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Biochar in my food!!-720

Poultry biochar trial Australia Dec 2014. Biochar Industries

Poultry biochar trial.

Poultry biochar trial. Australian Biochar Industries has commissioned another fascinating biochar trial in Dec 2014. Free ranged organic meat and egg birds. Our goal is to

1. Bring healthier nutrient dense products to our farmers market. (Eggs and Meat)

2.Through YOU the (reader / experimenter) to the rest of the world’s consciousness via anecdotal evidence.


1 cup of Biochar to 9 litre bucket of Bird food
We have always looked after our chickens well. We are certified organic A grade farm so no poisons or chemicals are within 24 Sq kilometers of our chickens. We allow the chickens to free range all year round. With exceptions to the Breeders who need to be segregated so the best off spring can be produced.

Biochar in my food!!-Poultry biochar trial
Our food is used only as a supplement. The chickens are encouraged to scratch and forage in the forest where we have abundance of goodies for them to eat. We use natural farming methods to augment their food supplements like sprouting and fermenting their grains with Lacto-bacillus.

However because we love biochar and there is so much evidence that biochar can bring dead chickens back to life.

(My mentors favorite story from the 1st Australian International biochar gathering). Link above text below.


From My Mentors website

4. Tsuyosi Hirokawa, a Japanese organic farmer of 25 years found his chickens ‘dead’ with coccidiosis, and threw his biochar on them in grief and frustration… and the next day they revived. An unintentionally hilarious presentation, which won the best award: “no, no… don’t laugh… not funny, really happened..”

At 28 days he now deliberately induces the disease and then fasts them, and feeds 100% char day one, then 75%, 50%, and then 1% continuously thereafter. His eggs are now premium at 250% x current price. Feeding a charcoal ration to cows, and pigs and ‘hoomans’ also works…no, no not funny true.



Biochar of course has many health benefits. We are looking for a value add that farmers may think “O ill give that a try”.

Breeding pen for egg layers-720

Quantum nutrition the final frontier. Mother nature is a complex system that we do not understand. I however understand that everything has a fundamental potential hard coded into the DNA. All around us we see the differences like.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – A physical expression of the higher end of the potential scale V’s a Melbourne cup winning Jockey.

Right there you can see the gestures but to dig deep to find out why is a monumental undertaking. This is some of the mystery that excites me to do another Poultry biochar trial.


Breeding pen for Meat Birds-720

A quick commentary of the Pictures.

Top picture. shows the steady hand of the Charmaster with a metric measuring cup of biochar made by biochar industries.
Second Picture. shows the fermented food with the biochar mixed in and a happy breeder chook.
Third Picture. shows our layer hens in the breeding cage with the food trial and also a bowl of 100% biochar for them to use. Fourth Picture. Shows our Meat Birds in the Breeder cage. Spawning a new generation of Biochar enhanced breeding lines.


Chook chook chook-Poultry biochar trial for chooks
Fifth Picture. Charmaster Dolph Cooke starting the Trial. Today 24-12-14 Merry Christmas Chookies.
Sixth Picture. Healthy food creates Healthy Chooks, they create nutrient dense products to create healthy people.
Seventh Picture. More chooks coming from the left look out: )

Good food equals good birds our Poultry biochar trial

We have in total around about 200 Chickens. The males get examined for characteristics which determines their end usage.
We have male chickens in chicken tractors harvesting the finished gardens in the hill of abundance. Female chickens run free range and get locked in coops at night. Female hybrids take to the trees and anything that can get them off the ground including our chicken caravan. All our chickens are taking part in this poultry biochar trial.
More chooks coming for the Poultry biochar trial

How are we going to tell if this trial works ?

Here is the big question because science still has no idea of what makes water work or for that matter what makes Biochar work. We are not scientists we are observers. We will observe their physical attributes. We will observe the produce (Eggs) for consistency, Taste, Smell, physical anomalies, mortality rates of the hatching’s and in the real world we will watch our sales and  ask our customers for feedback.

Please feel free to comment.


Charmaster Dolph Cooke

Industrial hemp biochar trial

Biochar Trial on Industrial Hemp. Kunghur NSW. 2014

Biochar trial on Industrial Hemp farm November 2014. Another fantastic Biochar workshop laid out more trials for the ever increasing knowledge base that is Biochar. This workshop was filled with folks that lived outside the box and this trial shows with their initiative.

