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Biochar Trial on Industrial Hemp. Kunghur NSW. 2014

Biochar trial on Industrial Hemp farm November 2014. Another fantastic Biochar workshop laid out more trials for the ever increasing knowledge base that is Biochar. This workshop was filled with folks that lived outside the box and this trial shows with their initiative.

The location is inside the hill of Abundance garden at Biochar Industries Kunghur NSW. This trial was setup so we can monitor the growth rate of Industrial Hemp Plants and is the first in the series of more than 12 more tests trials.

Biochar Trial on Industrial Hemp looking at the trial from the North.

What makes this so special ? The sheer volume of biochar added in one go to the trial beds. That’s what.

I will attempt to lay out the trials so you may see the variables in the plan and of course as you come back to visit you will be able to see the success.


Firstly we created pre conditioned biochar following the rules of the 5m’s of biochar enrichment set out in David Yarrows work 4 M’s of Biochar with Charmaster Dolph Cooke’s 5th M being adopted by David as well. We allowed this brew to absorb / Adsorb over a 1 week period.

Biochar trial on Industrial Hemp.

Industrial hemp biochar trial

The biochar was created in the Moxham unit at Biochar Industries by the previous workshop attendees. Charmaster Dolph Cooke Micronised the raw char via the brickette machine, then submerged it into different vats  of different sizes containing the Minerals and Moisture so that the Biochar could adsorb / Absorb as much as it could.

100 litres Biochar50 litres Biochar25 litres Biochar12.5 litres Biochar
100 liters water50 liters water25 liters water12.5 liters water
10 litres Gypsum5 litres Gypsum2.5 litres Gypsum1.25 litres Gypsum
200g Silica100g Silica50g Silica25g Silica
10 Litres Wood Vinegar5 Litres Wood Vinegar2.5 Litres Wood Vinegar1.25 Litres Wood Vinegar
20 litres Humified Compost mixed in on application10 litres Humified Compost mixed in on application5 litres Humified Compost mixed in on application2.5 litres Humified Compost mixed in on application
1.25 litres of Fish Amino Acids. Home made Biofert.625 mls of Fish Amino Acids. Home made Biofert.312.5 mls of Fish Amino Acids. Home made Biofert.156.25 mls of Fish Amino Acids. Home made Biofert.

The biochar soaked up the nutrients over a period of 1 week. Just before we applied the biochar we added the humified compost for microbial inoculation to take place.

Prior to the trial we spent a half day digging and double digging the beds that have had a years rest from last summers sunflower crop.

Double digging the beds at the hemp trial

We took a soil Ph test prior to applying the biochar and one after. The following table shows the differences.

Ph beforePh AfterPh Control
Plot A. 100L / m2 Ph 5.0Plot A. 100L / m2 Ph 4.5Plot C1 Ph 5.0
Plot B. 50L / m2 Ph 5.0Plot B. 50L / m2 Ph 5.5Plot C2 Ph 5.0
Plot C. 25L / m2 Ph 5.0Plot C. 25L / m2 Ph 4.5Plot C3 Ph 5.0
Plot D. 12.5L / m2 Ph 5.0Plot D. 12.5L / m2 Ph 5.0Plot C4 Ph 5.0

We now have left the trial plots to Mature as per the 5th M. and will take another Ph test prior to planting the new Industrial Hemp Seedlings and seeds. In these trials we will be planting both seeds (to take into account germination rates) and seedlings (so we can watch growth progress).

The Industrial hemp is day light sensitive and we are about to plant just prior to the solstice which will give us flowers and seeds rather than vegetative quantity. This trial is partly about creating the most seeds per plant for regenerative forestry planting for 2015. The other part of the trial is to see weather the very high end of the scale of biochar content has any effect on normal growth.

Biochar trial on Industrial Hemp. With biochar  concentrations liketerra preta de índio”  or 500t p/hectare.

We are setting up brinno waterproof time lapse cameras to record the entire growth season of these trials. We are also going to compare yields from these trials to that of the Industrial hemp that is already growing elsewhere in the hill of abundance. To see if these high levels of biochar soil amendments really preform.

Hemp Biochar trials Monortoring setup

Stay Tuned to this page for further updates.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke.





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