Biochar action learning circle northern rivers

biochar action learning circle

biochar action learning circle Blue Knob Hall Saturday 23rd July 2pm.

Here is a flyer. We only have space for 10 participants hurry and secure your spot.

biochar action learning circle flyer

This new method of group learning will increase your understanding of biochar and related sciences. It will give you enjoyment and a new social network with whom to interact with once you have finished.

Learning circles are not a new invention as they have been in Europe for a long time. Here in Australia thou we are usually told how to learn by some authority.

I guess this is a legacy from the convict days.

You will enjoy this way of learning because it has so much room for fun. It also cuts down the learning curve because its broken into bite sized chunks.

Charmaster Dolph

biochar action Learning Circle logo

Biochar Action Learning Circle

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