The location is inside the hill of Abundance garden at Biochar Industries Kunghur NSW. This trial was setup so we can monitor the growth rate of Industrial Hemp Plants and is the first in the series of more than 12 more tests trials.

Biochar Trial on Industrial Hemp looking at the trial from the North.

What makes this so special ? The sheer volume of biochar added in one go to the trial beds. That’s what.

I will attempt to lay out the trials so you may see the variables in the plan and of course as you come back to visit you will be able to see the success.


Firstly we created pre conditioned biochar following the rules of the 5m’s of biochar enrichment set out in David Yarrows work 4 M’s of Biochar with Charmaster Dolph Cooke’s 5th M being adopted by David as well. We allowed this brew to absorb / Adsorb over a 1 week period.

Biochar trial on Industrial Hemp.

Industrial hemp biochar trial

The biochar was created in the Moxham unit at Biochar Industries by the previous workshop attendees. Charmaster Dolph Cooke Micronised the raw char via the brickette machine, then submerged it into different vats  of different sizes containing the Minerals and Moisture so that the Biochar could adsorb / Absorb as much as it could.

100 litres Biochar50 litres Biochar25 litres Biochar12.5 litres Biochar
100 liters water50 liters water25 liters water12.5 liters water
10 litres Gypsum5 litres Gypsum2.5 litres Gypsum1.25 litres Gypsum
200g Silica100g Silica50g Silica25g Silica
10 Litres Wood Vinegar5 Litres Wood Vinegar2.5 Litres Wood Vinegar1.25 Litres Wood Vinegar
20 litres Humified Compost mixed in on application10 litres Humified Compost mixed in on application5 litres Humified Compost mixed in on application2.5 litres Humified Compost mixed in on application
1.25 litres of Fish Amino Acids. Home made Biofert.625 mls of Fish Amino Acids. Home made Biofert.312.5 mls of Fish Amino Acids. Home made Biofert.156.25 mls of Fish Amino Acids. Home made Biofert.

The biochar soaked up the nutrients over a period of 1 week. Just before we applied the biochar we added the humified compost for microbial inoculation to take place.

Prior to the trial we spent a half day digging and double digging the beds that have had a years rest from last summers sunflower crop.

Double digging the beds at the hemp trial

We took a soil Ph test prior to applying the biochar and one after. The following table shows the differences.

Ph beforePh AfterPh Control
Plot A. 100L / m2 Ph 5.0Plot A. 100L / m2 Ph 4.5Plot C1 Ph 5.0
Plot B. 50L / m2 Ph 5.0Plot B. 50L / m2 Ph 5.5Plot C2 Ph 5.0
Plot C. 25L / m2 Ph 5.0Plot C. 25L / m2 Ph 4.5Plot C3 Ph 5.0
Plot D. 12.5L / m2 Ph 5.0Plot D. 12.5L / m2 Ph 5.0Plot C4 Ph 5.0

We now have left the trial plots to Mature as per the 5th M. and will take another Ph test prior to planting the new Industrial Hemp Seedlings and seeds. In these trials we will be planting both seeds (to take into account germination rates) and seedlings (so we can watch growth progress).

The Industrial hemp is day light sensitive and we are about to plant just prior to the solstice which will give us flowers and seeds rather than vegetative quantity. This trial is partly about creating the most seeds per plant for regenerative forestry planting for 2015. The other part of the trial is to see weather the very high end of the scale of biochar content has any effect on normal growth.

Biochar trial on Industrial Hemp. With biochar  concentrations liketerra preta de índio”  or 500t p/hectare.

We are setting up brinno waterproof time lapse cameras to record the entire growth season of these trials. We are also going to compare yields from these trials to that of the Industrial hemp that is already growing elsewhere in the hill of abundance. To see if these high levels of biochar soil amendments really preform.

Hemp Biochar trials Monortoring setup

Stay Tuned to this page for further updates.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke.





Big logs I mean really big biocharing

Biocharing big logs is easy for the Moxham

Biocharing big logs is fulfilling.

Biocharing big logs is easy.

Biocharing big logs cuts down on labor but not time.

Check it out. Another scientific trial from Charmaster Dolph.

