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Biocharproject.org is a living evolving resource with the sole purpose of enlightening people to the exciting future of Biochar and its beneficial environmental potential.

It is one family’s journey to discover themselves and the beautiful land they were born in with the sole intention of sharing this wonderful discovery that is Biological charcoal.

My name is Dolph Cooke and my passion for this ancient technology has seen my partner Gillian and I gain many new friends. We all have the common good of the planet as a special bond, as we teach, learn and discover new ways to live in sustainable community.

This journey is about living, and as a reader of this website you will learn so many things about Biochar, man, nature. You will feel excited and will want to be part of the action. I implore you to become part of our journey, send us your questions and answers and help us help the world with Biochar.