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Our Dream

We have a dream to create a community that’s a demonstration of how to collaborate to live sustainably. We mix old skills with the new paradigm. You can join us for an Open Day, a weekend workshop, for a short term stay as a WOOFER, or as a permanent community member.

Our Biochar Dream

Biochar is a big part of our dream. Like a lot of things that can help change our world, there’s a lot of people, particularly scientists, telling people it’s only possible to make Biochar using really expensive equipment and that you need lots of technical skills.

I want to make biochar accessible to everyone. Biochar is simple and easy to understand. At the Hill of Abundance I teach people how to make their own. I put it into words that you and I can understand, breaking down the old ways of education and making skills like creating biochar accessible to everyone.

Biochar is a way to provide health to the planet, starting at the level of soil.

Dolph’s Dream


One person .. me!

Hi, I’m Dolph Cooke. At the end of 2010 I was becoming more and more passionate about how Biochar can fix many problems. However, like my mentor Geoff Moxham RIP, I was becoming overwhelmed with the magnitude of my calling in life.

One day out in the garden after reading The Ringing Cedars of Russia series. I caught a glimpse of how effective just one person can be toward helping the planet .

You see, until then I thought I had to teach mankind why Biochar is so good at many things.

Lets face it, one person (me) teaching many people, who teach thousands of people, who in turn teach the whole of civilisation how to make free and good Biochar …. yeah, this was indeed overwhelming.

I still can not explain what it was that I glimpsed on that faithful day however I can tell you how far this glimpse has grown into reality.

Geoff Moxham

My mentor Geoff Moxham

Our Even Bigger Dream

The gist of my vision was

Your thoughts are back to front!  Why try and heal mankind when there are so many? Why not focus on healing Mother Earth as she is only one ?

Mother Earth, Gaia, Planet Earth, Mother Nature, World, Planet, Home.   Whatever you call her, there is no doubting we have seriously harmed her and need to show her we are the image of god she sees us as.

After much searching and many conversations with venerable folks, my idea started to gain shape. I still need to ride on the shoulders of my mentor and his mentors by pushing their barrow to its ultimate destination.(Link Here to Geoff’s Grant) I also needed to make my own way through this passage to a better life. This is how the Biochar Industries started.

We are creating a community that is collaborating self sufficiently and making Mother Earth the subject of all their dreams – healing ourselves, in a loving environment removed of fear.  Here’s a list of our goals, under the umbrella of Biochar Industries under the Biochar Project.

  1. To repair Mother Earth and to shout it from the roof tops.
  2. Create a sustainable industry that is a community collaborative to achieve the acceptance of Biochar world wide.
  3. To make this industry practical and reachable by any person on earth.
  4. To elevate anyone who uses sustainable Biochar with our help and support.
  5. Finally to elevate the welfare of all those who embrace this one of a kind man made solution to repair our home.
So I remember watching a baseball film about an old baseball farmer who built a baseball diamond on his farm. He kept saying – if I build it they will come. I get the same maddening thought running through my mind every time I work , talk or think about Biochar. Thank You Geoff, I hear you loud and clear.

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