New Technology have a look at this folks. Biochar Industries

Wow the rain is so good it has allowed me time to surf the Internet and find some fantastic new technology for biochar production.

Have a look at this website It is and it features a shiny biochar kiln / biochar reactor. I do like the word REACTOR it makes me feel high tech.

So what do you think of that ? I have requested some info on it and perhaps it may become part of what I am doing here in Biochar Industries Kunghur.

Charmaster Dolph


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Male 45, Australian crazy about biochar. I love the feeling I get when I do something I thought I could not do. Intrests are :- Biochar, Bush Mechanics, Quantum Agriculture, Gardening, Composting, Alternative health through nature, helping others, Dreaming BIG then actioning those dreams.
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