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Byron Bay bioenergy conference


Saturday September 12.

Byron Bay Bioenergy Conference will cover topics on Biomass, Bioenergy and By-Products. The Conference aims to introduce Property Owners, Farmers, Councils and other Industries with Biomass to be thermally recovered via the Bioenergy Process. This is for better Financial, Environmental and Social outcomes.


There will be a focus on the Carbonization of Biomass which relates to Charcoal/Biochar Production. The Conference will include Key Note Speakers, Biochar Demonstrations, a World Premier Screening of “The Biochar Movie” by Biochar Project Australia , Trade Exhibits and Food Stalls. Parking will be available onsite.

Saturday September 12.

Introduction – 10 -10:30am.


Kaye Wood – Byron Bay Bamboo 10:30 – 11:30 AM.

Lunch – 11:30 – 12 Noon.

Bob Doyle – Hemp International Australia 12 Noon – 1PM.


Dr Joe Herbertson – The Crucible Group 1-2 PM.


Chad Sheppeard – PyroAg Wood Vinegar 2-3PM.

Afternoon Tea – 3-3:20PM.

Dr Lukas Van Zweiten – NSW DPI 3:20-4:20PM.

Early Supper Break – 4:20 – 6PM.

Evening Film Feature 6PM – 8PM Including Short Intro and Q & A after.

‘The Biochar Movie’ Featuring Dolph & Gillian Cooke, Biochar Project Australia.

For further information contact Don Coyne directly on 0459175729 or email:


To Purchase Early Bird 1 and 2 Day Passes to this event go to the Shop/Events page on this site:

Event Date and Time:
Saturday, September 12, 2015 – 10:00am to 8:00pm.

Location / Address:
Byron Eco Park, Old Brunswick Rd (Off Grays Lane) Tyagarah.

$55 one day pass.
$95 two days.

Read about Byron Bay bioenergy conference at the Greens website.

Hey folks if your about I hope you can attend it is going to be a great day and most of all it is going to help spread the word about Biochar. Come down skill up and brain storm with me about the fire all night. : )

Charmaster Dolph Cooke charmaster Dolph Cooke

New use for biochar – Biochar as a security device.

New use for biochar – Biochar as a security device.

New-use-for-biochar a security deviceWell folks I have done it again. I have found another new use for biochar. Biochar as a security device.

A couple of months ago I came home to the hill of abundance to find that someone had drained my large 22500 litre water tank that feeds the biochar trial garden. This was really kind of weird and eerie as we are situated right in the middle of a forest.

So I spend all night pumping the water back up the hill and filled the tank. 21 hours to pump 22500 litres 350 meters @ a 60 meter head. The next day when I arrived onsite from the markets the tank was again drained.

A big water tank plastic 22500 litresWe realised someone wanted our tank badly enough to try and steal it. So I set up hidden cameras that took time lapse photos of the area. I was almost considering camping out over night to apprehend the pirate when a sudden flash of brilliance entered my mind.

What would render the tank unmovable ? Cracker dust, Blue metal gravel, cement, erecting a fence around it. My mind started to race then the light came on. What holds many times its weight in water?. What cleans and purifies water?. What do I have abundance of ? You Guessed it. Barefoot biochar from Biochar Industries.

I had just discovered a new use for biochar – Biochar as a security device.

Just brilliant.

the land under a big water tankSo we put in about 2 cubic meters of biochar and then filled up the water tank. The tank had the biochar in it for about 2 weeks before the pirate tried to move the tank again. He dropped the water and tried to move the tank. This time the tank was not moving. At very least the tank was still holding 2000 litres of water trapped in the pores of the biochar. That’s about 2 metric tonnes of weight. Foiled by the worlds most useful substance. New use for biochar – Biochar as a security device.

Just last week our latest team of charmasters embarked on moving the tank to its new location inside the garden on top of the hill of abundance. It took us about 6 hours to remove the waterlogged biochar and we setup a new trial with it to see how good biochar and water only will make our latest crops grow.

a biochar trial spot with water

So there we have it a filtration and security device in one. New use for biochar – Biochar as a security device

by Charmaster Dolph Cooke.

