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A Gift from a Neighbour

On Fire

What a funny day. I spent way to much time on the computer trying to interface word-press with facebook. But as I finally made it down to the front paddock before lunch  where I do all my bio-char my neighbour popped over and offered me a Gift. An old council wooden outdoor setting.

Gift from a neighbour

Thanks for the single use char stand Neighbour 😛

He said can you use this ? I said yes I can. And it worked very well here are some more shots of it going up. I love burning things. On Fire Yeah she went up alright. Took about 1 hour before she dropped the barrel. Another load of Top Quality biochar right there. Now I think its time to go research the formulas on how to make a web calculator based on tonnes per hectare so folks with small plots can work out how much biochar they need to add to there plots. And I might create a widget to progressively count the kilograms of biochar I have made todate. Until we meet again Ciao Starting to flare upHot Hot Hot

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