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Community Learning Centre

In 2011 we won the UN Millenium Project Award for our Action Learning Circles. This learning model was developed in collaboration with Dr Paul Wildman.

United Nations Millenium Awarded to biochar project

United Nations Millenium Awarded to biochar project

Our learning system has developed into a serious third contender for education in Australia. No other way takes students to the pinnicle of any subject faster with huge leaps of understanding than what we offer. You will become a sort after resource in your field just by applying our principles to your lived life experience. You will get a new lease on life and become young at heart as we develop the sides of you that modern education has swept under the rug.

Fast Furious Fun bush mechanics at its best. Charmaster Dolph Cooke 2013.


Resources for the Biochar Learning Circles and Community Learning Centre

Biochar Workshop DVD


Designing a resiliant community economy

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