Biochar Holland or bust with Thaila

biochar Holland or bust. Spreading the word biochar

Biochar Holland or bust. This is the second time now that Biochar Industries and Biochar Project has had International visitors from Holland. Since they are very skilled at agriculture. I feel great pride that they would come half way around the world to see what Charmaster Dolph is up to.

Our latest visitors were from the south of Holland in a part that almost touches three borders of other countries within 5 minutes drive. They had come to Australia seeking to learn more about permaculture. They contacted me and asked if they could learn about Biochar. Naturally I said yes.

So they came and stayed with me for a twelve day intensive into Biochar, Permaculture and forestry.

I took them through many long days of hard work. I taught them the entire routine that I use personally to create barefoot biochar. I also broke it up with more long days of lemon myrtle distillation. I am a firm believer that if you do it you will learn much more than if you watch it or hear it.

Here are some photos we took whilst our guests from Holland created biochar.

Biochar Holland.

Biochar Holland or bust with Thaila

Thaila our biochar trainee wearing the traditional cloth of the Charmaster. BLACK

Thaila working hard in the Biochar area

A short Video of the Biochar Industries area showing both Frank and Thaila performing a Moxham Burn in the rain.
Biochar Holland lets go.


Charmaster Dolph Cooke also has a hidden link to Holland via Australia. Can you guess what it is ?

Holland !!!! Here we come Biochar Industries Yaaaahhhh

Late last year we were also visited by some High ranking Dutch officials. We had The Australian Dutch Consulate general and the Dutch Minister for Trade. Apparently the Trade minister was in Australia looking at Agricultural innovations. He asked to have his slate cleared so he could travel to Kunghur and visit Biochar industries.

Later after talking with them both. I found out that 5 or the many operations he had visited on his mission were talking highly of our Barefoot biochar and how it has improved their business. He just had to come and see for himself. Biochar Holland or Bust.

Holland officials looking at Biochar

I gave them both a great tour and a fascinating insight into biochar Industries. I also gave them both a 2 litre bag of Barefoot Biochar. Found on our website. Biochar for sale. As they had restrictions on the load they could carry back on the plane. Yes folks after all these years I am still spreading the word about Biochar.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke.


Biochar hands on training weekend 11th – 12th April 2015

Biochar hands on training is back on folks. Quite possibly this will be the last one in this location. So do not miss out.

biochar hands on trainingHope to see you there.

Biochar hands on training weekend. Biochar Industries Kunghur NSW.

Please RSVP. to

Last training we had an abundance of great learning opportunities. We had all the forest harvesting of downed wood.
We had pre-processing with chainsaws and the wood splitter. 4×4 driver training with trailer. Cooking with the TLUD stumpy.

Worm farm and how to make one for yourself. Passionate talks about permaculture and self sufficiency. All night biochar burn taking shifts. Everyone got hands on with all aspects of biochar making. We planted a trial plot for large doses of biochar.

Biochar hands on training is a must. It is for anyone serious about helping relieve the strain our environment is under. You will also do very well to understand its powers for farming yields if your studying agriculture.

Old School biochar training

Biochar weekend burn 31st Jan – 1st Feb. All welcome

Biochar weekend burn 31st Jan – 1st Feb. All welcome.

Old School biochar training

Our Next Series of Workshops starts weekend 31st – 1st.

In this installment of Biochar tuition. You will be making premium biochar whilst you learn the following concepts.

1. Correct electric fence erection.
2. Movement of cows into a new section of forest.
3. Following a Grazing plan.
4. Retrieval of downed wood via Ute and trailer.
5. Retrieval of full tree with tractor.
6. Processing trees with chainsaws.
7. Processing logs with wood splitter.
8. Stockpiling split wood near the Moxham’s for later use.
9. Correct use of Moxham biochar Kiln.
10. Shelter making. (A new shed for Biochar storage)

Join Charmaster Dolph Cooke at biochar industries kunghur for an action packed 2 day Biochar weekend training. Including shift work Saturday night as we make biochar right through the night. This opportunity is also very well suited for you to trial out your camping equipment and or Survival preparations.