I get asked a lot of questions about what I do and why I do it. It pleases me no end because it means a few things.
People are watching my website. People are learning. People are trying things out for themselves.

BUT Best of all. People are helping me learn as well. How does this work ? Well when your inside the char box, biocharing sometimes gets to familiar and you can not objectively see all sides of the equation. Along comes a beautiful being of light and asks questions. Questions I have never even contemplated before. Questions about Biocharing perhaps I take for granted. Questions that get me thinking.

biocharing big logs biochar project

Here is one such question from a wonderful biochar colleague. Not verbatim but you will get the jist. How does the moxham cope with bigger bits of wood ?

In a simple answer. Yes the Moxham can biochar any size log that you can fit in it.

In a more enlightening answer. Let me tell you a little biocharing story.

Big logs I mean really big biocharing

The Moxham farm scale biocharing unit is hardcore. It is simple to use. You can not break it. It takes very high heat. Biocharing is always uniform in it.  This means you do not need to hope it has completely done the job. The job of taking the volitiles out of the wood and leaving Biochar behind and not Ash.

Some of these logs I could lift into the Moxham and some I could not. However once they were in they were definitely being turned to biochar.

As you can see from this earlier post on skinny wood being used in the Mini Moxham. The smaller the wood size the faster it biochars. I usually split wood logs down to about the size of firewood to feed the Moxham. This time I used the smaller wood to get the heat up then I plonked on the Big Logs.

Then I kept on adding firewood size pieces to maintain the heat needed to pyrolyise the big logs right through.


It took a long time to get results and it was definitely slower than the regular way I use the Moxham.

I have not had any scientific tests done on the char but it looked fine and the leftover logs can be added back in the next run. I got carried away and added about 17 large full rounds during the night and 1 or 2 did not fully decompose. You get that.

If you have any question be sure to ask via the comments so what you ask can help others to learn.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke

Brought to you by my sponsors who let me trial and err.
If you want to buy some biochar click here 

Olive tree biochar project helpers

Will Olives grow better in Northern NSW ? Biochar Project

Olives are a ancient and useful tree. They can live over 1000 years and they have many different offerings for our culinary palate. From Olives oil to Olives leaf extract this amazing tree really likes to provide for mankind.

Olive Trees and Biochar

However trying to grow olives in the northern rivers is a real art as mostly the trees do not produce nearly enough to make it viable for farmers to pursue.

Whilst I was at the local community farmers market in Blueknob a farmer approached me with this conundrum. As always I said oh sure Biochar can fix that problem biochar can even bring chickens back from the dead :)

Olive tree biochar project helpers

So to put my money where my mouth was I agreed to do a Biocharproject on his farm as part of finding out more of what biochar can do.

We arrived on Thursday afternoon with a bulky bag full of char. It was not long before we started dividing it out between the compost tea barrels the farmer had waiting for us.

Some of the research I had done on this olive fruiting problem led me into several directions. Very soon after doing soil and compost tea P.H tests we realized that the soil may have been a little bit too acidic for the grand olive trees. So we set about adjusting the PH of the Brew with Agricultural Lime.


Allowing the Biochar to sit over night for the olive trees

We allowed the brews to sit overnight so the char could soak up some of the goodness.

The next day we devised a plan and started to write up our proposed test trial. We had some fabulos conversations and a tour over this amazing chemical free farm. Talk about self sufficent this place had heaps of food trees. I was really glad I got the oppurtunity to introduce the farmer to Biochar in this way.

Lets look at this Olive enhancing Biochar Mix

The farmer had been using biological and biodynamic concepts to keep his trees healthy and strong. On closer inspection I observed that he did not have many of the problems other tree growers of this area had. I asked him about it and he swears that the compost tea is the reason everything is so healthy.

So with all this background information I feel that the biochar we applied is really going to make things happen on his olive trees.

A simple Ph test for the Olives

What we did was take 2 rows of olive trees at the very top of the plot. There was around 25 trees in all. The first 5 trees in the row I put approximately 12 tons per hectare biochar soaked in compost tea and lime.  Around the trunk under the canopy about 1 meter out as this is where the feeder roots are.

Then I put out 8 hand fulls of craker dust (Dust from breaking up rock) over the moist char then I mulched it over.

