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Biochar Industries

Biochar Industries is the name we use for our community cooperation sustainable Industry project. Let me try and give you a quick summary of Biochar Industries.

A pilot project to create a local community industry with as many sustainable concepts as possible.

biochar industries The hill of abundance

1. We have a forest that needs Tender Love and Care. She has a lot of litter, pests and problems that need to be sustainably managed.

2. We have a collapsed forest industry. Some would say there are no industries left alive in Australia.

3. We have climate changes and weather crisis all around the world.

4. We have a lot of humanity hypnotized into thinking they are helpless do to anything about these problems.

Lucky for us we live in an amazing area that attracts forward thinking people.

biochar industries Charmaster Dolph Cooke working on Adam retort biochar kiln at Kunghur

WTF is Charmaster Dolph Cooke doing ?

So our idea is to make a sustainable income, care for the environment, bind and protect the community, and help everyone to realize they are the only ones who can heal our worldly problems.  lastly set an example for the rest of the world to follow.

Biochar Industries is only limited by imaginations. We are hoping to attract far more imaginative loving people.

Our region has the best technologies in the world.

Permaculture legends.
Biochar  legends.
Soil scientist legends.
Forestry legends.
Organic legends.
Alternative Legends.
Community legends.

all started or have there headquarters in our valley.

So with all this skill and knowledge it should be quite easy for us to rally to the aid of our environment and set the highest standards in sustainability and industry practices.

Biochar Industries wants you….

We need folks who love the planet, love each other, love themselves and want to create a vibrant and sustainable place where they can engage in helping others awaken to the possibility of abundance through initiative.

If this is you please send me an email and we can get right down to it.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke dolph@biocharproject.org

Update 9/1/2014 Biochar Industries launches new website for Biochar sales. Http://biocharindustries.com

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  • John Lewis December 5, 2017, 9:45 am

    Hi Dolph further to our Mobile conversation on Tuesday. My Mobile is 0427788211 the web site is the Australia Indonesia Arts Alliance and there is a Face Book page for the Australia Indonesia Hub – Byron Bay. Im keen to talk further and to see your video . Best wishes John H Lewis Byron Bay .

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