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Kunghur Group on Virge of commercial reality. Kunghur Group aka Biochar Industries.

Today I picked up the local paper and smack bang on the second page is a big article about Biochar. How wonderful we are really making waves now and I am glad to say what I have been working on namely Biocharindustries was also given a mention a somewhat obscure one at that.

I know my readers, all the volunteers and the core team all know what is meant when they say “The Kunghur Group” so having a mention this big in such an esteemed publication is exciting. However it is just the tip of the iceberg.

Kunghur Group on Virge of commercial reality. Kunghur Group aka Biochar Industries.

Kunghur a very beautiful village in the west of the tweed shire is home to Biochar Industries ( website ) and Biocharproject.org (website ) which together represents the combined efforts of Dolph Cooke and his late mentor Geoff Moxham’s ( website ) passion for Biochar, Fire and all things natural.

Dolph Cooke says ” Geoff has left a honorable legacy behind and I am one of many who have picked up where he left off both in terms of looking after Humanity and (y)Our planet.”

The concept “(y)Our ” is an all encompassing way to describe what is collectively Ours Thank you Dr Paul Wildman for showing me this concept.

To see the Article in its entirity you will need to follow this link to the Tweed Shire Echo’s Website.

Also in the news locally here is Dr Paul Taylor whom is working with BiocharIndustries and has written an Authoritive book on Biochar called The Biochar Revolution. To see the article click here. ( website )

Thanks to everyone

Charmaster Dolph Cooke

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