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Biochar user Keith Laker.

Biochar user Keith Laker has relayed this story for me to share with the world. Thank you Keith. I first became aware of Biochar through the book “The Biochar Revolution” advertised in the Diggers’ Club website whilst browsing for vegetable seeds to buy. Biochar is charcoal created by burning biomass (wood, bushcuttings, sugar cane […]

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Biochar in Brisbane, Queensland. BOGI with Dr Wildman

Biochar in Brisbane thanks to Dr Paul Wildman, Bush Mechanic and Apprentice Charmaster. On September the 4th 2014. At Brisbane Organic Growers Inc. I had the pleasure of watching a fantastic presentation on Biochar. In a room filled with well over 250 people Dr Paul Wildman gave a riveting address. Why was I so excited […]

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Do you want to be a Charmaster ?

Charmaster, The master of Biochar and how do you become one. This post will explain what Charmaster Dolph Cooke has taken five years to develop so you may quickly skip the mistakes and learn the core needed to form the planetary help party. Charmaster is a word like no other. “Charmaster” denotes a master craftsmen. […]

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