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Micro Moxham biochar maker by Gibbo. Permaculture

The Micro Moxham biochar maker

Micro Moxham biochar maker by Gibbo. I went along to the Djanbung permaculture expo to give Gibbo a hand presenting his annual biochar workshop. What a blast the sun was shinning we had 12 or so enthusiastic biochar apprentices and then Gibbo brought out the wow factor. [youtube][/youtube] He calls it the Micro Moxham. Yep […]

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Menshed Men take up the challenge of biochar.

Explaining the stumpy-800

Menshed men are the next big thing in the front line of spreading the word about Biochar. Everyone remembers how I first got involved with the menshed right ? If not read here. Well on the 6th of April 2014 I traveled up to Nunda in Queensland to bring the men of the menshed first […]

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Organic farmer uses mini Moxham to turn waste into biochar

Organic farmer uses mini Moxham to turn waste into biochar

Organic farmer plus mini moxham equals Biochar. (OF+mM=C). How is that for a headline ? Yeah Yeah I know.. Enjoy the adventure. Once upon a time in that mystical evergreen country side known as Northern Rivers of New South Wales Australia. I was having a hard earned rest and cup of chai after a particularly grueling […]

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biochar kiln report at biochar industries. Kunghur NSW

biochar kiln adam retort holly cow pat

Biochar kiln report is a continuation from this story. So if your new to this website read it first to give you some background. Once upon a time their was a charmaster who liked to experiment with fire. He found himself settled in an idyllic situation where he could work with fire and create biochar. […]

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Biochar production as promised 1st August 2011. Adam retort.

Biochar production started today at Kunghur

Biochar production started today on schedule (just like I told everyone). If you have not guessed as yet here is a quick rundown. 1. We are removing the dead fallen trees and the left behind stumps from the 1960’s sawmilling hey days 2. We are removing weeds and the thinnings from plantation forests. 3. We […]

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Tlud biochar stove for sale at Biochar Industries

This image is a Tlud Biochar Cooking Stove with Biochar Industries forest in the back ground

Tlud biochar stove for sale…. What is it I hear you say. Well T l u d is an acronym for Top Lit Up Draught meaning you lite it at the top and the air is sucked up through the fire. Fantastic device that is light and will work with all woods great survival tool […]

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