Biochar weekend trainings will put you in full immersion with others who are skilling up biochar and other agricultural skilsets.
Nothing is taboo in these times and learning how to make nutrient dense foods is a must if you want to stay healthy.
Bring your presentations or documentaries to share.


Is by Donation.
Please consider donating to our cause what ever you can afford. We also accept all manners of farm and garden tools / Plants / Materials Etc. Energy exchanges are also a valid contribution so if you are good at Photos / Videos / Blogging / Website / basically anything that will help us with the work load please let us know so we can organise it.

There are so much dietary needs that you must bring and prepare your own food. We will be doing communal meals and cooking facilities are available.

Biochar Weekend Biochar training

What to Bring.
Food for yourself and to share with others.
Beverages as above. (Alcoholic Drinks are fine)
Camping gear inc tents and swags.
Work clothes and boots.
Video / Cameras
Your Donation.

Where to go.
Biochar Industries Kunghur NSW. Our Location.


See our last events. here.



Biochar in my food!!-720

Poultry biochar trial Australia Dec 2014. Biochar Industries

Poultry biochar trial.

Poultry biochar trial. Australian Biochar Industries has commissioned another fascinating biochar trial in Dec 2014. Free ranged organic meat and egg birds. Our goal is to

1. Bring healthier nutrient dense products to our farmers market. (Eggs and Meat)

2.Through YOU the (reader / experimenter) to the rest of the world’s consciousness via anecdotal evidence.


1 cup of Biochar to 9 litre bucket of Bird food
We have always looked after our chickens well. We are certified organic A grade farm so no poisons or chemicals are within 24 Sq kilometers of our chickens. We allow the chickens to free range all year round. With exceptions to the Breeders who need to be segregated so the best off spring can be produced.

Biochar in my food!!-Poultry biochar trial
Our food is used only as a supplement. The chickens are encouraged to scratch and forage in the forest where we have abundance of goodies for them to eat. We use natural farming methods to augment their food supplements like sprouting and fermenting their grains with Lacto-bacillus.

However because we love biochar and there is so much evidence that biochar can bring dead chickens back to life.

(My mentors favorite story from the 1st Australian International biochar gathering). Link above text below.


From My Mentors website

4. Tsuyosi Hirokawa, a Japanese organic farmer of 25 years found his chickens ‘dead’ with coccidiosis, and threw his biochar on them in grief and frustration… and the next day they revived. An unintentionally hilarious presentation, which won the best award: “no, no… don’t laugh… not funny, really happened..”

At 28 days he now deliberately induces the disease and then fasts them, and feeds 100% char day one, then 75%, 50%, and then 1% continuously thereafter. His eggs are now premium at 250% x current price. Feeding a charcoal ration to cows, and pigs and ‘hoomans’ also works…no, no not funny true.



Biochar of course has many health benefits. We are looking for a value add that farmers may think “O ill give that a try”.

Breeding pen for egg layers-720

Quantum nutrition the final frontier. Mother nature is a complex system that we do not understand. I however understand that everything has a fundamental potential hard coded into the DNA. All around us we see the differences like.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – A physical expression of the higher end of the potential scale V’s a Melbourne cup winning Jockey.

Right there you can see the gestures but to dig deep to find out why is a monumental undertaking. This is some of the mystery that excites me to do another Poultry biochar trial.


Breeding pen for Meat Birds-720

A quick commentary of the Pictures.

Top picture. shows the steady hand of the Charmaster with a metric measuring cup of biochar made by biochar industries.
Second Picture. shows the fermented food with the biochar mixed in and a happy breeder chook.
Third Picture. shows our layer hens in the breeding cage with the food trial and also a bowl of 100% biochar for them to use. Fourth Picture. Shows our Meat Birds in the Breeder cage. Spawning a new generation of Biochar enhanced breeding lines.