On the second lot of 5 trees I doubled the dose to 24 tons per hectare of moist biochar  / compost tea and craker dust again the same rate as the first 5 trees then mulched

And the last 3 trees on the row I decided to throw out a curly one. I placed 10 tonnes per hectare dry biochar then mulched it. This I thought would make a good contrast to the other tests.


Then we did the exact same again on the next row down. The trees were on a slope so I concentrated most of the char biological mix to the upper side of the trees.

We are exactly about one month off the flowering and fruiting season so it would be interesting to find out if any improvement at all in the short term is fourth coming.

I have converted another farmer onto the wonders of biochar and have gained a new friend in the process.

Special thanks to Biochar Industries for the help with the Olives. If you live local to northern NSW Biochar Industries has a big Biochar Bash this coming weekend click here to read more.

Stay tuned to this post for an update. Can biochar make bigger fatter and more Olives ?

You betcha Biochar can do it.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke.




The split wood pile before

Farm scale biochar. Taking on farm biochar making to a new level.

Farm scale biochar ? How about low tech farm scale biochar ? Better still low cost low tech easy to use farm scale biochar ?

The Moxham farm scale biochar maker

Well folks you read it here first. Biochar Industries charmaster Dolph Cooke has created yet another low cost low tech farm scaled setup and here is a pictorial to ease you into your own biochar adventure.

Loading the Moxham biochar maker

Biochar Industries was initially setup to create benchmarks of sustainability in this new and exciting industry that is emerging. However I have come to realise something that my mentor used to preach.  Biochar for everyone for free now that’s a tall order.

Showing the Menshed Men Biochar

Biochar has been referred to as a mitigating factor in climate change, It has also been hailed as a miracle soil amendment now that its becoming a household word greedy folks want to get rich off of it and this is just driving the price out of the reach for most farmers. Here is where we step in –

Telling the Menshed men Biochar secrets for farm scale biochar

Farm scale biochar low cost low tech.

I have called this simple method “The Moxham” after my late mentor Geoff Moxham who set my soul ablaze with Biochar in 2009 at the castle on the hill UKI Australia.

Half Full and blazing- the moxham by Biochar Industries

Lets look at the pictures and match a commentary to the captions. Right at the top of the page we have photo 1. Simple low tech and relatively affordable the “Moxham” a carbon steel pipe.
20mm thick a diameter of 190 centermeters and standing on its end a height of 165cm.

Price $800.00 delivered from Brisbane.

Picture 2 Many friends make light work. The men of the menshed rally around to help me fill the “Moxham” Farm scale biochar unit. Its fun as well as beneficial to those with a heavy heart.

The gap between the earth and the Moxham

Picture Number 3
Break time a technique we use to allow the fire to fully engulf the loaded wood and rise-up and burn all escaping volatiles. We also use it to eat drink and be merry.

Picture 4
Charmaster Dolph imparting trade secrets to wise old school men of the menshed.

SMoke declares the Moxham is choking so we stopped adding wood

Picture 5.
Half full and blazing with some extra long wood on top to be burnt in half and put in shows the versatility of the farm scale biochar unit.

Picture 6.
A shot of the “Moxham” meeting the earth this has to be smothered with sand during the close down stage.

Smokeless opperation of the Moxham-

Picture 7.
Show what happens when you overload the unit with wood. Smoke everyone soon notices they have over done it. Charmaster Dolph then used advanced fire techniques to quickly remove excess smoke and make the fire roar clean again within minutes.

Picture 8.
This is how we roll Smokeless High temp big flames the awesomeness of nature.

Night time bonfire pleasure with the moxham-

Picture 9.
Above the Moxham biochar farm scale unit was lit at 11am and extinguished at 11pm.
During the night it was so pleasant to be able to watch the flames and ponder our existence.

Picture 10.
This is how we know exactly how much wood to put into the “Moxham”  easy effective and low cost. Simplicity at its best.


The split wood pile before

Another awesome day in Biochar paradise.


I wish you all the best over the holiday period. Drop in I will be working my little cake off.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke


This is how Biochar makes you feel all SMILES

All in Biochar, It gives me great pleasure to Introduce to you.

To everyone who is anyone in this awesome industry we call Biochar, Charcoal, Biomass and Wood-gas It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you two men who have been pivotal in success. These men came all the way to Australia to shine a bright light of Integrity and kick started my interest into wood gasification and Biochar.

