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Rainey Days that are not Wet !!!

Well so much rain has flowed this day I decided to get to a little furniture building.

1st on the agenda was a neat little mozzie net holder to go over my camp bed and that doubles as a swag airing out rack. Total build time 4 hours all recycled materials.

Mozzie net come swag airing out stand

With net on it


Second on the agenda is to restore this old work bench I was given. I been looking through all the slabs for a new top and have decided upon a nice Red Cedar slab to recreate opulence of a once gone era and to rile my beloved fans : ) Imagine me miss cutting something in the vice with a chainsaw and cutting a big scar in the newly made Red Cedar bench-top.Heaven on a stick. Hahahah

Old work bench really sturdy


Charmaster Dolph

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