Chook chook chook-Poultry biochar trial for chooks
Fifth Picture. Charmaster Dolph Cooke starting the Trial. Today 24-12-14 Merry Christmas Chookies.
Sixth Picture. Healthy food creates Healthy Chooks, they create nutrient dense products to create healthy people.
Seventh Picture. More chooks coming from the left look out: )

Good food equals good birds our Poultry biochar trial

We have in total around about 200 Chickens. The males get examined for characteristics which determines their end usage.
We have male chickens in chicken tractors harvesting the finished gardens in the hill of abundance. Female chickens run free range and get locked in coops at night. Female hybrids take to the trees and anything that can get them off the ground including our chicken caravan. All our chickens are taking part in this poultry biochar trial.
More chooks coming for the Poultry biochar trial

How are we going to tell if this trial works ?

Here is the big question because science still has no idea of what makes water work or for that matter what makes Biochar work. We are not scientists we are observers. We will observe their physical attributes. We will observe the produce (Eggs) for consistency, Taste, Smell, physical anomalies, mortality rates of the hatching’s and in the real world we will watch our sales and  ask our customers for feedback.

Please feel free to comment.


Charmaster Dolph Cooke

The Micro Moxham biochar maker

Micro Moxham biochar maker by Gibbo. Permaculture

Micro Moxham biochar maker by Gibbo.

I went along to the Djanbung permaculture expo to give Gibbo a hand presenting his annual biochar workshop. What a blast the sun was shinning we had 12 or so enthusiastic biochar apprentices and then Gibbo brought out the wow factor.

YouTube Preview Image

He calls it the Micro Moxham. Yep a simple and cheap DIY biochar maker that has all the same characteristics of the Moxham at 100th of the price. This little modification to a 44 gallon drum is priceless. Here is a you tube video of gibbo telling me about it.

Gibbo is a fantastic biochar presenter and he has a great way to get the points across with drawings and diagrams.

Micro Moxham biochar maker by Gibbo teaching BiocharWe went through how to make biochar at home and also what to look out for when making it. Then we had a big session on enriching biochar and how to use it in a permaculture setting. Every one was totally enjoying this great workshop.

The food was great with the magical permaculture veggies in everything tasting so fresh.

Gibbo and a few of the apprentices talking about biochar units

The theory then bled into the practical and out came the fire. Oh yeah you cant have a workshop without the fire.

Here is Gibbo chilling out behind the Micro Moxham which we all loaded with Bamboo for fun and a big finale.

It was such a pleasure. We all got to create our own style of biochar in the Milo tins that Geoff Moxham came up with in the old days. So we found thing to pyrolyze, put them in the Milo tins dropped them in the Micro Moxham then tried to fish them out once they were done. Nothing like a skill tester with consequences.


The Micro Moxham biochar maker

Barefoot biochar is what we call ourselves and it was fitting for me to get everyone into bare-feet and stomp on the char once we tipped over the Micro Moxham biochar maker. Some folks were scared but after they saw me easily walking on the coals their bravery bolstered and they gave it a shot. NO H and S but no one was injured in the making of this real good time.

Whats left behind is great biochar

Hope you enjoyed

Charmaster Dolph Cooke

Charmaster Dolph with more goodies

Biochar learning camp. 20th Dec 2014.

Biochar learning camp.

Folks we had a sensational session on the 20 – 21st December.
Highlights are: –

Brand new PH – Moisture tester was acquired by synchronicity you know Hill of Abundance style. It is made in Japan no battery works instantly off 3 types of metals and has a life time warranty. Old school technology and robust design.

Biochar training

I have triple checked the hemp plots for PH Hemp Trial Biochar Project style is here.  It is so much easier than mixing soil with white powder and purple drops and so much more accurate as the needle sits on a physical number. Check it out.

We gain a lot of Info from Scott’s very knowledgeable Permaculture teaching style. He says its exactly how Bill Mollison teaches it. Once the Student understands how to use the manual Properly then he can add there own flavor of creativity. This is a very important factor in keepi9ng the permaculture concept understood.

PDC Training with Scott

Once the theroy was completed we headed off into the garden to practice what we just learnt. Up in the Garden we had many hands and we got much done .

PDC with Scotty and Biochar training

Marcel was helping us understand that the canopy of support plants help moderate the soil temprature. In the next photo you can see him scientifically checking the facts.

hemp Plant shadeAnd here he is again scientifically showing us how high the plants have grown since the last workshop.