I am honoured to promote the very same type of event that took Australia by storm. Without further ado I give you Uncle Buck and Dr Tlud the masters of their crafts.


August 6 – 10, 2012

New England Small Farm Institute

with Hugh McLaughlin, PhD, PE, Dr. Paul Anderson, Josh Kearns & others

The Biomass Energy Foundation (BEF) announces the Third Annual CHAB (Combined Heat And Biochar) Camp at New England Small Farm Institute (NESFI), 275 Jackson Street, Belchertown, MA.

CHAB III at NESFI is a four and one-half day immersion learning experience, with a “Meet and Eat” welcoming on Sunday evening, August 5, 2012. The program is designed to end at noon on Friday, August 10, to allow participants to attend the NOFA Summer Conference (, held nearby on the Amherst campus of the University of Massachusetts.


The workshop is organized and directed by Hugh McLaughlin, PhD, PE (author of Chapters 6, 7 & 8 of The Biochar Revolution – available at and Paul Anderson, PhD (“Dr TLUD” – author of Chapter 11 of TBR). In addition, this year will feature: guest instructor Josh Kearns, PhD Candidate ( – use “Couch Mode” to view) leading an effort on using biochar as a locally produced water purification option to remove pesticides and hydrocarbons from contaminated water supplies; and instruction in operation of NESFI’s new Adam-Retort.


CHAB III at NESFI will feature two majors and two minors. The “Majors” are CHAB Devices, which are 20 liters or greater biomass capacity and intended to produce biochar with some excess heat utilization, and Gasifying Stoves, which are smaller devices intended to provide controlled heat for cooking and may or may not generate a char byproduct. The “Minors” are Biochar Testing and Utilization in the Soil and Biochar as Adsorbents (c/o Josh Kearns). Attendees may choose a major and minor, or sample a bit of everything that is going on.


CHAB Camps cover both theory and practice, including fabrication skills to construct devices and hands-on experiences operating both proven and prototype devices. A variety of common biomass residues and biomass fuels are provided, along with all fabrication tools and materials. We will even provide gloves – if you forget your favorite pair. Our goal is to convey the underlying theory of CHAB devices, and show how that theory does or doesn’t work in practice.


CHAB Camps are held at NESFI’s Lampson Brook Farmstead site ( in the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts. Camping, with cooking facilities and showers, is available on-site for no charge, in addition to local motels in the Belchertown/Amherst area. Some meals will be provided, with nearby food markets available and local cuisine for the adventurous.


Price for CHAB III at NESFI, including some meals and available on-site camping, is $400 per attendee. Alternatives, such as discounted rates or a portion of the program, are available, but must be discussed and approved by Hugh. Please contact him directly if an individualized experience is desired.


Early registration is requested to facilitate procurement of supplies, but is not necessary. Facilities are available for all activities, rain or shine, although we would cancel the kite-flying competition in the event of a tornado watch.


For further information contact: Hugh McLaughlin ( or

Folks I implore you to get to this event anyway you can as I can guarantee that you will never again stop thinking of biochar once your cooked.

Uncle Buck’s straight honest hard hitting style is a breath of fresh air whilst Dr Tluds youth and enthusiasm puts everyone to shame.

Also to get your special Gift as attendees who have found out about this awesome camp through

“Ask Uncle Buck to recount Project Zig Heil”

Super Hilarious Awesome times to be had by all.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke

Hill of abundance I folks after swale

Hill of Abundance II 6th Nov 2011 Kunghur NSW 2484

night cap ranges camp spot

night cap ranges camp spot

The hill of abundance is an interactive hands on event that I hold periodically at the biochar Industries educational area Kunghur. My aim is to offer a rich educational experience whilst creating real world projects at the same time.

The Van Dam at hill of abundance

The Van Dam at hill of abundance

The hill of abundance II is not a sequel but merely the second time we have worked on this project. A numbering system if you like.

Visit this post and this post to read what we have so far achieved.

The hill of abundance is open to anyone who meet the following criteria.
Farmers, Gardeners, Students of agriculture, folks with a love for nature.

Hill of abundance I folks after swale

Hill of abundance I folks after swale

As you can see it is open to pretty much anyone there are no age limits with only a few simple rules.

