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Biochar Industries Project Hill of Abundance

The hill of abundance

Biochar Industries announced today the date for its first official project.

The Hill of Abundance. Saturday 15th of October 2011.

Biochar Industries

is a new community cooperative industry based on integrity. “We will be the first of our kind in the known world, we will achieve what others can not” says Charmaster Dolph Cooke Founder of the Idea.

There is a shift towards the new paradigm and this is my attempt to try and work wholly within it. The concept is simple we take an emerging technology and share it with the community fairly. We work hard to make ourselves the leaders of the new technology and the universe does the rest.

The technology is Biochar and it is looking like it holds the answers to a lot of our planets problems. The structure is community cooperation and this looks like it holds the answer to other problems humanity struggles with.

Together technology + structure = New paradigm success.

Our first project is designed to passionate and alert those in the community who are already working towards fixing the planet to this new idea and a place they can call home.

The hill of abundance

The hill of abundance Biochar Industries

The hill of abundance is a 2 hectare hill right next to the Biochar Industries Headquarters deep in the Mebbin plantation in Kunghur. The plantation is home to biochar industries who’s job is to clean the forest from pests and slowly help this monoculture forest to revert back to a native forest full of diversity.

The project is to make an abundant food forest to feed all of the folks who would like to give the community industry a go. It doubles to serve as a food security plan for the communities in the northern river in case of a future problem.

I am looking forward to the 15th of October 2011 when we can all converge on this wonderful reserve and co create a wondrous abundant garden together.

Please see our facebook event

Charmaster Dolph Cooke

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