud to green mountain coffee in Northern NSW. It was a wet day and we had the luxury of a beautiful freshly roasted organic coffee to really get our […]

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Biochar Bath 2nd attempt…. Success down at Biochar Industries

John Rodgers Pirate Biochar Gasifier with 5 ft flame

Well if you have been tuned in to our quest for hot water down in the valley which we call Biochar Industries Headquarters you will be glad to know tonight we had success. Click here to see attempt number 1. After showing attempt number 1 to US expert on Biochar production and characterisation Dr Hugh […]

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Experiments are exciting when ? Biochar Industries

biochar industries picture of our washroom the problem is we have no hot water and its almost winter

Experiments are exciting when ? To answer the question of the headline. A. When they are fun filled, create a solution to a problem and yield BIOCHAR Check this out here is my latest experiment in picture format. (A picture is worth a thousand words) Charmaster Dolph Cooke  

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Real Biochar Scientific Data Biochar Industries region Mullumbimby

Bamboo biochar from Mullum

As part of the Mullumbimby Biochar pod I received the Real Biochar Scientific Data from Industry & Investment NSW Diagnostic and Analytical Services Environmental Laboratory, WOLLONGBAR  NSW  2477 The kiln used was the project 540 Rising Phoenix The char stock used was Camphor Laurel and Bamboo The Charmaster was Rameshwar. Biochar Project Australia ( and […]

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Building with biochar another biochar project test trial

dolph cooke of biochar industries adding biochar to concrete to test

Easter Monday / Anzac day special, Up early today to pay my respects when a funny thing happened. Energy I mean MENERGY more energy than a man has room for. So I set about doing a Biochar trial this one came to me last night while I was watching the garbage warrior a man who […]

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Biochar gasifier project results from first firing.

The johnny rogers biochar gasifier alight at biochar industries

Here is the latest info on the Biochar gasifier I found on YouTube the one that John Rogers created. Read previous post on this subject here. Firstly it cost $6.00 to build and approximately 2 hours. Next I loaded her up with wood chips which were 4 different kinds of hardwood gumtrees. Then I waited […]

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A trial to see if Biochar can enhance plant growth in a hydroponic environment


Dear viewers, I have a quick trial to share with you. Recently I presented at a biochar event in Uki at the castle on the hill as a speaker and within my presentation I displayed my  biochar project. Does Biochar enhance plant growth in a hydroponic environment ? You decide for yourself after seeing these […]

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Janet the Revitaliser Bring life back to Trees

Can Biochar bring back to life Dead Trees ? Read on and together we will discover over time the real answer.

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