My plants are this HighCharmaster Dolph with another box of goodies Organically raised on the hill of abundance. Our certified organic Market Garden.

Charmaster Dolph with more goodiesAnd I almost forgot. On Saturday afternoon we had tool sharpening expert Dr Phil Vardy from Brisbane Organic growers Inc. Give us a demonstration of his tool sharpening techniques. He brought with him a very high tech low speed sharpening setup which he taught us how it works and the philosophy behind sharpening and metallurgy.

Phil said do you have any tools I can sharpen. OMG a dream come true I said hell yeah and raced off to the shipping container to gather up all things blunt.

A box of Blunt blades  )

Little did I know that so did the other participants. So when I got back we had a huge haul of things to sharpen. Including all our kitchen knives.

all our blunt knives were sharpened.Scotty and Marcel set up security barriers around the Moxham and even carved in a set of stairs so we can be much safer around the fire at Night. Having this barrier was set out in the review of the Moxham made by Black is Green Pty Ltd. Another O H and S feature we have implemented. Thank you for your guidance Dr James Joyce.

Saftey barrier around the Moxham.

End of the update I hope you enjoyed.


Charmaster Dolph Cooke


Biochar learning camp Double digging the beds at the hemp trial

Biochar, Permaculture and self-reliance deep Immersion training.

December 20th and 21st 2014. Biochar learning camp.

Payment = via anonymous donation to tin on table and or Donating materials / tools / useful items to the project.

FOOD = Another bring your own event + bring some to share. Extra brownie points for bringing awesome home-made food and recipes.

WHAT TO BRING = Work Clothes, Hearing protection, Hat , Gloves , Boots, swimmers , everything you need to be comfortable.

WHERE TO GO. Biochar Industries. Map here. and Here Dolph will provide you with more info via an email request.

THIS PROGRAM = Enriching Biochar.

Friday When you arrive till when you crash hang out with Dolph help on projects and sit down to a good meal. Talk till you drop. Setup camp etc.

Saturday at the Biochar learning camp.

Rise till 8am Enjoy the Hill of Abundance.

8am – 11 am Blue Knob Farmers Market for a Christmas community bash.

You will get to observe and interact with a community of like minded people. Which we will later discuss in depth to enhance our learning’s.

Noon. Back to the Project.

1pm LUNCH.

2pm Holistic Land Management Biological testing. Also known as Kids and Darts Test.

3pm Enriching Biochar a New Presentation by Charmaster Dolph Cooke.

4pm Hands on in the enrichment area.

5.30pm Biochar Trial area to create a New Biochar Trail Plot.

7pm Dinner.

8pm Draw up Roster for Tending the Fire then start the ceremony.

8.15pm Light up the Moxham and have a group discussion. Until we drop.

Sunday at the Biochar learning camp.

Till Dawn wake up the folks next on the roster then get yourself some.

7am Breakfast and extinguish the Moxham. Crush etc.


8am till Finish. Scott says Hi everyone on the final day I will take all the space left for workshops and start an informal permaculture primer which will cover most of the first module of the pdc, will that work in? We can walk around and make some observations too.

ScottRSVP for your place and instructions how to get here.

 You will Gain from our Biochar learning camp.

biochar learning,  Biochar training,  biochar education, biochar experiential learning, deep biochar understanding, biochar knowing, biochar knowledge.
Charmaster Dolph Cooke.

If your on Face Book please share our Event. We have been doing event for a while.

Industrial hemp biochar trial

Biochar Trial on Industrial Hemp. Kunghur NSW. 2014

Biochar trial on Industrial Hemp farm November 2014. Another fantastic Biochar workshop laid out more trials for the ever increasing knowledge base that is Biochar. This workshop was filled with folks that lived outside the box and this trial shows with their initiative.

The location is inside the hill of Abundance garden at Biochar Industries Kunghur NSW. This trial was setup so we can monitor the growth rate of Industrial Hemp Plants and is the first in the series of more than 12 more tests trials.

Biochar Trial on Industrial Hemp looking at the trial from the North.

