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Biochar weekend burn 31st Jan – 1st Feb. All welcome

Biochar weekend burn 31st Jan – 1st Feb. All welcome. In this installment of Biochar tuition. You will be making premium biochar whilst you learn the following concepts. 1. Correct electric fence erection. 2. Movement of cows into a new section of forest. 3. Following a Grazing plan. 4. Retrieval of downed wood via Ute […]

Poultry biochar trial Australia Dec 2014. Biochar Industries

Poultry biochar trial. Poultry biochar trial. Australian Biochar Industries has commissioned another fascinating biochar trial in Dec 2014. Free ranged organic meat and egg birds. Our goal is to 1. Bring healthier nutrient dense products to our farmers market. (Eggs and Meat) 2.Through YOU the (reader / experimenter) to the rest of the world’s consciousness […]