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History of biocharproject.org

Biochar project history

This site is a direct result of the passionate teaching of my mentor the late Geoff Moxham. He imparted to me two valuable attributes one was “be passionate about it” the other was “Suck it and see” To see what legacy he has left to the biochar world please visit his site which is being maintained by donations.


My niche is empowerment. I will relentlessly pursue the adoption of biochar for the good of all mankind.

Dolph Cooke

Update over 1 year has past now and if you quickly look over my site you will see I have had some biochar project fun. I never dreamt that I would one day be involved in creating a biochar industry or I would be instrumental in developing a new learning concept. Time has flown and I just keep getting more passionate about biochar. Lets see where all this leads will update again in another year. History

Update Jan 28 2016.

Wow it has been almost 5 years since I updated this page. I am now reviewing all the posts and fixing errors and problems.
I am still very passionate and have made almost uncountable amounts of biochar. Taught nearly 4000 people how to do it themselves. Sold biochar on our other website. Created a movie that will premiere in 2016. Many things won many more awards and even traveled to INDIA to spread the word further. I am getting traction now. I have appologised to those I have been mean to and have accepted the apologies of others. To say life has changed a lot is an understatement.

Biochar project history is a big story and one day I hope to do it justice.


Charmaster Dolph Cooke in India


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