1. The forest in which the hill of abundance lies is drug and alcohol free.
2. The hill of abundance is a G rated area suitable for children.
3. Common sense is a priority.
4. Be kind to everything.

Looking at the bare hill of abundance

Looking at the bare hill of abundance

The hill of abundance II  5th – 6th November 2011.

The program. DAY 1
Morning we will create a huglekulture swale and talk about it’s function.
Lunch Hopefully a BBQ.
Afternoon we will plant out some trees and prepare a biodynamic 500 formula.
Prepared talks on different subjects or watch a DVD on permaculture.

Day 2 if weather is fine
Load and fire the community biochar kiln.
Talk about and plan Hill of abundance III.

Here are some shots from Hill of abundance I

Here is how to get to us.

we live 5klm in the nightcap forest so i will try and make an accurate text map.
If you are coming from UKI follow the main road Kyogle road west for another 15 klms once you pass through the village of Kunghur you travel for 1.5klms you will see that the road opens up to 4 lanes for a short distance turn right at this section in the road you will see a yellow Interaction sign.

Once through the gate turn at the next right which will be a Small steel bridge follow the signs to the hill of abundance. Or follow this dirt road for 3klms and turn right at the yellow flag that says mebbin plantation then follow that 2klms to the Hill of abundance.

If your coming from NIMBIN
Follow the blue knob road until it connects with kyogle road then turn right into kyogle road. Follow that road for 9 klms until the road widens in both directions turn left into the drive way near the interaction sign then follow the above directions in green.

If it is raining you will need a 4×4 to access the hill of abundance. If unsure wait at the gate and some one with a 4×4 will give you a lift.

Please tell your friends about us everyone who takes the time to come and visit us is welcome.


Someone with a 4x4 will pick you up

Someone with a 4×4 will pick you up

Our Vision for the Hill of Abundance is to create enough food for 500 families.
We have for your comfort.
Camp spots with shelters (6 in all)
Satellite WiFi Internet at main shed.
Electricity at main shed.
First Aid at main shed.
Limited refrigeration.

You are welcome to bring.
Pets that are friendly to other beings
Kids (as above) 😛
Trees / Seeds / Cuttings / Seedlings of beneficial varieties. NO GM.
Camping gear / camping van or trailers.
Fishing gear etc.

Fires are permitted if well supervised.

For more info or special requests email

Charmaster Dolph




biochar test bed cover with paper to prevent weeds competeing

Biochar test bed for spring at biochar project.

Biochar test bed for spring has now been put to bed so to speak. This post is dedicated to all of you who like to get into the garden and experiment with biochar.

biochar test bed start with a empty plot and frame it

biochar test bed start with a empty plot and frame it

The biochar tests we have done in our zone 2 Garden are not strictly scientific like the ones set out at The International Biochar Initiative here . We are doing these beds to enhance the yields of foods for us to eat.

biochar test bed cover to prevent weeds from competing

biochar test bed cover to prevent weeds from competing

Our biochar test bed is based around permaculture concepts and biological farming methods. It would be very hard to standardise these beds to produce scientific data as the variables are in the hundreds.

biochar test bed slabs down so we don't compact the earth or crush the roots

biochar test bed slabs down so we don’t compact the earth or crush the roots

Nonetheless I am sure someone will soon be able to deduce scientific data from these kinds of beds in the near future as it is well known that these permaculture concepts are the best way to produce abundant food in the smallest of spaces.

biochar test bed layering the organic materials

biochar test bed layering the organic materials

By me creating a link between permaculture and Biochar in a simple way I am hoping to get the permaculture fraternity onto the idea that biochar is a great team player and it can only serve to enhance the permaculture design further.

biochar test bed adding biochar to enhance growth

biochar test bed adding biochar to enhance growth

Biochar test beds will be an important tool to help convert folks who are already on the organic / natural trail to a input that offers so much more than just carbon to the soils.

biochar test  bed trailer of poo food for plants

biochar test bed trailer of poo food for plants

The joy of seeing one of these biochar test beds in full bloom is gratifying to say the least. Gaia has a wonderful connection to each of us that really goes beyond the limits of our scientifically acknowledged five senses.

biochar test bed finished ready for planting

biochar test bed finished ready for planting

Biochar Test Bed

Here are the stages we went through to produce our Biochar Test Bed.

