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Bush mechanic. Seeing the new in the Old.

Bush mechanic project number 1 completed. Here is a run down on how it all panned out. I was approached by Dr Paul Wildman on behalf of the Nunda Lions club to use my bush mechanics skills to help the Men of Labrador’s MENSHED build a better stove for their aid project.

Bush mechanics Wombat the carbon Dog

Wombat the carbon Dog

So Wombat, Gillian (Photographer) and my self trekked out to the Labrador men’s shed where we were able to grasp their project much better.
Peter welcomed us and brought us up to speed on the entire project.

Which is a great bush mechanics project in its own right. The men at Labrador men shed have a link with the chief of a village in Vanuatu.
Peter and the boys introduced their first stoves because the women of the village would have to walk many kilometres to try and find wood to cook food on. So they invented a stove that would be more efficient and much more safer to the young ones that live in the village.
Now the stove the boys made was much safer than the pit fires and much more efficient, the stove was also made from reused BBQ gas canisters that are thrown out. The Biochar project’s job was to make it better. I added a cleaner burning concept and a by product concept to throw in the mix.

Bush Mechanics

Set the boys the new tasks and headed off back into the forest. It wasn’t long before the new prototype photos were emailed back to me for inspection.
I was delighted these expert bush mechanic / Craftsmen created such a good stove their was nothing I could add.
The best part of today’s visit was seeing all the men proud as punch showing off their handy work and having the ABC Interview us for Coast FM 91.7 ABC.
Big Thanks to.
Dr Paul Wildmam
Kalgrove KIDS and Adult Learning
Crafter-circle.com the journal of the bush mechanics
Nundah Lions Club
Labrador Men’s Shed
Biochar Industries
ABC Radio 91.7 Coast FM


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  • Andrew Humphreys June 30, 2012, 7:32 pm

    Hey hey,
    I met you that day at woolongbar ag, told you about the pressure pyrolysis from max planck inst. I think we have an aweful lot to talk about.
    Would love to see your project and I love your website. I notice the sponsors section is blank. typical.

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