What makes this so special ? The sheer volume of biochar added in one go to the trial beds. That’s what.

I will attempt to lay out the trials so you may see the variables in the plan and of course as you come back to visit you will be able to see the success.


Firstly we created pre conditioned biochar following the rules of the 5m’s of biochar enrichment set out in David Yarrows work 4 M’s of Biochar with Charmaster Dolph Cooke’s 5th M being adopted by David as well. We allowed this brew to absorb / Adsorb over a 1 week period.

Biochar trial on Industrial Hemp.

Industrial hemp biochar trial

The biochar was created in the Moxham unit at Biochar Industries by the previous workshop attendees. Charmaster Dolph Cooke Micronised the raw char via the brickette machine, then submerged it into different vats  of different sizes containing the Minerals and Moisture so that the Biochar could adsorb / Absorb as much as it could.

100 litres Biochar50 litres Biochar25 litres Biochar12.5 litres Biochar
100 liters water50 liters water25 liters water12.5 liters water
10 litres Gypsum5 litres Gypsum2.5 litres Gypsum1.25 litres Gypsum
200g Silica100g Silica50g Silica25g Silica
10 Litres Wood Vinegar5 Litres Wood Vinegar2.5 Litres Wood Vinegar1.25 Litres Wood Vinegar
20 litres Humified Compost mixed in on application10 litres Humified Compost mixed in on application5 litres Humified Compost mixed in on application2.5 litres Humified Compost mixed in on application
1.25 litres of Fish Amino Acids. Home made Biofert.625 mls of Fish Amino Acids. Home made Biofert.312.5 mls of Fish Amino Acids. Home made Biofert.156.25 mls of Fish Amino Acids. Home made Biofert.

The biochar soaked up the nutrients over a period of 1 week. Just before we applied the biochar we added the humified compost for microbial inoculation to take place.

Prior to the trial we spent a half day digging and double digging the beds that have had a years rest from last summers sunflower crop.

Double digging the beds at the hemp trial

We took a soil Ph test prior to applying the biochar and one after. The following table shows the differences.

Ph beforePh AfterPh Control
Plot A. 100L / m2 Ph 5.0Plot A. 100L / m2 Ph 4.5Plot C1 Ph 5.0
Plot B. 50L / m2 Ph 5.0Plot B. 50L / m2 Ph 5.5Plot C2 Ph 5.0
Plot C. 25L / m2 Ph 5.0Plot C. 25L / m2 Ph 4.5Plot C3 Ph 5.0
Plot D. 12.5L / m2 Ph 5.0Plot D. 12.5L / m2 Ph 5.0Plot C4 Ph 5.0

We now have left the trial plots to Mature as per the 5th M. and will take another Ph test prior to planting the new Industrial Hemp Seedlings and seeds. In these trials we will be planting both seeds (to take into account germination rates) and seedlings (so we can watch growth progress).

The Industrial hemp is day light sensitive and we are about to plant just prior to the solstice which will give us flowers and seeds rather than vegetative quantity. This trial is partly about creating the most seeds per plant for regenerative forestry planting for 2015. The other part of the trial is to see weather the very high end of the scale of biochar content has any effect on normal growth.

Biochar trial on Industrial Hemp. With biochar  concentrations liketerra preta de índio”  or 500t p/hectare.

We are setting up brinno waterproof time lapse cameras to record the entire growth season of these trials. We are also going to compare yields from these trials to that of the Industrial hemp that is already growing elsewhere in the hill of abundance. To see if these high levels of biochar soil amendments really preform.

Hemp Biochar trials Monortoring setup

Stay Tuned to this page for further updates.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke.






Biochar training weekend. The Biochar Project way.

Biochar training weekend. Here is the report. For a better understanding please read this previous post Biochar Training, full immersion weekend 29th Nov.

On to the juicy bits.

Biochar training weekend. AKA Full Immersion Biochar Training boot camp.

When someone say from now on “what is Biochar ?”

I can tell you these latest 10 Charmaster’s Apprentices will be the first to tell you all about it. They now have a very unique understanding of biochar.

Photos from the our recent Biochar training weekend.

