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Department of Primary Industries Biochar seminar 6th June 2012

Charmaster Dolph at Dpi Biochar Day representing biochar project

Greetings Biocharians,

Today I traveled to Wollongbar northern rivers NSW for the department of primary industries information seminar on biochar.

Called Biochar in Agriculture – An update for farmers. A workshop for farmers to hear the results of the National Biochar Research Initiative and North Coast field trials.

In the line up for key note speakers they had an awesome array of talent with some of Australia’s best biochar researchers and scientists all giving thier unique part of the biochar puzzle.

A pic of the keynote speakers at the DPI biochar day 2012 NSW Australia

A shot I ninjad from the side.

The line up reads like this.

Evelyn Krull – CSIRO
Dan Murphy – Liquor Stores– Ah I mean- University of Western Australia
Annette Cowie – Rural Climate Solutions
Lukas Van Zwieten (Worlds most practical biochar scientist) – NSW Primary Industries

Balwant Singh – University of Sydney.
Bhupinder Pal Singh – NSW Primary Industries.

Also informative talks on different aspects of biochar by-
Robert Quirk – Tweed canegrowers Association.
Justine Cox – department of primary industries
Stephen Kimber – department of primary industries
Adriana Downie – pacific pyrolysis
Peter Quin – department of primary industries.

as you can see the –

department of primary industries.


Has got a lot of talent working on Biochar. Trust good old Charmaster to even plant some excellent ideas into thier heads to make biochar an awesome industry to be in.

Biochar Personalities and awesome type folks. I spotted in the crowd and had a chat with are –
Gibbo, Rameshwar, Barry Blackearth, Stephen Joeseph, Gary Abblet.

Charmaster Dolph at Dpi Biochar Day representing biochar project

Robert , Dolph , Lukas and Barry

And I had great chats to some very interesting folks whom I am hoping will get back in contact so we can organise some more fun projects.

I had an awesome copy of the days event lined up for you my descerning reader with my new Go Pro Hero2 However the Fun Police arrested me dipped me in honey and threw me to the …. ( I survived thou but the footage did not).

Such is life.
See you tomorrow after I take the field day trip to three trial plots on very different farms.

More photo’s and perhaps a Video lemme see what I can Ninja.

Yours in Quality and Integrity

Charmaster Dolph Cooke




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