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Biochar Industries is Go… Thanks to the Thunderbirds.

Today is the day Biochar Industries headquarters has come online. Yes the long awaited Internet where no other Internet can access has been installed and right now I am multitasking – Writing a post whilst talking to our metal engineer on Skype about plans for a new Biochar Kiln.

Here is a picture of our new Internet thingy majiggi.

a picture of a Internet thingy

Our access to the world from deep within the forest. Biochar Industries Kunghur

So now I am on the subject of acquisitions I want to show you a picture of our next project. This one I call “taking shit from the government.” Now I know the heading seems a little extreme but really it is just good old fashioned Aussie humor from times before politically correctness was born.

Here is the story for those of you who do not hang on every word I write 😛 .

One of our core team members emailed me and said hey look the local government is giving away your choice of Compost , Cow poo or locally produced compost brew. In actual fact they gave away much more read more here . I went and jumped through the hoops as you do with government sponsored events and chose to receive COW POO.

So If I make it through the selection criteria I may just be “taking shit from the Government” Boom.. Boom..

The initial amount was twenty tons of cow poo but many more people wanted in so perhaps we might get lucky in either case this next photo is my “Taking shit from the government” storage area that I just completed.

a picture of Biochar Industries Poo holding yard.

If your going to be taking shit from the Government you need somewhere to store it : )

Also I must of been feeling really invigorated as the sun has been shining all day and many aspects are starting to fall into place as the dreaded mercury retrograde takes effect. So I hoped on the tractor and rounded up some dead trees and used the back plane device to level out an area for the new poo Penn.

Oh yeah talk about a very productive day and its only 3.54pm I also made a load of chips to start drying so one day I can feed them to the Bigchar prototype 1000. Poor bugger is really hungry it has been raining a lot this year and not much can be done in weather like that.

So for Char-masters Stan, James and Chris here is another load of wood chips for you to drooowl over : P

a trailer full of wood chips

old faithful carrying another load of wood chips to be dried.

And last but not least the next photo is a mini trial that Gillian dreamt up whilst the jeep was sliding around the forest on boggy clay roads.

She calls this the “How good would this be if it works trial”. Basically all the tracks to Biochar Industries are made from mother earth and being a high clay content once they get inundated they become very slippery indeed.

So we are placing a small quantity of charcoal into the mud tracks to see what kind of effect it would have on the earth.

Knowing all the traits biochar has we are optimistic that this may solve some of our road problems whilst sequestering carbon.

Well I am going to hang up the Blogging pen right now and go out into the beautiful forest for some communing with nature before I load up a barrel of wood for tonight’s open fire Biochar burn that has become a focal point of Biochar Industries Kunghur educational centre. Sweet dreams Charians

a picture of mud tracks with biochar mixed in part of Biochar Industries Trials

a picture of mud tracks with biochar mixed in part of Biochar Industries Trials

Charmaster Dolph

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