1. Find a empty area and border it.

2. Lay down weed suppressing material like paper or cardboard

3. Put down something to walk along that will not compress or crush roots

4. Layer organic materials straw/cow poo/ humanure whatever you have with soil

5. Add your conditioned biochar (we used worm wee human wee and water) at the rate you want (we did 1kg per meter square)

6. Mulch over the lot in preparation for planting. Water during every step.

Don’t forget to think loving thoughts throughout this process it really helps a lot to nurture your food. (Sorry cant prove this scientifically as our current grasp of science is to infantile right now). However there are massive quantum leaps being made right now in the spiritual science called Plutonic Fullerene Chemistry. So perhaps one day I will be able to prove it.

Hope this helps

Charmaster Dolph

Emerging Bean Seedling

Making diamonds from biochar. Could be my next project.

Diamonds from biochar is the headline. Yes you have read it right. If diamonds are a girls best friend and Diamonds are made from a candle. I think my next project should be making diamonds from the biochar process.

Just imagine I could make so much money that I could pay everyone to repair our planet. So easy how come I thought of it.

As you are all aware I am a carbon guy that is to say I am involved with many kinds forms of carbon. For one I am made of carbon yes a  carbon based life form. For two I dream of carbon. For three I work with carbon, biochar is the form of carbon I like the best as it represents the only time mans interference in nature has created a win – win.

Spiritually I work with esoteric carbon see my article carbon 666. Carbon 60, Carbon 70 the mere fact that I live about 20 kilometers away from the only man who can see that these esoteric carbons are controllable by mankinds thoughts. I am so lucky to be in this position at this time.

So do you think making diamonds from my biochar equipment is a worthwile pursuit?.  I think it has possibillities but not for the old paradigm.

Old paradigm- Make diamonds / sell diamonds / Diamonds become worthless/ many unhappy diamond wearers/ pain and suffering. Boy thats a bit grim.

New Paradigm- Make diamonds / use diamonds to fund research / discover how to mold diamonds with our thoughts/ give the research to everyone / live in abundance.

Imagine molding a diamond star gate to take a quick holiday into another dimention. Better still molding a TARDIS out of diamonds. It is all possible. If we can dream it we can create it.

Here is the article that has triggered this post. I have copied it in it entirity for sake of Integrity. All kudos to Professor Wuzong Zhou and the team that makes his work possible.

Candle flames contain millions of tiny diamonds

Thursday 18 August 2011

Candles to diamonds Professor Wuzong Zhou

Professor Wuzong Zhou

The flickering flame of a candle has generated comparisons with the twinkling sparkle of diamonds for centuries, but new research has discovered the likeness owes more to science than the dreams of poets.

Professor Wuzong Zhou, Professor of Chemistry at the University of St Andrews has discovered tiny diamond particles exist in candle flames.

His research has made a scientific leap towards solving a mystery which has befuddled people for thousands of years.

Since the first candle was invented in ancient China more than 2,000 years ago, many have longed to know what hidden secrets its flames contained.

Professor Zhou’s investigation revealed around 1.5 million diamond nanoparticles are created every second in a candle flame as it burns.

The leading academic revealed he uncovered the secret ingredient after a challenge from a fellow scientist in combustion.

Professor Zhou said: “A colleague at another university said to me: “Of course no-one knows what a candle flame is actually made of.”

“I told him I believed science could explain everything eventually, so I decided to find out.”

Using a new sampling technique, assisted by his student Mr Zixue Su, he invented himself, he was able to remove particles from the centre of the flame – something never successfully achieved before – and found to his surprise that a candle flame contains all four known forms of carbon.

Professor Zhou said: “This was a surprise because each form is usually created under different conditions.”

At the bottom of the flame, it was already known that hydro-carbon molecules existed which were converted into carbon dioxide by the top of the flame.

But the process in between remained a mystery.

Now both diamond nanoparticles and fullerenic particles have been discovered in the centre of the flame, along with graphitic and amorphous carbon.

The discovery could lead to future research into how diamonds, a key substance in industry, could be created more cheaply, and in a more environmentally friendly way.

Professor Zhou added: “Unfortunately the diamond particles are burned away in the process, and converted into carbon dioxide, but this will change the way we view a candle flame forever.”