Marion bringing home the goods at the Biochar training weekend
Marion bringing logs out of the forest. The Biochar training weekend we just had 29th – 30th Nov 2014. Was lots of hard work and lots of great stories.
The grass near the mower wheel lol Biochar training weekend
Look at this grass. Just awaiting a mow. More likely a miss shot.
The trial bed before shot . Biochar training weekend
This was the before shot of the biochar trial plot. It is inside the garden on the hill of abundance.
Finding the old downed plantation trees Biochar training weekend
A couple of fallen plantation trees being rediscovered and cut up.
Lisa enjoying the hard yakka
Lisa carting more logs out of the forest. A great way to get an all over body workout.
Plantation thinnings to be made into biochar.
Here are some plantation thinning laying on the ground we will turn them into biochar.
Lisa again lol
Lisa again. Notice the hat and gloves that’s called self responsibility :).
Making the trial beds in the hill of abundance garden
Hoeing the weeds out and double digging the trial bed.
Hi Ho hi Ho working in the deep. Biochar training weekend
Team work makes for a great experience.
Digging the weeds out of the bed. Biochar training weekend
I think Frank was on the council one time: ).
The tools : ) Biochar training weekend
The start of the trial bed a before picture.


Close up of hidden trees Biochar training weekend
More from inside the holistically managed forest.
Photo charmasters apprentices : ) Biochar training weekend
Photo shoots are great gives you a time to catch your breath.
a break in the forest Biochar training weekend
An open area within the forest. We found cockatoo damage had knocked out a few trees.
Look at the fungi. This logs been out there a while Biochar training weekend
An old log with plenty of Yellow fungi.
looking green Biochar training weekend
Work team in the forest.
Franks tip up trailer what a beuty Biochar training weekend
Frank’s great tilt trailer came in handy.
Sagaro on the chain saw learning at Biochar training weekend
Learning how to use the chainsaw correctly at the biochar workshop.
Which way Biochar training weekend
Not far to go now.
Loading the Dato Biochar training weekend

The Datsun awaiting another load.
hoeing the char to cool it off Biochar training weekend
Working with the hoe’s to cool down the fresh Biochar.
the charmaster sneaks in for a photo opp Biochar training weekend
The Charmaster makes a sneak appearance.
Frank photo bomb Biochar training weekend

Photobomb Frank.
close up of franks trailer Biochar training weekendFastening down the load.
Biochar training weekend the bag

The Bag wanted to be in the photo only when we tried to use technology.
the morning after Biochar training weekend
Steaming hot biochar.
Sorting the sizes Biochar training weekend
Sorting the log sizes at the drop off point.
Looking good
Happy snaps loving the learning.
The work horses
The work horses near the beach.
Happy camper
Sagaro looking chuffed.
Big dip after a hot job

Let the Clean fun begin. Nice and cold helps you revitalize.
Bag again.
The Moxham with a start up load in her

The Moxham with a start up load in her.
the 5 ms of Biochar creating the Microbial grade
Working the 5 m’s of Biochar. This one is Microbiological inoculation.
a Fun Guy

A big fungi on a small log.
more compost
Grading the 12 month old compost.
Yarns in the morning by Joel
Yarn-ing with new friends around the morning campfire and breakfasts cooked by Tluds.
hearing the yarn

Enjoying the Yarn’s.

Pretty chilled out.
The drop off point
The stack as we started.
Loaded with trial ingredients

The red Rocket is a really great workhorse.
The Dam
Here is the view of our big cold dam we all jumped in it a few times over the weekend.
Unloading the logs

Unloading in the splitting area.
action shots nearly identical A close up.

It has just occurred to me we took no photo’s of the food and the fire we must of just had too much fun.

Here is some photos I took of the finished trial beds today.

DSCF5214-800 DSCF5213-800 DSCF5212-800

Biochar Industries barefoot biochar used in the making of these trials. When only the best will do. Buy Biochar here.

Hope you the viewer enjoyed this as much as we did participating. To get Charmaster Dolph Cooke to create a workshop in your area please email and lets work something out.

Join our Mailing list here.