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Janet the Revitaliser Bring life back to Trees

A discussion occurred at the Biochar Industries Community information night that saw input from farmers, charmasters and scientists working towards a common goal.

The question that started this amazing event was:

“Can Biochar help with flooding and the trees that were affected by the rains ?”

Well we had many ideas, stories and suggestions, with the winner being “We really do not know if it can help.”

So Janet the champion gardener and the owner of a tree that got its roots destroyed by waterlogging and subsequently died, decided to do a trial to see if she could revive the tree.

This post is the start of this trial.
Biochar Industries supplied the Biochar
Janet supplied the labour and the tree.

Stay tuned as we await more updates from Janet and finally Bust this Myth.
Can Biochar bring back to life dead trees ? : )

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