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Organic farmer full load of biochar


Biocharproject.org is a community based information resource focused on low-tech, grassroots production of Biochar & understanding it’s effects on the ecosystem.

We believe this is an incredibly useful practice for anyone who is involved in waste resource management, agriculture, ecosystem regeneration & caring for the planet in general.

Biochar can help our¬†ecosystem immensely when we understand the spectrum of it’s uses. From capturing methane as it leaves the soil to providing homes and holding food for the thousands of micro-organisms & plants in our soil. This is an important tool for anyone who is nature oriented and understands we must look after the earth we live on.

Everyone is encouraged to share their ideas, DIY technology, questions & comments. Our website will be updated to include any beneficial information which is shared with us. Use the search box (Above right) to find exactly what you are looking for.

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