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Hill of Abundance II 6th Nov 2011 Kunghur NSW 2484

Hill of abundance I folks after swale
night cap ranges camp spot

night cap ranges camp spot

The hill of abundance is an interactive hands on event that I hold periodically at the biochar Industries educational area Kunghur. My aim is to offer a rich educational experience whilst creating real world projects at the same time.

The Van Dam at hill of abundance

The Van Dam at hill of abundance

The hill of abundance II is not a sequel but merely the second time we have worked on this project. A numbering system if you like.

Visit this post and this post to read what we have so far achieved.

The hill of abundance is open to anyone who meet the following criteria.
Farmers, Gardeners, Students of agriculture, folks with a love for nature.

Hill of abundance I folks after swale

Hill of abundance I folks after swale

As you can see it is open to pretty much anyone there are no age limits with only a few simple rules.

1. The forest in which the hill of abundance lies is drug and alcohol free.
2. The hill of abundance is a G rated area suitable for children.
3. Common sense is a priority.
4. Be kind to everything.

Looking at the bare hill of abundance

Looking at the bare hill of abundance

The hill of abundance II  5th – 6th November 2011.

The program. DAY 1
Morning we will create a huglekulture swale and talk about it’s function.
Lunch Hopefully a BBQ.
Afternoon we will plant out some trees and prepare a biodynamic 500 formula.
Prepared talks on different subjects or watch a DVD on permaculture.

Day 2 if weather is fine
Load and fire the community biochar kiln.
Talk about and plan Hill of abundance III.

Here are some shots from Hill of abundance I

Here is how to get to us.

we live 5klm in the nightcap forest so i will try and make an accurate text map.
If you are coming from UKI follow the main road Kyogle road west for another 15 klms once you pass through the village of Kunghur you travel for 1.5klms you will see that the road opens up to 4 lanes for a short distance turn right at this section in the road you will see a yellow Interaction sign.

Once through the gate turn at the next right which will be a Small steel bridge follow the signs to the hill of abundance. Or follow this dirt road for 3klms and turn right at the yellow flag that says mebbin plantation then follow that 2klms to the Hill of abundance.

If your coming from NIMBIN
Follow the blue knob road until it connects with kyogle road then turn right into kyogle road. Follow that road for 9 klms until the road widens in both directions turn left into the drive way near the interaction sign then follow the above directions in green.

If it is raining you will need a 4×4 to access the hill of abundance. If unsure wait at the gate and some one with a 4×4 will give you a lift.

Please tell your friends about us everyone who takes the time to come and visit us is welcome.


Someone with a 4x4 will pick you up

Someone with a 4×4 will pick you up

Our Vision for the Hill of Abundance is to create enough food for 500 families.
We have for your comfort.
Camp spots with shelters (6 in all)
Satellite WiFi Internet at main shed.
Electricity at main shed.
First Aid at main shed.
Limited refrigeration.

You are welcome to bring.
Pets that are friendly to other beings
Kids (as above) 😛
Trees / Seeds / Cuttings / Seedlings of beneficial varieties. NO GM.
Camping gear / camping van or trailers.
Fishing gear etc.

Fires are permitted if well supervised.

For more info or special requests email dolph@biocharproject.org

Charmaster Dolph




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  • peter October 29, 2011, 2:11 pm

    Hey Gilly and Dolph just to let you know I can,t come out till about Thursday but will then stay tll saturday nite or sunday. let me know what ideally you would like me to do in preperation for saturday

  • Charmaster October 29, 2011, 5:41 pm

    That is really great Thanks Peter. I will work out something and email you.


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