The famous scientist Michael Faraday in his celebrated 19th century lectures on “The Chemical History of a Candle” said in an 1860 address to the light: “You have the glittering beauty of gold and silver, and the still higher lustre of jewels, like the ruby and diamond; but none of these rival the brilliancy and beauty of flame. What diamond can shine like flame?”

Rosey Barnet, Artistic Director of one of Scotland’s biggest candle manufacturers, Shearer Candles, described the finding as “exciting”.

She said: “We were thrilled to hear about the discovery that diamond particles exist in a candle flame.

“Although currently there is no way of extracting these particles, it is still an exciting find and one that could change the way people view candles. The research at St Andrews University will be of interest to the entire candle making industry. We always knew candles added sparkle to a room but now scientific research has provided us with more insight into why.”

Candles to diamonds Professor Wuzong Zhou

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bioponics or charponics

biochar Hydroponic medium with balls

Biochar | Background: My intent, early in 2011, was to see if it would be possible to set up a gardening system that could feed a couple that was: No dig, No weeds, No Watering, No bugs, No bending, No electricity, No pumps, No room and most importantly No weeds.  Would this be possible and would it work. Well yes and here are the results to prove it.  Basically it’s an Autopot system with gravity feed nutrients. (Ionic Grow) set up outside under shadecloth. (32% up to 40% will work, 30% absolute minimum) on Bunning’s tables hung over the railing on my deck in Northside suburban Brisbane. (30mts north from the City Centre).  And yes there is reason in my madness and so there is a system for this and its set out below and it works.  These are the results.

biochar Hydroponic.


biochar as a hydroponic medium growing lettuces

biochar as a hydroponic medium growing lettuces

My recent discovery in Hydrochar has left me gobsmacked.  After the completion of a four month experiment (March-June inc. 2011) with.


as a growth medium for Hydroponics (Hydrochar – my term – another is Charponics).

biochar hydroponics

biochar hydroponics

yesterday I started to clean out the growing pots.  I use an Australian Autopot system of six pots – two of these had a 50/50mix of perlite and activated Bio-char – the Bio-char was itself a 50/50 mix of small chunks mixed with a granulated powered type + two were control pots with 100% Perlite and the same plants at the same time as the Hydrochar experiment.

bioponics or charponics

bioponics or charponics

Nutrient strength was set to suppliers strength and tested electronically each week when the growth measurements were taken.  I took photos and measurements for the growing period.

biochar Hydroponic biochar magnetic roots

biochar magnetic roots

A reasonable evaluation is that the lettuce (both green and red leaf varieties) grew at least twice the rate of those in the Perlite only control pots.  We got around 23 lettuce feeds for two people from the four pots around 70$ worth of lettuce in this period.


biochar Hydroponic Non Bc control pot_0137-600

Non Bc control pot_0137-600

Results from the 3 mth field trial: What I have found is that the.
(1) Overall Hydrochar experiment worked in these conditions at this time and growth was about twice the control pots + of course hydroponics growth rates, with this system, are about twice in ground growth rates so we are looking at a growth rate four times that for ground plants.

biochar Hydroponic Sm l Lettuce BC distance 1b

Sm l Lettuce BC distance 1b

(2) Root system in the Hydrochar pots was 3-4times more substantial than that in the control pots, and.
(3) Root system as closely matted and had retained all the smaller granulated Biochar almost as if it was feeding off, and with, the Bio-char rather than as per normal, and feeding exclusively off the Hydroponic nutrient.
(4) Hydrochar lettuce were still producing feed leaves, at the completion of the test period whereas those in the hydroponic control pots had all run to seed.


Slm Lettuce Bc roots close up 1a

Slm Lettuce Bc roots close up 1a

NB: I in no way claim to be an agronomist rather I am a hobby hydroponicist – this experiment is more by way of exploring the issue – can Biochar be used efficaciously in Hydroponics?   Answer: Firmly yes.  Next step: is this replicable – say in a different geographical location?  My colleague Gillian Tubs is presently undertaking these experiments 300km south of Brisbane in Northern New South Wales.  Outcome anticipated in three-four months – watch this spot.


Suggestion: Why not think about joining us in making this a ‘distributed hydroponic experiment’, Dolph has agreed to keep this site updated with your experiment, results and photos etc. Thx Dolph!!.

Paul Wildman Phd.

biochar Hydroponic.